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Independent Foreclosure Review: Lawmaker Sees ‘High Error Rates’, Demands Hearing on Abuses

The top Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is again trying to get to the bottom of what was uncovered during the Independent Foreclosure Review, which was scuttled more than a year ...

After a Heart Attack, She Decided to ‘Downsize’ (84 sq. ft.) to Live a Fuller Life

Ten years ago, Dee Williams, now 51, took a big step toward a simpler but fuller life. She sold her three-bedroom bungalow in Portland, Ore., built a tiny house and drove it on a trailer to Olympia, Wash., where ...

Will FCC’s New Rules Mess Up the Internet as We Know It? Stay Tuned

Consumers, your Internet will either get faster or slower in the future. But speed will likely depend on a host of factors, including new deals struck between your service provider and content producers. The Federal ...

Watch California Man Take a Another Swipe at Newsweek for Falsely Calling Him the Bitcoin Creator

In a new video, Dorian Nakamoto, 64, the California man that Newsweek said was Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of the virtual currency bitcoin, took a big swipe at the magazine and the reporter who wrote ...

This ‘Bracelet’ is Actually a Bitcoin Wallet So You Can Pay with a Gesture

Of all the emerging technologies tied to bitcoin, MEVU’s Wearable “bracelet” could be the niftiest device yet. Tech startup MEVU has announced the first wearable bitcoin wallet that can complete ...
Health Insurance Premiums Up 4%; Average $15,745 Yearly

Wondering How Much Money Doctors Really Earn? Here’s the Breakdown

Your primary doctor makes good money, but he or she is near the bottom compared to physician specialists. Medscape, a subsidiary of the website WebMD, has released its 2014 Physician Compensation Report. The data ...
co-signer student loan

Private Student-Loan Lenders Could Force You into Default if Co-Signer Dies or Files Bankruptcy, CFPB says

Students who borrower for college in the private market — meaning no federally-subsidized program is involved — could run into unexpected problems in the event that a co-signer, most often a parent, ...

Google’s ‘Smart Contact Lens’ Could Save Lives and It Just Got Closer to Reality

Google has broad vision when it comes to cutting-edge technology. We’re not talking about the much-hyped Google Glasses. We’re talking about “smart contact lenses” that can be life savers, ...

Survey: Most Firms Affected by Superstorm Sandy Still Have Financing Needs

The New York Fed recently reached out to businesses in the areas affected by Superstorm Sandy last year, asking them about their recovery efforts. A total of 950 firms responded. They are located in FEMA-declared ...

Cheerios-Maker General Mills: You Can Sue Us Even If You ‘Like’ Us on Facebook

General Mills, the maker of Cheerios and other famous brands, sent shock waves throughout the social media world this week when it updated its legal policy in such a way that it was interpreted as preventing customers ...
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