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College Debit Cards Skim Millions from Student Aid

More College Students Attend Part-Time, are Older and Don’t Graduate Within 6 Years, Report Finds

The typical college education cycle is shifting away from the traditional straight-out-of-high-school path to a degree in four years. // Actually, more than half of college students now attend part time and did ...

Discover Card Eases Rules on Cash Rewards for Any Amount, Anytime with No Expiration

As Black Friday nears, Discover has made it easier for its customers to get their “Cashback Bonus” whenever they want at any amount. Many credit card providers are creating opportunities for consumers ...

Portraits Chronicle Americans’ Struggle with Credit Cards, Student Loans, Other Debt

San-Francisco based photographer Brittany Powell owed about $30,000 in credit card loans she accumulated trying to make ends meet after losing work six years ago. // Powell filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Now, ...

Americans Spend More Time Eying Mobile Devices Than TV for the First Time

TV has been  dethroned as the long-running champ of leisure-time distraction for Americans. That’s not a huge surprise considering the skyrocketing popularity of smartphones since the iPhone debuted in 2007, ...

More Consumers Will Use Their Mobile Devices to Pay for In-Store Holiday Gifts, Survey Says

Mobile payments via smartphones, watches and tablets are still very much the exception to the rule of swiping a payment card or handing over cash, but the digital trend is gaining ground at a quicker pace, a new ...

Walmart Tightens Online Price-Matching Policy After Amazon-PlayStation 4 Shenanigans

Walmart’s move a few days ago to match the online prices of competitors as the holiday shopping season approaches has backfired somewhat as scrupulous customers scammed the nation’s largest retailer ...

Home Resales Surprise with October Surge, First Year-Over-Year Increase in 12 Months

Propelled by low mortgage rates and easing home prices, home resales rose in October for the second straight month, according to the National Association of Realtors. Sales of existing homes are now above year-over-year ...
Shanghai, China. February 13th 2014. Driver images for UBER marketing content.

Sen. Franken’s Letter to Uber Raises Consumer Privacy Concerns with Ride-for-Hire Services

Ride-hailing services that are competing with traditional taxi cabs are yet another creation spun out of mobile applications, and that raises the issue of consumer privacy. // Over the last few days, the privacy ...
U.S. Judge Halts ‘Phantom Debt’ Collection Scheme

‘Free Credit Score’ Schemes Deceptively Billed Consumers Recurring $29.95 Monthly Fee, FTC Says

Through at least 50 websites, they marketed their credit monitoring programs, MyCreditHealth and ScoreSense, under such names as, and // But the operators of ...

Improving Affordability for Prospective Buyers Lifts Home Builders’ Confidence

Mortgage interest rates remain low and home price increases are easing, improving affordability for prospective buyers in housing markets throughout the country, says the National Association of Home Builders. ...
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