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‘Fast N’ Loud’ Finds Super Rare 1967 Firebirds in Connecticut Garage. Big Profit Follows.

Richard Rawlings, the host of the popular cable program “Fast N’ Loud” has found two extremely rare 1967 Pontiac Firebirds. The cars were found in a Connecticut garage, said Rawlings, who runs ...

Borrowers Resurfacing from Mortgage ‘Underwater’ Status Slows as Price Gains Ease

The latest update on homeowners who owe more in mortgages than the value of their homes has both good news and bad news. The good: The first quarter 2014 negative equity numbers were down to the lowest level since ...
door handles1

These Clever $200 Door Handles Could Reduce Dangerous Hospital Infection Rates

  One in 25 patients in U.S. hospitals acquire an infection during their stay, says a study released recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 75,000 hospital patients with healthcare-associated ...

Detroit Homes Starting at $1,000 Each, But You Have to Spend Lots More to Rehab in Under 6 Months

A website is selling Detroit single-family homes for a minimum bid of $1,000 each. Yes, that’s right: $1,000 each. The city of Detroit has launched an auction website in an attempt to unload some of the area’s ...

Coast Guard in Miami Shows Off $110 Million Worth of Seized Cocaine

This is what $110 million worth of cocaine looks like, as displayed by the U.S. Coast Guard in Miami. Authorities seized 3,300 kilos of cocaine from southwestern Caribbean waters over the past month, and they unloaded ...

With Spring Ahead, Home Builders Face Headwinds in Land Shortages, Tight Credit

The U.S. housing market has been somewhat in a holding pattern over this often extreme winter. But even with Spring looming, there are headwinds to overcome in the form of shortages of lots to build. There are also ...

Facebook Poised to Create ‘e-Money’ in Possible Competition to PayPal, Bitcoin

The social network giant Facebook wants a piece of the digital currency space as bitcoin businesses are sprouting quickly and across the globe. But Facebook’s foray into something called “e-money” ...
social security

After Uproar, Social Security Chief Halts Seizures of Tax Refunds to Pay for Old ‘Errors’

The U.S. government is halting a relatively new debt collection practice after media reports revealed that the Social Security Administration was seizing tax refunds. Those IRS refunds belonged to the children of ...

Even in a Bustling Subway, Hacker Thieves will Try to Get Your Payment Card Data

The camera lens is so tiny, it’s virtually impossible to spot, even less in the hustle and bustle of New York’s subway. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is warning New York commuters to keep ...
IRS tax refunds

U.S. Treasury Seizing Refund Checks of Americans to Collect Old Debts Owed by Their Parents

This still-developing news regarding a relatively new collection tactic by the U.S. Treasury is causing outcries on Capitol Hill and via lawsuits across the country. It seems the U.S. Treasury has seized $75 million ...
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