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Independent PayPal Could Be Poised to Better Compete with Apple Pay, Others

PayPal users likely won’t feel the impact of the move by parent company eBay to spin off the now-dominant payments processor during  the second half of 2015. // The move will ultimately solidify PayPal’s ...

Flagstar Bank to Pay $37.5M for Undermining Borrowers Trying to Save Their Homes

Michigan-based Flagstar Bank violated new U.S. mortgage servicing rules by illegally blocking borrowers’ attempts to save their homes, says the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. // Flagstar failed borrowers ...

U.S. Home Price Gains Show ‘Significant Slowdown’, Says S&P/Case-Shiller

U.S. home prices in July registered their smallest annual gains since late 2012, amounting to a “significant slowdown,” according to the closely-followed Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller indices. ...

People are Going Into Apple Stores to Bend the iPhone 6 Plus, and They’re Succeeding

This could be one of the most bizarre pastimes borne out of social media hype: The intentional bending of the brand new iPhone 6 Plus at Apple Stores — at least the display models. Whether it’s serious ...

First-Time Homebuyers Represent Less Than One-Third of All Buyers, Realtors Say

First-time homebuyers have not been prevalent during the housing recovery, representing less than a third of all buyers each month for the past two years. // The National Associate of Realtors pointed this out ...

Foreclosure Prevention: Fewer Borrowers Re-defaulting on Modified Mortgages

Fewer borrowers are defaulting on mortgages that were modified, in many cases to avoid foreclosures, according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. // The banking regulator’s Mortgage Metrics ...

Consumer Reports Downplays iPhone 6 Bending Issue in Stress Tests of Smartphones

In the wake of the social media brouhaha over the apparent bending vulnerability of the new iPhone 6, and particularly the new 6 Plus, Consumer Reports turned to scientific stress testing to determine if various ...

GM Warns That Corvette’s Secret ‘Valet Mode’ Recorder Could Violate State Laws

The idea at first would seem viable: Install a hidden feature in your expensive new sports car to record the car’s performance and humans speaking when you, the owner of the car, is not operating the vehicle. ...
Reverse Mortgages: Deceptive Ads Fuel Confusion, Concerns

Key Updates to Reverse Mortgages Involve Lump-Sum Payouts, Protection for Spouses

Taking out a reverse mortgage is a big decision that requires careful consideration, even more so now with at least two important updates that can help borrowers protect their investment, according to the U.S. Consumer ...

Subprime Auto Loan Borrowers Who Pay Late Could Have Their Cars Disabled Remotely

This may be a case of technology being driven too far. // With the surge in auto loans issued to subprime borrowers — those with credit scores at or below 640 –  cars financed by these individuals ...
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