Updated 06.14.2013: Claimants under the National Mortgage Settlement have started to get their long-awaited checks this week, most reporting amounts of $1,484.

Claimants in Mortgage Settlement Start Getting Payments

Claimants in Mortgage Settlement Start Getting Payments

Updated 06.14.2013: Claimants under the National Mortgage Settlement have started to get their long-awaited checks this week, most reporting amounts of $1,484.

Nearly 1 million checks were to be mailed beginning this week,  totaling nearly $1.5 billion in compensation from five top U.S. lenders that are part of the settlement reached early last year over mishandled or wrongful foreclosure documentation that came to be known as “robo-signing.”

Statements from state attorneys general before checks were mailed on Monday put the payout amount at about $1,480.

Homeowners should be wary of scams, settlement administrators say. “Unscrupulous companies are contacting homeowners with offers of assistance for a fee to receive the settlement payment,” administrators say in a statement. You should not pay a fee to receive a payment.

Earlier this month, state attorneys general provided the following information regarding this week’s payouts:

  • Some borrowers will receive a check for less than the approximate $1,480 payment in situations where borrowers are divorced or separated and no longer live at the same address.  The full per-loan amount will be paid on these loans, but the payment will be evenly split between the borrowers.
  • A small number of borrowers who submitted a claim form but do not have a valid Social Security number on file will be delayed in receiving their payments while tax-related issues are addressed.
  • Two servicers — JPMorgan Chase and Citi — recently provided information on an additional 31,000 borrowers nationwide, and thus they could not be included in this distribution.  Later this summer, these consumers will receive a notice and will have the opportunity to submit a payment application.

The National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) is separate from the Independent Foreclosure Review, under which 4 million eligible borrowers started to receive checks in April.

Rust Consulting is the payments administrator for both the National Mortgage Settlement and the Independent Foreclosure Review.

The NMS was reached between federal/state officials and the banks — Ally/GMAC; Bank of America; Citi; JPMorgan Chase; and Wells Fargo.

The compensated borrowers lost their homes to foreclosure between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2011.

Claim forms were mailed to eligible borrowers in late September/early October of 2012. The deadline to respond was Jan. 18 of this year.

The largest component of the NMS is mortgage modifications or partial debt forgiveness.

The NMS has provided assistance to an additional 621,000 homeowners, which has reached $50.63 billion through March 2013 in the form of mortgage modifications, short sales, second-lien or other principal forgiveness, and refinancing help.



  1. I returned mine, Not only did I submitted it on Line, and printed out a copy for my records, I also send it in by mail . I did not want to hear we have no record of ever receiving it, I have no faith in these Banks, As soon as I received the Letter from My US Attorney’s Office I reply immediately.

  2. I got my letter and submit all info online right away. I know these banks screw up and they need to pay all of us back.It will not be enough to get our house back but atleast its something then nothing. I am looking forward for another payment. Thank God!

  3. My Question is How in the hell do you put a price tag and Pain and suffering. They could not begin to compensate me or millions of people lives they have turned upside down. from 2008 thru 2010 I went through a serious depression, were I could not get out the bed, all because of this Mortgage Mess. Lucky for me I had a good supervisor who work me and understood what hell I was going through. I am in Public Service so I love helping people. I am about helping others,unlike most of these people who work for these big Banks. DAMN CROOKS.

  4. I too am depressed like Ericjohnson who posted..Nothing will bring back our lives the way they were before the mortgage crisis. I just pray we each get enough relief to at least own a home agan for us borrowers who suffered. If not it’s not worth living anymore.

  5. T jones did you receive a check from the independent foreclosure review or the national mortgage settlement?

  6. I think the people who stated they have received a check is talking about a check from the Independent Foreclosure Review (funny name huh?). The National Mortgage Settlement checks are due to be mailed out on May 20th, or at least that is the date I was given when I called the Attorney General’s office in AL.

  7. Dan

    April 23, 2013 at 10:11 am


    Wells Fargo foreclosed on us, and did not even own the mortgage.
    I hired 3 different firms to try and work something out in the form of a
    Modification, Wells Fargo would not even discuss it.
    Then I ended up hiring 3 differ law firms to help file the Chapter 13

    All of these Firms were so busy raking in Huge profits from all the BK cases, that we could not even get one of them to do due diligence and file the correct papers.

    I spent over 20K on worthless Attorneys, we also filed every complaint under the sun and all of these Government agencies did NOTHING AT ALL, we never even received a reply from any of them.

    After all of this, I choose to become my Own Attorney Pro Se and straighten out the Chapter 13.

    This all took so much time, that even after being laid off in the worst depression on recent record, and being lucky enough to find something temporary 200 miles from home,.

    I also lost the temporary position after a year, as I was being summoned to court and harassed by Wells Fargo every other month.

    I finally negotiated a shotgun at my head modification with Wells Fargo, who refused to ever provide a single shred of any evidence that inflated my Mortgage by over 10,000.00.

    My new payments were higher than before, and this all cost me over 40,000.00 and surely took years off my life due to the stress and hassles.

    Now The FEDs and Bank Crooks want off the hook for a 1,000.00 per person with no disclosure at all.

    America, none of these crooks even went to jail; we were all ripped off BIG TIME.

    I Demand BETTER, and so should the rest of the Americans in this once great country.

    People need to be Jailed, Feds needs shut down.

    This is absolute BS, Call your Senators.

  8. We only got $300. I don’t understand why…..It was from the National Mortgage Settlement not the Independent review.

  9. I believe people who have already received their checks, came from the Independent Mortgage Settle. The National Mortgage Settle checks goes out in 4-6 weeks. I hope I get as much as they have gotten, I have been broke for a year…lol

  10. I agree with Erica Johnson. You can’t put a price tag on pain and suffering. I lived in my home for 10 years and it was taken from me and my family after being told I was approved for modification. Attorneys are still trying to group people together to file one big lawsuit. I’ll probably be dead before this ever happens.

  11. Yes, I think those who have received checks this past week have been from the Independent Review I got mine from them yesterday it was a whopping $800.00 The paperwork had said could be up to $120,000 haha what a joke. It will be interesting to see how much this National Mortgage check is going to be.

  12. We got our $300. WOW! We paid over $5,000 to our lawyer and we still lost our home. 2 years of dealing with the issue. I wonder what the National check will be. Sad we loved our home.

  13. Hey Chris, I a very happy for you. I know you were concern that would that you would be send $300.00, Now make sure that they correct your credit report, pull all 3 to see that your bank have corrected all mistake. I am in the next wave April 26, I was protected by Bankruptcy Chapter 7. They have already corrected my Credit Report, I very curious to see how much they are going to compensate me. Will definitely keep you guy posted.

  14. Mortgage servicer was Everhome Mortgage. They say results of review should be second quarter of this year. Interested to know if anyone else has this servicer.

  15. iFR check came for $600. Plus I will need to pay taxes. 14 months prior to the foreclousure I made double payments of $2k to catch up. So…. Just for that 14 mont period $28k gone, the rest of the equity and sweat vaue goes kerflush. The bank already sold the foreclousure. I get a check for $600 and must pay taxes. Thank you every lawyer and politician. Might as well buy $600 worth of powerball tixs…. Thanks for protecting the interests of our banks a- holes!

