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‘Alarming’ 35% of Americans With a Credit File Have Debt in Collections: Report

An alarming 35 percent of Americans with a credit file have had delinquent debt turned over to a collection agency, with the average amount owed at $5,178, says a report published Tuesday by the Urban Institute. ...

Home Price Growth Shows Some Weakening as Market Recovery Slows

A 9.3 percent year-over-year increase in home prices for May in a survey of 20 U.S. cities doesn’t sound like anything to worry about. // But there is some concern about the strength of the housing recovery, ...

FTC: Let Consumers Block Third-Party, Unauthorized Mobile Phone ‘Cramming’ Charges

The Federal Trade Commission wants mobile phone carriers to give consumers the right to block third-party charges on their mobile bills altogether, and to inform consumers “clearly and prominently” of ...

Pending Home Sales See First Slip After Three Straight Months of Advances

It was a decline of only 1.1 percent, but that slip in pending home sales for June comes after three consecutive months of solid gains. // And it marks yet another sign of an uncertain direction for the housing ...

Obama Officials: Congress Should Slow U.S. Companies’ ‘Tax Inversion’ Offshore Deals

Do you think U.S. companies are getting unfair tax breaks? // U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew believes that Congress needs to put a stop or slow down at least one type of huge tax break called “tax inversion”, ...

Zillow, Trulia Reported Merger Would Create Online Real Estate Powerhouse

Reports of a merger between Zillow and Trulia sent their stock prices soaring Friday, and left now doubt as to the power of the booming online real estate market. // Zillow is in talks to buy its largest rival, ...

Home Improvement Spending Projected to Slow Robust Pace by Early 2015

There are some headwinds slowing the housing recovery, including low inventories, prices out of reach for some and tight credit. // But the home improvement component of the market, measured by the dollars consumers ...

Ridesharing Services Led by Uber, Lyft Slowly Move into Traditional Taxi-Limo Terrain

Uber and Lyft, those app-powered ridesharing services that have drawn opposition from taxi and limo alliances and local goverments, are making slow but steady headway. // Taxi-hailing service Lyft worked out ...

Fixed Mortgage Rates Stay Just Above This Year’s Lows: 30-Year at 4.13%

Consumers in the market for mortgage loans don’t have to worry about higher rates for now, with the 30-year fixed rate at 4.13 percent this week — that’s just a basis point above the low for the ...
New Home Sales Up in April; Average Price $282,600

Sales of New Homes Fall Sharply in June, Biggest Decline in 11 Months

New home sales fell hard in June, down 8.1 percent after two months of gains. Compared to June of last year, sales were down 11.5 percent. // The prior month’s data was revised to show less growth, indicating ...
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