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Treasury Plan Aims for Broader 401(k) Retiree Options

Only 34% of Middle-Class Americans Contribute to 401(K), Other Retirement Savings

Saving for retirement remains a struggle for most middle-class Americans, with 34 percent not contributing to any retirement account, whether a 401(k), an IRA or other savings vehicle, according to a new survey ...
Regulator Finds Citibank in Violation of Bank Secrecy Act

Citibank Customers to See Higher Deposit Account Fees in January, But Here’s How to Avoid Them

Beginning on Jan. 1, Citibank’s monthly fees on Citi rewards checking accounts will jump from $20 to $25, and fees on basic accounts will increase from $10 to $12. // You can avoid these fees as long as ...

N.Y. Regulator: Ocwen Backdated Denial Letters to Homeowners Seeking Mortgage Modifications

Ocwen Financial, one of the largest U.S. mortgage servicers, wrongfully denied hundreds of thousands of borrowers mortgage modifications, many of them seeking to prevent foreclosure, New York’s financial regulator ...
Home Sales

Home Resales Rebounding, But Below Year-Ago Level; U.S. Median Price at $209,700

The market for existing homes has apparently gotten over the summer dolldrums, with resales bouncing back in September to their highest annual pace of the year, according to the National Association of Realtors. ...

Apple Pay’s Pros & Cons: Don’t Lose Your iPhone or Overpay, But Transactions Likely Safer

Apple Pay, the most eagerly-awaited and widespread smartphone-based mobile payments system, launched today in some 220,00 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. Apple’s new payment service, primarily via its newest ...

FTC: Health Formulas’ ‘Free’ Trial Offers Led to Illegal Account Debiting

A U.S. agency has taken the first legal action against a marketer under the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act (ROSCA), which prohibits an online transaction unless detailed terms have been disclosed and ...
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Mortgage Giants Fannie, Freddie Set to Ease Standards for Borrowers with Weak Credit

Many potential homebuyers with weak credit profiles still cannot get a mortgage, despite average interest rates slipping below 4 percent again and some homeowners eager to sell as home prices have recovered. The ...

New Apartments, Demand Among Young Renters Driving Surge in Housing Starts

The good news overall for the housing market this week was that September’s housing starts surpassed the million-mark for the third time this year, according to U.S. housing officials and the Census Bureau. ...

MasterCard’s New Credit Card has Fingerprint Scanner for ‘Contactless’ Payments

It took a string of huge, high-profile hack attacks on customers’ payment cards to fast-track credit card payments out of the age-old and vulnerable “swipe and sign” routine. // Now comes MasterCard’s ...

Better Business Bureau Warms Consumers of ‘Ebola Cure’ Scams, Phony Fundraisers

Even the Ebola crisis brings out the scammers to take advantage of people’s fears and concerns regarding the deadly virus. // The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a range of Ebola-related ...
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