  16. Any checks now will not erase the stress and sadness of my memories of having to leave my “dream house” that I lived for 3 years, my son was born and I was really happy there.. After mine and my husband’s income went down drastically, getting Wells Fargo to have any compassion and lower our rate or payment was wortless.. so we were “asked” to move out, like everyone else on this situation, but what hurt the most was finding out that the month after we moved out Wells Fargo sold our home that we owed $350K to another buyer for $140K.. so why coudlnt they modify the loan to us at this price

  17. I am sorry for everyones loss we all share the same story. I lost my home in Bell,ca.while the fat cats of the city were stealing from residents.while I was losing my home….I told myself this was not worth my health…we need to move on…i am still waiting for my check due to be part of the 4/26 mailing.

  18. I agreed with Bell, I feel sorry for everyone who know that they have been under compensate for what the bank has done to them. My check is being mailed out today April 26 Wave. I very interested to see how much CHASE is going to compensate me for not only not willing to modify my loan, but leaving me no choice but to file for Chapter 7. My Mortgage was current when I file CHAPTER 7. They just refuse to work with me. At least they have corrected my credit report, and my Credit Score has gone up. I am not getting my hopes up because I see by reading others comment most people have been very disappointed. I still refuse to buy again, Even though I can afford to. I choose to live in 1 bedroom and pay $1500.00 a month than buy again. This whole Mortgage Mess has left a bad feeling in my heart. I will never EVER
    buy again. PERIOD.

  19. we lost our home in 2008 my two childern were in ICU one son almost died.the medical bills were and still very very high and still on our credit report with the foreclosure.I had to use FMLA without pay. We stayed with them the entire time. My husband lost his job because he chose our children over his job, . He was given two options from his employer either your children or the job.Like any parent would have done in our situation he chose our children. You can replace a job or even find another you can not replace a life especially a child’s life,not to mention he almost died now how do u chose a job over your child in this situation . We sent in letter after letter asking for them to help we sent in information after information our ICU information as well. Month after Month sometimes weekly. One day they just told us we had to move out they foreclosed on the house. We have not recovered yet we have been trying to recover but since then we have moved 8-10 times and have been to the bottom of the bottom it has been very hard trying to start over from such a painful experience. Unless a person has experience what we have they can not imagine the pain, stress and suffering this has on those of us who have lost our homes.. The bad part of it all is that they did wrong and we paid the price, a high price if i might add with our homes and lives. Now we have to pray they at least pay us enough to at least be able to purchase a house again and try to make it a home again, nothing like the first but it can sure help. Like someone mention before no amount of money can pay for the pain and suffering so the least they can do is pay for us to try to start a new beginning, time will tell and the amount will show how much they really truly understand the years of pain and suffering we experienced i had wells fargo

  20. Matt i estimate for this payout that the old saying will rang true….. wish in one hand and &%#! In the other to see which one will fill faster,lol. Im kinda getting a better sense of humor when it comes to being an american, now days…. i held my breath for the other check thinking what the banks done to all of us was illegal and the truth would come out. Well being in the 3rd wave and getting a grand total of 400.00 for having our house ripped from underneath us in 2 months. Im almost positive this one will be just as lousey…. i mean they gotten away with it not once but twice so far, why not rip us all a new one again.

  21. Love the picture of the family in the article. This injustice that continues to grip and rip apart many families should NOT be represented by a smiling family. I am sad and discouraged and not at all surprised by anything that comes down the pike. Finger pointing and playing the blame game only gets exhausting and the outcome will never change unfortunately. At the end of the day we are all just pawns in the politics of it all. It sucks.

  22. We were protected under chapter 7 bankruptcy, lost our home anyway and just received our check today…finally…a mere $300.00. What a ridiculous crock!

  23. Yep i agree ellen the picture obvisouly is to ease their minds all the while they are screwing us.
    When anyone recvs supposed checks from this other settlement let us all know, otherwise if we wait on them to update the site with the happy go lucky family on it we will be waiting along time. The last time it was updated was a week ago and before it was feb.

  24. Hello flower girl, I received $300.00 today from CHASE, what a joke, One good thing they did correct my credit files. Before I cash this check and pay my MASTERCARD BILL I make a photocopy and frame it and put in on the wall in my apartment. So every time I look at it will remind me Why I will never ever buy again, even though I can afford to. This to me was the final insult and it has open up some serious wounds. I will definitely not forget how these CROOKS have mistreated so many of us.

  25. 6,000 its my reward W/F Took my 1 hundred thousands dollar cash ,lost my home in 7 month, Never aprove by Mod.

  26. Ive read all the post and i to are in the same situtation. To me i feel as though they screwed us royally with no lube.,
    They messed with our credit therefore when we try to find some where to live “””damn”””””” whats on the cr4edit report.
    Who wants to even fianace you???? Thats what i thought. Imoved in my home 8/05 closed on it 12/05 and lost it 07/10.
    Right now im sick as can be i had an ARM instead of FHA started out at 940.00 to 1020.00 next 1180.00 shit got so bad that when i got a modification i had to pay 1400.00 for nine months to keep my home, so wheres the modification again??????
    Thats my story we all have one for one reason or another and with these checks looks like we all will have another story. May God Bless Us All.

  27. I was w/Wells Fargo, in the midst of a Modification they foreclosed on me when my paperword was so-called lost, even when I would call & inquire on the status when I didn’t hear from anyone I was told it was in review and come to find out they were processing a foreclosure, I filed a complaint with OCC & HUD & Wells was made to rescind the foreclosure & I was made to start the Modification process over, once #’s were received it was $350.00 higher than the 1st one due to them adding fees for the Foreclosure/Atty., so I was now being made to pay for their error, then the Modification was denied stating my income didn’t support the pymnt, so not only did they screw my Credit up for filing a foreclosure that should not have been done they wanted me to pay for their error, I’ve filed complaints for the last 6 yrs., w/HUD & the OCC. Finally after getting high blood pressure literally I threw my towel in, filed Bankruptcy and decided to go that route, well Wells Fargo filed Foreclosure after my Bankruptcy/Mediator was in place. So 2 Foreclosures done incorrectly; illegal fees added to a Modification which resulted in me being denied and I receive a $300.00 check what a joke, I hope everyone signs the petition I did – no one appears to have received the pymnts on their so-called Chart, while the folks that 1/2 ass reviewed our files got Paid or should I say Bought Out to place us in incorrect categories thousands of $’d, if I was to robo sign aka forge a signature I’d be prosecuted, this can’t end like this we the people need to continue to complain until we can’t complain anymore….

