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Black Weekend: Holiday ‘Doorbuster Deals’ Await Estimated 140 Million Consumers

Your email inbox is likely already filled with promotions from big-name retailers pushing Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday “doorbuster” deals online and in-store. Welcome to the frenzy of the first big ... Gets 1 Million Applications in First Week During ‘Solid Start’, U.S. Officials Say

Nearly 4 million consumers went onto during the first week of open enrollment and submitted applications during a “solid start” this year, the Department of Health and Human Services announced ...

BlackBerry Passport (Up to $550 Off), Moto X (Practically Free): Tis the Season for Smartphone Deals

As the holiday shopping season gets underway, deals on computer devices of all sizes are abound, but many consumers may not realize that smartphones are among them. Two deals have surfaced this week which merit ...

Auto Loans Hit $105 Billion in Third Quarter, Highest Amount in Nearly 10 Years

Total U.S. household debt, including mortgages, credit cards and student loans, increased in the third quarter with jumps in all categories except equity lines of credit, reported the Federal Reserve Bank of New ...

FTC: Sony PlayStation Vita NOT a Game Changer, Customers to Get $25-$50 in Refunds

Not even Sony is immune to a slap from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for deceptive advertising tied to its boastful ads claiming a “game changing” technology behind the PlayStation Vita handheld ...

Consumer Optimism Plunges as GDP Surges to Fastest Pace in 10 years

Gross domestic product, arguably the most reliable measure of the economy, grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.9 percent in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. // Together, the ...

Home Prices Nationally Still Slowing Their Year-Over-Year Gains, Case-Shiller Says

The latest data shows that the average U.S. home price for the 20-city Case-Shiller index has returned to levels last seen in the fall of 2004, but that’s still about 15 percent below the 2006 peak. // The ...
College Debit Cards Skim Millions from Student Aid

More College Students Attend Part-Time, are Older and Don’t Graduate Within 6 Years, Report Finds

The typical college education cycle is shifting away from the traditional straight-out-of-high-school path to a degree in four years. // Actually, more than half of college students now attend part time and did ...

Discover Card Eases Rules on Cash Rewards for Any Amount, Anytime with No Expiration

As Black Friday nears, Discover has made it easier for its customers to get their “Cashback Bonus” whenever they want at any amount. Many credit card providers are creating opportunities for consumers ...

Portraits Chronicle Americans’ Struggle with Credit Cards, Student Loans, Other Debt

San-Francisco based photographer Brittany Powell owed about $30,000 in credit card loans she accumulated trying to make ends meet after losing work six years ago. // Powell filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Now, ...
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