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CDC’s New Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign Includes e-Cigarettes for 1st Time

Those anti-smoking TV ads from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have earned a reputation for their explicit nature, featuring ex-smokers who have struggled with serious or debilitating health ...

Amazon Home Services Takes On Angie’s List to Help You Get a Plumber, Other Fix-It Pros

Amazon is challenging Angie’s List, launching a home services marketplace to help homeowners find electricians, plumbers, painters and other “on-demand professionals.” Set to debut on Monday, ...

Nearly 40% of Consumers Don’t Know Their Credit Scores, Chase Survey Finds

Credit scores are vital numbers in consumers’ financial health, determining whether they qualify for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans and other products. An above-average FICO, for example, can get them ...
Home Foreclosure document and legal gavel

Foreclosed-Upon 5 Years Ago, State Laws Could Enable Some to Live Mortgage-Free

The U.S. housing crisis erupted by most measures about eight years ago, but in some states where a judge must sign off on foreclosures, tens of thousands of homeowners who have lived mortgage-free for five years ...

Consumers Unsure, Skeptical of Low Gas Prices — So They’re Not Spending More

U.S. consumers just don’t trust those low prices at the gas pumps, which have edged higher in recent weeks but remain more than a dollar per gallon, on average, below a year. They’re so skeptical that ...

Pending Home Sales Rise Despite ‘Severe Shortages’ of Properties in Lower Price Range

Realtors said Monday that pending homes sales in February reached their highest level since June 2013, based on their closely watched index. While that’s a good sign heading into the normally busy spring buying ...

GNC Defends Its Herbal Plus Products as ‘Compliant’, Reaches Deal with New York AG

GNC Holdings, owners of the stores that many consumers rely on for health supplements, has reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General regarding the company’s Herbal Plus products, providing New York ...

Student Loan Delinquencies Worse Than Previously Known; One-Third Late on Payments

Under heavy criticism for not fulling knowing or revealing the full extent of student debt, U.S. education officials have released new data that shows about one-third of borrowers with federal education loans are ...

Credit Repair Scam That Impersonated FTC Gets Shut Down by FTC

Call it a case of poetic justice: a credit repair scam that falsely claimed to be affiliated with the Federal Trade Commission has been shut down by the very agency it was impersonating. At the request of the FTC, ...

Sweet Spot for Hottest New-Home Sales: $200,000-to-$299,999 Price Range

The news that new-home sales jumped to a seven-year high in February was out earlier this week, but nearly overlooked in the overall picture of the market’s recovery was this: homes in the $200,000-to-$299,999 ...
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