  28. We had Wells Fargo, After staying in our house for over 2 years with no missed payments “fha fixed” we started to fall behind. Oct 2008 we were at 87 days, We owed 3200 in payments and late fees. I came up with 2900. I called Wells Fargo and were told they refuse to take payment. I had 95% of what I owed. Big banks make me sick. I will never work with any big bank and will never allow big banks to buy a loan from me agian. Im 29 with destroyed credit because of them. Tax payers bailed these guys out, like I will be paying for it for the rest of my life, and they are going to send me a small check. Im sorry, How about you put me back in MY HOME you unrightfully stripped me of. I am so anti bank I will make it my lifes mission to take as much money out of WF banks to never return it. We spent countless days on the phone with no help. They wanted our home. This forced me to relocate to a different state for a couple years do to not having a stable place to live. My life hasnt been ruined but I learned my lesson early on. I didnt walk away, I fought for my family and my home. And Wells Fargo you can pound sand!

  29. Anyone know how or where to go and check the status of a payment? When we could expect it.

  30. Wells Fargo same story as everyone else…..NMS no IFR because I was foreclosed in 2008. Very sad that I put $84,000.00 into the house between D/P and monthly payments and I am only getting possibly $2000.00 from NMS….very sad…I am up for a class action law suit please tell me where to sign up!!!!!! It would be great to get everyone involved who has lost there homes, I like the suggestion of Class action lawsuit per state from 2008-2011. Let me know if this will happen.

  31. I am waiting on a check, too, from the National Mortgage Settlement. I have no clue how much it is going to be, but I heard somewhere from $1,000-$2,000. I can’t get ANY info from the toll free NMS number about an amount. Just know they are being mailed this month.

  32. Where do we go to find out how many people responded to the National Mortgage Settlement?

  33. @Suzi…we will never be told how many responded to the NMS…it’s all a big secret so we don’t figure out how much they short changed us. It’s so frustrating!! And when I called my AG’s office just to simply ask if they would be notified of the amount prior to Rust’s mailing of the checks – I was told – no – Rust is running the show!! Then the clerk at the AG’s office said “what’s it matter anyway? It’s free money to you and you didn’t even have to hire an atty to get it”! What a callous, horrid, woman!! She even had the NERVE to assume, just because I was asking if she knew or would know the ending amount, she had the NERVE to say, “if you want MORE hire your own atty!!” This just blew me away….I’m in a position that I have now recovered from this housing mess and could actually purchase another home, yet with all our representatives, from the state level, clear up to the White House, allowing banks to rob us blind I’ll die a RENTER!!

  34. Military here. Was on active duty during my foreclosure. After 5 years of battling with Wells Fargo and getting the worse run around in the world. I FINALLY received a package from them a week ago trying to given me yet more excuses and absolute false information in the package! And – Yes right before my check from the Indpendent Foreclosre review for $800. We all got the shaft. The bank waited over 2 years to foreclosure on us and even had a real estate man and Wells Fargo attorneys call me last year to try to get us to relinquish our SCRA Rights by signing out a move out agreement for $3500. I said no way. Principal and all. However, look what I ended up with. I’m not going to hold my breath on the National Motgage Settlement. It makes me sick. They Never even notified me of anything – no redemption period etc. they claimed they didn’t have my address where I was stationed in DC. I’m from MI. Well they sure did not have any problem finding me to send me tax doc’s and come on – you can’t find a military member?! Right. Well, it goes on an on. Excuses excuses. I have so many call log notes, emails etc. This is all so very sad for everyone. I served for 24 years, ending up with a rush (20 days) disability release and no home. Very sad. Shame on All of them.

  35. I received 800 dollars from the IFR in the modification but no underwriting decisionmade.B/Wells Fargo raised my payment from 1045$ to 1661.71. Sold my without proper notice at all,they sold it Dec 09,I was notified Jan 22 2010.I am also a veteran that was wrongfully foreclosed,have the original Deed of trust and Wells Fargo is not on it.I was in my home 10yrs over 100,000 dollars paid to bank. Go figure!!

  36. I just called on the NMS and when you talk to someone they still have no information on the payments. Not how much and not how many sent in their paperwork for it. My state’s AG page did say…. “We were told that the National Settlement Administrator would be sending checks out on or about May 20, 2013. Unfortunately, we have now been informed that the National Settlement Administrator will not be sending out checks to eligible borrowers who submitted timely claims until late May or June 2013.” This was updated this morning on the web page.

  37. I called the National Mortgage Settlement call center. Even though the website states checks will be going out mid to late May..the person I spoke to did not know it said this! She told me the website was updated April 22nd but does not know what it says! Rust Consulting has one call center with everyone reading from scripts. They are useless.
    I spoke to the Ca. AG office and told them claimants are not being assisted, they are being stonewalled by these people. How can you not know the amount of checks if they are to be issued a couple weeks away? How can you now know how many claimants are being paid from the 1.5 million if checks are going out in a couple of weeks? How can you not know what your own website states?
    I went to other AG websites. MN for one states the Administrator (Rust Consulting) told them checks were going out on May 20th but they recently were told the checks will not go out until possibly the end of May or in June 2013! Every AG website is different, gives different dates. SNOW JOB!
    I asked what calculation was used to determine the amount of checks. Cannot tell me! They start reading from their script all over again!
    Based on the AG information. There were 750k claim forms mailed out. If that is true and 100% returned them which is highly unlikely as many went to the home address lost to foreclosure, the amount would be 2k each of 1.5 million. Where this erroneous $840.00 amount came from is beyond me.
    I think Rust is making a huge profit from these funds at our expense. The State of Ca. got more than the homeowners did and used it to plug holes in the budget shortfalls.
    This entire process is full of out right lies and distortions of the truth. Who is profiting from the loss of our homes…certainly not us!

  38. Well said Chris!!!!!! I get the same run around from NMS. They should know by now who is getting what, which I was told everyone is getting the same amount! He also told me that the reason it is taking so long because some people hit the claim button up to 10 times, so they have to make sure no one gets more then one check. But there are programs for that and that process can easily be completed, since we had to have our claim in by January 18, 2013. I would still like to see a state by state class action suit.

  39. Dawn,
    That is the lamest excuse I have heard yet. You can’t push the button more than once when you complete your online claim form. It won’t let you anymore than it will allow you to go forward if you don’t provide required information. These people make up shit as they go along…if it ain’t in the script they just make something up that they think we might believe.
    With that being said, I agree…a state class action suit for the States to be accountable for the funds it received and for the funds Rust Consulting was to disperse with an explanation of how they came to the payment amounts.
    The other settlement (IFR) was a huge mess. Some getting 125k and some 300.00! They allowed the mortgage companies to self audit themselves and determine who gets what. The scale I saw could put people in many of the categories but yet they got 300.00!
    I look at this as another Ponzi scheme implemented by our own government.
    They want us to feel fortunate we got anything…how about giving my house back!

  40. What I don’t understand is why wouldn’t the lenders modify our loans in the first place so we didn’t lose our homes. None of us wanted to lose our homes.
    The settlement should be for all of us borrowers who lost our homes and we should receive FULL restitution and our credit restored for our loses.
    We are not stupid people! There are too many hands in the pot that do not deserve OUR restitution!

