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Household Income Down, But Fewer Americans Lack Health Insurance

Household Income Barely Keeps Up with Inflation, 45M Americans Remain in Poverty, U.S. Data Shows

Poor and middle-class Americans struggling to get by since the financial crisis and recession don’t need official statistics to drive this point home. // Nonetheless, the U.S. Census Bureau released figures ...

United Way Worldwide Starts Accepting Donations in Bitcoins, Coinbase Says

United Way Worldwide, the largest privately held non-profit, is now accepting bitcoin for donations using Coinbase’s merchant tools. // Coinbase, the fast-growing bitcoin services provider, said Monday that ...

‘Apple Pay’ Matters Much to Chase, Capital One and Other Credit Card Issuers

Apple has left little doubt that it has big clout with the biggest credit card issuers when it comes to its Apple Pay, the tech giant’s entry into mobile payments. // Apple has recruited the biggest financial ...
Excellent credit score

Lenders Target High Credit-Score Borrowers for Jumbo Mortgages, ’0-2%’ Auto Loans

Large home loans, known as jumbo mortgages, have carried lower average fixed interest rates than the more common smaller home loans for five consecutive weeks through Sept. 5. // That’s not even close to ...
Auto loan rates

Auto Loan Late-Pay Rate Higher as Vehicle-Financing Debt Rises for 13th Quarter

More auto loan borrowers are late on their payments as vehicle financing continues to accelerate. // The auto loan delinquency rate jumped more than 9 percent in the second quarter of 2014, compared to the same ...
Reduced home prices

As Home Price Gains Pull Back, Buyers’ Markets Make a Comeback in Some Areas

The trend may be shifting in some of the key U.S. housing markets were unrelenting price gains over the last couple of years created a solid sellers’ market. // For example, consider South California, where ...

Too Many Vehicle Recalls? Senate Panel to Examine NHTSA as Ford, GM Issue New Alerts

Consumers these days need a scorecard to keep up with auto/truck recalls and this week was no different, just as the U.S. Senate is scheduled to take a closer look at the workings of the National Highway Traffic ...
Gas Prices Projected to Average $3.95 for April-Sept. Season

Is Gas Headed to $3 Per Gallon? Oil Glut Driving Pump Prices Down

Consumers, you may have noticed something encouraging as you drive up to your neighborhood gas station to fill up. Pump prices have been steadily going down. // And market indicators point to more relief at the ...

U.S. Consumers Rack Up Biggest Quarterly Jump in Credit Card Debt in 6 Years, Study Finds

Credit card borrowers are charging more, somewhat erasing a debt-reduction mindset sparked by the financial crisis and Great Recession. // After paying off $32.5 billion in amounts owed in card debt during the ...

Mortgage Refinancing for Free? No Such Thing, FTC Says After Cracking Down on Marketer

If a marketer boasts that you can refinance your mortgage for free, don’t fall for it. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a civil complaint against Colorado-based Intermundo Media, using the name “Delta ...
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