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Distressed Properties Down to 29% of March Home Sales

Sales of Existing Homes Drop on Tighter Inventories, Despite Low Interest Rates

Interest rates near their lows for the year did not do much to slow a drop in sales of existing homes in November, especially in areas that saw some tightening of inventories, according National Association of Realtors All ...
Mortgage Apps Fall 7% as FHA Refinancing Eases

Senators Ask FHA to ‘Reasonably and Safely’ Lower Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Now that the Federal Housing Administration’s insurance fund has reached a positive level for the first time in three years, is it time for the FHA to lower mortgage insurance fees on borrowers? A group of ...

Staples: 1.16 Million Payment Cards Affected in Aug.-Sept. Data Breach at Some Stores

Office supply chain Staples updated the public Friday on a payment card breach that occurred in late summer, conceding that malware was used at some point-of-sale systems at 115 of its more than 1,400 U.S. retail ...

T-Mobile to Refund Customers for ‘Cramming’ Charges Under $90M FTC Settlement

T-Mobile will “fully refund” customers for unwanted third-party charges it placed on their phone bills, a practice known as mobile cramming, under a $90 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The ...

Kmart’s Canceled Layaway Orders Disrupt Holidays for Customers, But Refund Checks Processed

For many of its customers whose layaway orders were canceled, Kmart has been very naughty this holiday season and should at least get refund checks processed quickly to make up for the mess. That’s apparently ...

Payday, Other High-Cost Lenders Dole Out $13M to Politicians as Regs Set to Intensify

Notorious for hefty fees that can equate to triple-digit interest rates, payday loans have come under intensified scrutiny by U.S. regulators and consumer advocates for trapping low-income borrowers into cycles ...

Fixed Mortgage Rates Fall to New Lows for 2014; 30-Year Fixed at 3.80%

As 10-year Treasury yields closed at their lowest level since May 2013, mortgage rates this week fell to their lowest mark of 2014, with the 30-year fixed at 3.80 percent, Freddie Mac said today. Not-so-rosy housing ...

U.S. Agency’s Cramming Suit Against Sprint: Consumer Complaints were ‘Mishandled’

It it still happening, catching consumers by surprise. Those third-party charges added to wireless bills that were not authorized. Consumers got another wake-up call Wednesday with the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection ...
Fed Chair Janet Yellen

Figuring the Fed: How Long is a ‘Considerable Time’ Before Raising Rates

The Federal Reserve may have narrowed its timetable for the beginning of higher interest rates, a move not seen since before the financial crisis and one that could seriously affect the ability of consumers to ...

‘Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act’ Extension for 2014 Heads to Obama for Signing

Anyone who had mortgage debt forgiven this year, as is common in short sales or principal reductions, can breathe a little easier as President Obama is expected to sign an extension of the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness ...
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