  41. I agree, there should be a State by State class action suit also. My husband & I lost our home I am Furious with our particular former lender. They REFUSED to work with us to modify our loan , or to do anything to help us avoid foreclosure, and guess what? They sold our house Online for just under $15,000, i guess it didn’t matter since they got over $100,000 from us the eight years we lived there, will NEVER use Citifinancial mortgage again. Never.

  42. Unknown,

    I am sorry but I didn’t qualify for that settlement, since I lost my home in 2008. But if you had a petition for all who lost their homes since the beginning and til the end, I would gladly sign.

    Trica, no check yet from NMS

    Kelly, I agree State by State for those who actually lost their homes. They are already helping those currently under water, and I don’t think 300, 500, or 2000 dollars helps me or my family forget how we lost our home because these banks wouldn’t help us modify when they had the chance.

    Completely disgusted and this is bringing back some old memories that I don’t like thinking about.

  43. I agree with you Dawn, i’ve heard the top amount will probably be about 2k, and of course we can always use money, but how does that help us when we’ve lost our homes? Our credit is ruined and if and when we do get to buy a new home, we’ll probably need a huge downpayment to even qualify. It’s not fair that these Big Mortgage companies can just pay a few hundred to a thousand to so many people and just keep on screwing the American homeowner. I drive by our old house all the time, it’s so NOT FAIR that our home was sold to someone online for 15k, but they didn’t give US that option after living in that home for 8 years and making all of our payments.

  44. Terry I will let you know when I get mine.

    brileyrac that is a very good question, I think it was NMS.

  45. I agree with you Kelly,
    They should have did all they could and then some to help us stay in our homes. It’s ridiculous to think that I had received a short sale offer for 335k and BofA turned it down, yet a year later foreclosed on us and sold it for 240k!

  46. Want to know when the National Mortgage Settlement Checks will be Mailed, want accurate information and not the garbage being told to claimants by the call center. Call this man direct. He is at the top of their food chain…Let him explain the details…..
    Email and call…until all borrowers get accurate information. Lets face it..
    1.5 million divided by 750k does not come to 840 each at 100% of the claim forms being returned. Every AG website has a different date and every AG office is in the dark. The call centers cannot provide any information…they just make things up to get you off the phone.

    Rust Consulting
    James M. Parks, CPA, Senior Vice President

    D: 612.359.2923
    M: 612.770.7584
    F: 612.359.7423
    E: moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@skrapj

    625 Marquette Avenue, Suite 880
    Minneapolis, MN, 55402

  47. Email and call these people. Demand truthful answers and accurate information. Enough calls and emails should wake them up.

    David C. Holland, Executive Vice President

    D: 612.359.2054
    M: 612.803.4776
    E: moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@dnallohd

    625 Marquette Avenue, Suite 880
    Minneapolis, MN 55402

  48. This is what I got back from my email to Rust Consulting Executive James Parks. I think I will take him up on calling his assistant!!!

    Thank you for your email. I will be away from the office with very limited
    access to email and voice mail starting on Thursday, May 3rd through Friday, May
    10th on vacation and will return to the office on Monday, May 13th. If you
    should need immediate assistance, please dial 612.359.2062 and you will reach my
    assistant Teresa McMillian and she will re-direct your call to the appropriate
    person(s). Thank you and Have A Great Day!

  49. To Chris: The amount is 1.5 billion. Not all 750,000 returned the claims form so the checks will be larger than the 840.00 previously stated.

  50. Dear Sandy,

    Here is Chris’s point:

    750,000 x 2,000 = 1.5 Billion … so if not all 750,000 responded, the checks should be upwards of $2,000 each. I am not sure how they came up with a base pay of $840? 1.5 Billion divided by 750,000 leaves a base pay of at least 2,000 and that is if all 750,000 responded.

  51. Originally the total number of people eligible to file a claim was 1.7 million people. I don’t know why they pared it down to 750,000 unless that’s all the actuall addresses they could come up with.

  52. The 750000 figure was provided by the CA. Attorney General’s office and is also on the websites of other AG websites. I was told that is the figure they received from Rust Consulting. I realize not all of the 750k probably responded but to calculate the figure of the least amount of payment I utilized it. Where they came up with 840 is beyond me.
    I have never read or been told there were 1.7 eligible claimants. That is a new one.
    I don’t think anyone knows the actual figure aside from Rust Consulting which is why their office needs to be overwhelmed by calls and emails. The National Mortgage Settlement website is useless and so are the call centers.
    I will be calling this morning and will post the response I get.
    Sickening that we have to be the watchdogs of our own settlement. Taxpayer dollars paying for the AG offices to do their job and what we get is “call Rust Consulting”. I have to wonder how much Rust is making from this. Bet its more than any of us are getting! Lots more!

  53. Chris,
    The actual number is in one of the .Pdf documents on the NMS website and I think it was about 1.78 million but this is just what I copied and pasted from about the settlement on their website: Payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure with no requirement to prove financial harm and without having to release private claims against the servicers or the right to participate in the OCC review process.  $1.5 billion will be distributed nationwide to eligible borrowers .  The National Mortgage Settlement Administrator will mail Notice Letters and Claim Forms in late September through early October 2012 to approximately 2 million borrowers who lost their home due to foreclosure between January 1, 2008 and December 31 2011 and whose loans were serviced by one of the five mortgage servicers that are parties to the settlement. 
    Hope that helps.

  54. To All

    The 1.78 million number comes from a total of all borrowers involved, the 750,000 comes from all borrowers who actually lost their homes. That is how I interpreted it. Hope that helps.

  55. Dawn-That is how I interpret it also based on this from the PDF on the website. Still…you have to wonder why they cannot tell us true numbers or provide up to date information.

    V. Payments to Foreclosure Victims
    Approximately $1.5 billion of the settlement funds will be allocated to compensation to borrowers
    who were foreclosed on after January 1, 2008. These borrowers will be notified of their right to
    file a claim. Borrowers who were not properly offered loss mitigation or who were otherwise
    improperly foreclosed on will be eligible for a uniform payment, which will be approximately
    $2000 per borrower depending on level of response. Borrowers who receive payments will not
    have to release any claims and will be free to seek additional relief in the courts. Borrowers may
    also be eligible for a separate restitution process administered by the federal banking regulators

  56. Chris,

    Yes very confusing. Did you by any chance get to read the Monitor’s report? Now that is confusing. It shows you a break down of which bank owes for each state. When I asked NMS they had no idea what I was talking about. If you have WF for example and live in PA, it showed 3 borrowers getting approximately $25,000.00 in lieu of deed!! WTH does that mean. You should check it out. Maybe you can make some sense of the report.

  57. Dawn
    I clicked on the state of CA and looked at the spreadsheet. What I got from it was different situations that were not “foreclosures resulting in the loss of a home”. They appear to be discussing what other homeowners received in relief such as forbearances-liens-modifications etc but not actual cash settlements, if that makes sense. There were other funds designated to help those who were still in their homes so this reflects the numbers of each situation the banks provided relief to.

  58. Chris,

    Thank you that makes sense. I wish they would start giving us answers. Were you involved with IFR?

  59. New update on NMS website now says that checks will be mailed mid-2013. They removed the mid to late May statement. Now who knows when we’ll get our checks.

  60. Dawn-I was not involved in the IFR but know many that were and got $300 for the hell they were put through. They are continuing to review the other mortgage companies which will eventually pay those under the 5 mortgage companies not included in the IFR.
    I was with GMAC now Ally. They have no idea when those reviews will be completed.
    One big bungled mess and we sit here without the homes we put our money into and so much work to keep them maintained or improved.
    I am not holding out for anything of any substance from the future IFR. Can’t even depend on the NMS check to amount to anything…let alone replace the home I spend 15 yrs in only to have them robosign documents even though it was protected under a bankruptcy. So much underhanded, illegal and unethical practices and we got shit on a shingle as my Dad would say LOL Just have to keep some humor and be thankful I am not living on the streets after all that they did.

  61. I am in the boat as you Chris. Damn GMAC/Ally and the IFR trying to now say that they are protected under bankruptcy laws and we will have to wait in line behind other creditors. A judge has still not ruled on it. Just hoping to get the payment from the National Mortgage settlement soon and hold it in my hand. It might make me feel OK foe a second.

  62. I just spoke with Theresa McMillion with Mr.Parks office. I told her the call center is not helpful, the information changes from day to day and WE want to know the following
    1. When are checks being mailed.
    2. What is the amount of the check we will receive.
    3. How did they calculate the amount of the checks.

    or they will be overrun by calls, emails and letters. I told her all calls are going to start coming to her office, Mr. Parks office and Mr. Hollands office.She was not happy with that! lol

    She took my phone number and name and stated she would have someone call me. Will she? Who knows. If not, I will keep calling all of them until I get an answer not read of some script.

    I suggest everyone call to get our point across. It will light a fire under them to either post something real and truthful or they will have to hire people to answer their corporate phones!

  63. I see that now Patti! What a disappointment! That is just crazy. I expected to have it by the end of May as they said.

  64. Here are the responses I received today in my email.

    This should be answered by Amy and we transferred an email to her from others
    calling the 800 number for the OCC hotline inquiring about the same.

    Sent from my iPad

    James M. Parks, SVP
    Rust Consulting, Inc.
    612.359.2923 direct
    612.770.7584 mobile

    Payments on valid claims are expected to be made in mid-2013, however no specific date is known at this time. You may visit the settlement website located at http://www.nationalmortgagesettlement.com periodically for updates on when the checks will be mailed.

    Thank you.

    Settlement Administrator

  65. Chris, thank you!!! I will start calling too! When are they going to send the checks out? the question seems so simple. Maybe Rust is trying to make sure that the checks don’t bounce….

  66. This is on the Minnesota AG website.. Notice they were informed checks will not go out until late May or June.
    Is anyone on the same page!?

    The national mortgage settlement is administered by a National Settlement Administrator named Rust Consulting, based in Faribault, Minnesota. We were told that the National Settlement Administrator would be sending checks out on or about May 20, 2013. Unfortunately, we have now been informed that the National Settlement Administrator will not be sending out checks to eligible borrowers who submitted timely claims until late May or June 2013. Because this is a national settlement, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office does not have any ability to speed up this process.

  67. Chris,
    I like your style. My grandmother always said if you need information go to the top don’t start at the bottom. You rock. Thank you.

  68. Chris,

    HAHA yes must keep our sense of humor. Julie Johnson NMS emailed and Jim Parks Rust, he said I should receive something from Amy Lake moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@ekala, would be contacting me, and here is another email address that was CC’d in my email Scott Fenwick moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@kciwnefs no idea who he is, but I guess the more emails and phone numbers we have the better. I will start emailing and calling just because I just want a straight answer. They know more then they are saying!!!!!

    KEEP a :) on your face

  69. If we band together we are much stronger in getting accurate answers.
    Call, call and call.
    Email until they can’t take it anymore.
    They want spam….happy to give them all they can handle lol
    I always start at the top and then they can let it roll down hill lol

    Thank you everyone for getting on board with pressuring these people.

  70. I am going to call Mr. Parks mobile number since he appears to be out of the office.
    Maybe he can take a break from his afternoon martini and give me an answer but I will leave him a voice mail message with my questions and a date I expect to hear from him personally.
    Can you imagine having your mobile number made public to 750k pissed off borrowers who lost their homes and can’t get answers when settlement checks are coming OMG….

  71. They did update the website with todays date with the BS vague check information. Mr Parks will not like my very pointed email regarding bogus excuses. I can call and bug any one any time. My toasties are frosted now. I’m a barracuda and I am engaged and focused.
    Point me.

  72. Lisa…you go girl! I am right there with ya…We need to show them what focused adds up to lol

  73. This goes out hourly to them 24/7-love automated emails!

    In speaking with many other borrows who are entitled to compensation of the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement of 1.5 million dollars, it is clear the Rust Consulting call center is unable to answer any questions. They simply read from a script and/or blatantly lie to the borrowers.
    If it was not enough to be victimized by the mortgage companies, we are now being victimized by Rust Consulting and their inability to perform their obligation to oversee the settlement.
    We have asked very simple and pointed questions, only to be referred to the AG offices. The AG offices refer borrowers back to Rust Consulting stating they have the answers and in fact provide the AG office with information and updates even though it is very slow coming to them. They also state they would like the borrows to know the status of settlement checks and in no way have ever stated otherwise to Rust Consulting.

    We have compiled telephone numbers, email addresses and office addresses for Rust Consulting in our effort to ascertain what the truth is regarding the following. It is highly unlikely Rust Consulting would take great pleasure in being the recipient of 750k calls from angry, frustrated and victimized borrowers who no longer have homes.

    With all due respect, it is time to provide the following information to us by updating the National Mortgage Website with the following information.

    1. When will checks be issued.
    2. What will the amount of the checks be.
    3. How many claim forms were mailed out.
    4. How many claim forms were returned to include claims filed online.

    In all fairness, the stalling, deceitful answers and lack of information by your call center has done nothing more than to antagonize borrowers simply requesting straight forward answers.

    We will continue to call, email and write to include copying our AG offices nationally and contacting our State officials about your deliberate and ongoing intentions to withhold information we are entitled to. It is unfortunate, Rust Consulting does not take a more pro active approach in this situation.

    We look forward to receiving the above information in the immediate future.

  74. Chris,
    I think I am also going to email Elizabeth Warren. She’s been eating the justice department and the OCC alive as to why they have not criminally prosecuted these banks. She is hated by big money and by people that can be bought.
    This is more than criminal in my estimation when they prosecute every day citizens on flimsey evidentiary support just to make examples of them. Sen Warren wants the banks to be criminally charged for all this paper suffle and hosing every day working people.
    She’s not my senator but she cares and mine do not

  75. This is the response I got from James Parks.He things we are calling the wrong number. What a fricking moron! I responded in telling him we are calling the right number and all we get is the run around. See what he does then. Idiots running the asylum!

    I assume these folks are calling the OCC line which do not have answers. Is the NMS line still live and should the AGs make sure they give them the correct number to call?

    Sent from my iPad

    James M. Parks, SVP
    Rust Consulting, Inc.
    612.359.2923 direct
    612.770.7584 mobile

  76. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/rust-p … 2013-05-08

    Rust Consulting, the paying agent for the Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) Payment Agreement, said today that a clerical error led to some borrowers in the May 3, 2013, wave of payments being sent checks for less than the amount that the Federal Reserve directed those borrowers to be paid. Rust has corrected the error and plans to mail supplemental checks to affected borrowers as soon as May 17, 2013, for the additional amounts they were to be paid. A letter explaining the reason for the supplemental check will accompany the supplemental check.

    In the wave of settlement payments mailed on May 3, 2013, approximately 96,000 borrowers whose loans were serviced by Goldman Sachs (Litton Loan Servicing LP) and Morgan Stanley (Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.) were affected by the error. The remaining borrowers mailed checks on May 3, 2013 were not affected by the error.

    The correct total payment amounts are listed on the Federal Reserve Board’s website at http://www.federalreserve.gov/consumeri … 0429a1.pdf.

  77. I’m on board too! Already emailed the Rust VP’s. Next is my state AG and Senators and Congress Representatives!

    United we Stand!

    Thanks Chris for the info! Will be making daily calls too! :)

  78. Jennifer,
    We need to overwhelm them with calls and emails to get our point across. This has gone on far too long and they need to be held accountable and come up with answers.
    Thank you for your support.
    We can do this!

  79. Unknown,
    That information is pertaining to the IFR, not the National Mortgage Settlement. They are completely separate settlements.
    Just goes to show you Rust Consulting is unable to process these payments as directed.
    Horrible service being provided and we just sit here waiting for them to lead us by the nose to some small token called a settlement.

  80. Chris,
    Neither one of the links posted by Unknown will open for me. I get the 404 page unknown or moved. I am glad you could tell they were IFR links.
    I had another site people were posting on that were part of both settlements. You and everyone posting is correct. We need to inundate them nonstop and stick together.
    I will see if I can find that other link.

  81. Lisa,
    I could not open them either so I went searching for the article. Totally about the IFR payments.
    They get emails from me every hour on hour. lol
    I will call again tomorrow asking why I didn’t get that call back that they promised.
    I am documenting all of my communication with them and always cc the Ca. AG office so they are informed of the responses I get.

  82. Unknown,
    If they botched up the settlement under the IFR you can just imagine they will outdo themselves with the National Mortgage Settlement checks.
    If we as claimants do not question Rust Consulting and continue to make contact with them demanding answers we will be in the same situation as those who received the wrong amount in checks under the IFR settlement.
    It is disgusting that Rust Consulting is being paid to victimize foreclosure victims all over again!
    Thank you for the article…very revealing.
    I think that mess has delayed our checks and that is why the website went from mid May 2013 as the date to issue checks back to mid 2013. They have a big mess to clean up on the IFR checks first so we will be delayed no doubt!

  83. We got a measly $300 for the IFR…despite the fact we were in Ch7 bk when it all went down (love that “no appeals” stamped on the letter that came with the check.

    Not holding my breath we will get more than 1k from NMS. This is all a total crock of BS.

  84. The previous statement merely said that the payments would be mailed out by “mid-year 2013.” On April 22, the timetable was changed to “4 to 6 weeks.” It was recently modified yet again to say “mid to late May.”………Here we go again. The settlement’s website was just updated on 5/8/2013 to say checks would be mailed mid-2013 (instead of mid to late May). I don’t understand why there is so much deliberate confusion. Who are the morons that are maintaining these websites?

  85. @ N G I agree totally. This is insulting to the intelligence of everyone. This settlement is over 1 year old now. Each state that agreed to the settlement has already received their funds. It’s mind boggling that not one person has actually got a payment from the NMS settlement! Rust Consulting was chosen to oversee the IFR and NMS. They have screwed up the IFR payments right from the beginning. Who chose them to handle this? Why would they be selected to handle both? Most importantly, why do they keep changing dates for sending out payments? These are questions that deserve answers.

  86. Kim,

    Thank you for the other email addresses. I have added them to my email list and have sent out my email for the morning. Will keep sending emails until I get the answer that I am looking for. Here are some more emails to add to your list.

    jparks moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@skrapj, dholland moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@dnallohd, alake moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@ekala, sfenwick moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@kciwnefs, dmarotto moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@ottoramd, pvogel moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@legovp, mpotter moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@rettopm, ehudgens moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@snegduhe

    All from Rust

    moc.thgisrevoegagtromnull@ofni This is Joseph Smith the monitor for NMS.

    moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@jnosnhoJ Julie Johnson from Rust Settlement Administrator

    Have fun ALL let’s get the answers we deserve.

  87. I agree with the list, great job. I’m going to send one to all of them every hour starting now. Dont forget twitter people, thats a great way to get their attention too.

  88. I know exactly why there were “clerical errors” in sending out incorrect amounts on May 3, just like the first settlement IFR, where they NSF’d everyone lack of sufficient funds . . . do you know how much interest Rust Consulting receives by holding these monies in their accounts for even one or two days! There are no errors, just more ploys to stick it to us, and make every red cent they can off our money. Everyone, and anyone, in the chain of command at Rust Consulting, involved in these decisions to hold the monies and not transfer funds from the five banks coffers into their central payment fund so these checks cleared AS WRITTEN to everyone ON THE DAY THEY WERE WRITTEN. . .should be indicted and serve time in a Federal Prison for racketeering. I know I am not depositing my secondary check for the NMS for several days until I hear all the news reports settle about their being “Non sufficient funds” again from RUST CONSULTING!

  89. I’ve been doing the same. Great job standing together! I am now a disabled Vet. My Independent Foreclosure review check was for $800. Not even close to my category. I was on active duty etc. And quite strange Wells Fargo Never Once would reply to my 100 plus request for even a call back in 5 years, BUT finally sent me a package Right before I received that check. Hmm… And they stated fraudulent information, especially about my military service dates. Those dates cannot be made up. Anyway, pushing forward and keeping the faith. Good luck everyone!!

  90. Rust still hasnt sent out all of the IFR checks they are holding out on the larger checks supposedly til sometime in the summer. So, excuses are being laid out for the national mort checks because rust was used for both payouts of the settlements. So therefore any interest gained between now and august will cover the amounts for the final IFR checks and national mort checks if we get anything @ all. Thats just my opinion. But watch my guess is that they will blame paying these people reading scripts to us over the phone that there isnt anymore $ left,lol. Their so desperate for a new excuse….. this sucks that we all are just sitting ducks checking the mailbox.

  91. Kelly,

    That is a good scenario but they can not use our settlement money to pay their employees. Also, they should not have the same employees sending out checks for both settlements. From what I have read on their web site, they are a very big company and should have separate departments on each settlement. I don’t want to give them any ideas but what if their employees send out the wrong checks to the wrong settlement recipient. That may be their next excuse :(

    Getting more nerve racking the more I think about it. Looks like more time in therapy!!!!

  92. ACTION::::::: It’s time to end Too Big To Fail::::By Sherrod Brown, U.S. Senator

    To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

    Give Wall Street megabanks a choice: Carry enough capital to cover your own losses, or downsize until you’re no longer a threat to American taxpayers.

    Petition Background
    Big Wall Street megabanks are still putting American taxpayers at risk. Big banking institutions like Bank of America and Citibank carry more assets than they have capital to cover. That means that if those assets go south, the banks can’t recover on their own. And when a bank’s failure means the failure of the American economy, the taxpayers are forced to step in. It’s called “Too Big To Fail.” It should also be called “too risky for the American economy” and “too reckless to continue.”

    This is the practice that brought our economy to the brink once before. That’s why I have a new, bipartisan plan to end Too Big To Fail, and break up Wall Street megabanks for good. It would require that banks carry enough capital to cover their own losses, or force them to downsize so that they are no longer a risk to the American economy.

    This is a common sense solution — but I need all of us to help. So sign your name today, and make sure members of Congress know that you’re in favor of the ending “Too Big to Fail.”
    There are currently 91,710 signatures


  93. Dawn, they shouldnt be able to use our settlement money but if you remember over 2million was used for supposed reviews of individual home loans so therefore instead of 125,000 to each we recved a ridiculous amount 400.00 for the IFR. Then to give this money to the banks that we had contracts with and allow them to distribute and decide what amount of suffering we all experienced. Trust me they can do anything they want to do, legal or not. Once my opinion. Therapy!!! Thats a thought,lol. My therapy now is if i cant pay cash for it i definantly will never, i mean never finance a home or anything else for that matter.

  94. Kim A -

    Thank you for those e-mail addresses. I sent a message to them all.

    I received a phone message and e-mails from one of them. The below are direct quotes from him to my question as to whether the change in payment date from “mid 2013″ to “mid to late May” and now back to “mid-2013″ meant a change and delay in payments.

    “The information on the website is the most current information I can provide to you at this time”

    “We will post a further update on timing as soon as we have it confirmed.”

    When I asked for a clearer answer, I got this:

    “I certainly understand Mr. ____, and unfortunately I don’t have an exact date to provide. The original verbiage on the website should not have been changed from the “mid-2013” language, however we are close to having a final schedule, and would just ask that you watch the website or feel free to follow up with me, and I will share any new information that I can.”

    I hope this gets better, but this does not sound like progress toward receiving our checks in the next couple of weeks like I thought.

  95. I again agree and was speaking with a lady at my bank. The amount of interest they are getting by holding checks actually makes me ill. There is not one excuse for Any delay in sending out ALL of the checks. It’s actually quite simple – print and mail. Seriously they have had more than enough time to review and do the math. If they still have issues, then why were they given the privilege of taking this on? It’s pure incompetence to me And should be corrected immediately. We are talking about fraudulent activity. Where are Our rights? We have a voice and should be heard. Our President and Congress need to make this happen now. I’m sorry, but I am a little frustrated. I want a home. I have been living out of a suitcase for over a year and have been quite ill. I served my country for 24 years Active and reserve. I was called to active duty and received orders from MI to DC and after two years stationed there I find out on the Internet that I lost my home. Wells Fargo never even contacted me or even bothered to tell my everyday that I called them. I honored my military commitment as I promised I would and enjoyed doing so. However, had I ignored them I would have been AWOL and put in jail. Held accountable. No excuses. But seriously, why is it that these companies are not held to these same standards as the rest of us to abide the law? Every day we hear more and more wrongdoings by them. I’m sorry I just don’t understand why they are not completely shut down. Shame on them all. This is all so very sad.

  96. Kelly,

    I hear ya!! I will never do it again, I have 2 children one is already out on his own now, and only one left at home, which is going off to college in a couple years, what would I do with a house all by myself??

    BTW I don’t know much about the IFR since I wasn’t involved with the settlement. I think you all should have received the same amount like they are doing with NMS.

  97. So I submitted a claim form for the NMS. Not sure what rust is doing since they only have to cut the checks for us. Why is this such a mystery?? They changed the time 3 times on when we are getting refunded. Not that I will get my house back but $2000.00 would be nice since we have been waiting years. Hope these checks are good, not like the IFR.

  98. Don’t flame me, I am/was in the same boat as you all are and am waiting for my settlement check as well.

    I had to file bankruptcy after losing my job that led me to losing my home that I lived in for 12 years, I built it.

    We all went through a hard time in one way or another, losing a job, ballon payments, high interest rates, EXTREMELY UNDERWATER. Many of us built a life in our homes and it was devastating to lose them. It’s even more devastating to lose them the way many of us did. Greed cost us all……greed by the banks that is.

    I’ve read many, if not all comments here, and several of you are swearing off buying a new home. I can understand the trepidation you all have. Homeownership is the AMERICAN dream, you can’t let this HUGE setback deter you from that dream.

    I’m not trying to sway you into buying a home, but be open to it. We bought a “new” house in Nov. 2010, of course it had to be in my wife’s name, but we love the home and are so glad we did (except for the idiots at the homeowner’s association). So don’t give up. With new regulations and home prices where they should be, it can be the AMERICAN dream once again.

  99. Chris and Co,
    Fenwick called me today with the same yakity yak about the verbiage on the website. I was told to call the toll free number. I also asked if they aren’t the deciding group on when checks are cut who exactly is in control of that decision making. That’s when he told me to continue to call the 800 number. Total and complete BS.

  100. “Checks totaling 1.5 billion in compensation from five top U.S. lenders in the National Mortgage Settlement “are expected to be mailed mid-2013,” according a timetable that has been changed three times in as many weeks by administrators of the $25 billion, one-year-old agreement” Three times in three weeks!! Who is holding Rust Consulting responsible for this? The AG’s for each state say it’s not in their control. Then who is in control of this? It’s irresponsible and negligent of Rust Consulting. There needs to be accountability.

  101. Terry J. Thank you for the inspiration. Great positive outlook on life you have. I really needed that today! Thank you for that ;)

  102. Also, if I had not been transferred to DC I would have never had the opportunity to appreciate and really like it there. Never thought I would. It is actually a beautiful city and I loved living in Northern VA. So maybe things do happen for a reason. Im Trying to make something good, see something good out of all of this. I can’t change anything, so why should I waste the energy to get upset? Still I truly wish everyone the best!

  103. Well I received some new information today from Anita at the 866-430-8358 number, yes they work for Rust, and they extended the online date to February 15, 2013, which I think is a complete lie, but that is what Anita told me. That is why it is taking so long to get the checks out because they are still counting or tallying applicants. Such BS….but that will not stop me from calling again.

  104. I also got a call from Supervisor Ryan from the call center. He said he had to read from the same script and was aware I had sent letters. I told him he was wasting his time and mine and more letters are coming and all are going to be copied to the AG office and posted online for all claimants to see what mess they have made of this.
    I will be calling Mr. Parks again tomorrow and sending mass emails again.
    The more we become a pain in their asses, the faster they will tell us the truth and stop playing these games with people who do not deserve another kick in the ass.
    So sick of this!

  105. This just crazy that they paid the states AG offices last year and we the people that were the basis of the lawsuit have received nothing and really if and when we do it will not be enough to compensate us for the loss of our homes and equity. Really people we got taken to the cleaners on this settlement and the states who sued on our behalf, because without us there would be no reason for the states to have sued these banks, got the bulk of the monies from this. The banks are now selling off the loans of the people they are supposed to modify so that they wont even have to follow through on that part of the settlement. Who agreed to this pittance on my behalf because I think that if they had done a little research on this we would be getting compensated a lot more.

  106. Well stated rhondainmo!
    All we can do is keep on them until they get sick of hearing from us.

  107. I am so glad I found this website and forum. I am with all of you. We really do need to get all over Rust Consulting and not allow them to run all over us like the mortgage companies did.
    I called the so called information number so many times I finally gave it up. Same old jerking you around, no answers, doesn’t know who is in charge, who they get information from, or where we can go for answers. Let’s face it folks, one girl at the call center said….she has no more information than we do and has no idea what is on the website. She also said if she didn’t need her job she would not keep working for them. She was very nice but said the same thing the rest of them said…I don’t know, I don’t have that information, we get the information when they want us to have it. She also did not know about their own website information and could not explain why the check date keeps changing.
    I have all the addresses and will keep on them in addition to contacting my Senator and the AG office. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this.
    Maybe we should have a peaceful protest outside of Rust Consulting offices and call center.
    Maybe the media needs to know what they are doing to us. Insult to injury. They should be so ashamed of what they are doing at our expense.

  108. AJ you are so right the media dose need to know about this and we should be getting answers …

  109. Maybe we can send emails to CNN and a few others. I think this needs to be on the television news, not just the newspapers.
    I will get information if I can on who we can contact about this mess.

  110. http://pac.signon.org/sign/action-its-t … 58-IEw3NOx

    To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

    Give Wall Street megabanks a choice: Carry enough capital to cover your own losses, or downsize until you’re no longer a threat to American taxpayers.

    Petition Background
    Big Wall Street megabanks are still putting American taxpayers at risk. Big banking institutions like Bank of America and Citibank carry more assets than they have capital to cover. That means that if those assets go south, the banks can’t recover on their own. And when a bank’s failure means the failure of the American economy, the taxpayers are forced to step in. It’s called “Too Big To Fail.” It should also be called “too risky for the American economy” and “too reckless to continue.”

    This is the practice that brought our economy to the brink once before. That’s why I have a new, bipartisan plan to end Too Big To Fail, and break up Wall Street megabanks for good. It would require that banks carry enough capital to cover their own losses, or force them to downsize so that they are no longer a risk to the American economy.

    This is a common sense solution — but I need all of us to help. So sign your name today, and make sure members of Congress know that you’re in favor of the ending “Too Big to Fail.”
    There are currently 91,710 signatures

  111. This from Sherrod Brown website. Everyone please sign and if possible post to your FB. There is also a spot for comment leave him a comment on the abject failure of the Mortgage settlements.

  112. I sent a request to Rachel Maddow along with our request to bring the problems with Rust Consulting to the forefront. I provided the names of all the people at Rust Consulting we have asked questions of and explained we are being stonewalled and blatantly lied to by the call center.
    I hope she will pick up the story.
    Signed the petition!

  113. Our individual AG’s offices should be doing something about Rust – or at LEAST getting a TRUE explanation as to WHY Rust insists on withholding these funds from eligible respondents! Rust has no respect for us so writing and calling them is just a waste of time! Rust IS the golden goose – they have been given all the power with the blessing of Congress and the White House. Many AG’s offices have stated they have no say in what Rust is doing (Michigan EVEN POSTED THIS FACT ON THEIR AG’S WEBSITE!!) Let’s face it; Rust is the new powerhouse – the White House is ……just a house.


  115. Thanks all for the email info. Just emailed all of them myself however got an auto reply from JParks, he is on Vacation. OHHH How nice. Wish I could take my family on vactation.

  116. This is the cell number for James Parks. He is on vacation until the 10th of May .
    If you can send a text then by all means I am sure he can get it because he has an iphone. I know this because he sent me an email from it.
    I sent a text
    Where are our checks for the National Mortgage Settlement.
    Quit stonewalling claimants and provide answers

    It is not a waste of time contacting these people. If you sit an do nothing then you cannot be heard. If we stick together and show them we are coming together it WILL make a difference.
    Look at how the 99 group came together from a small grass roots movement to a national movement.

  117. Cell numbers for Rust Consulting Executives who are involved in the National Mortgage Settlement contract with the AG offices.

    Send them a text or two

    Daniel Marotto 415 609 6179 He is in the San Francisco office
    Eric Hudgens 612 359-2041
    James Parks 612 770-7584 He is the Chief Exec Officer assigned to the NMS
    Matthew Potter 612 396-8325
    Paul Vogel 612 359-7464

  118. Hi RJ I think I am going to send Mr. Parks a text. Ruin his vacation. Must be nice to be on vacation while all of us sit and wait. Bet he is using some of the money it looks like Rust has been taking.

  119. I contacted the Ben Hallman of the Huffington Post and Donna Borak of American Banker. They have both been tracking Rust Consulting and the continual problems with the settlement.
    Yes, texting is easy and you know they are getting it. Mr. Parks needs to enjoy that nice vacation. lol
    I sent one to everyone of them and sent copies of my letter to the press and television media. Someone might pick this story up.
    I also posted my letter on the facebook page of the Ca. State Attorney Generals office asking that she get to the bottom of this.

  120. I just texted Parks and asked him why hes on vacation when theres checks that need to be sent out and that his people have no right to sit on our money this long. LOL ruin his vacation people!

  121. RJ,
    Good idea. I also sent copy of my letters and emails to Huffington Post and to Joseph Smith of the oversight committee.
    Texting messages to everyone of the Rust Consulting executives. Hope they have a nice weekend!
    How do these people sleep at night! No conscience, no concern and just as greedy as the banks. Might as well have handed these funds over to some foreign country.

  122. LMAO Kari. HAHAHA TOO FUNNY!!! needed a good laugh. I sent a text to him also while he is on vacation. However I think I am going to revise mine a bit.

  123. You know what people, this whole thing is a joke. We got played. There is nothing we can do. They know it. The system is not built for us to make changes quickly. Its only set up so they can do what they want when they want. Thats really the truth. We dont have an attorney, we cant protest because nothing will happen. Big media is not even talking about it hardly. Only thing left is to pull all your money out of the big banks. Start a CASH only revolution. Throw all the plastic away, that is what we can do to start hurting them. I like that idea CASH ONLY NO BIG BANKING.

  124. The Attorney Generals office is “our” attorney.
    C-you want to throw in the towel, it is your choice.
    As for me, not going to get victimized for a second time.
    I don’t give a crap who they are.

  125. I just called The good ole call center and made a video which I am editing to take my name and telephone number off (for obvious reasons). It is very clear they will never tell us anything and will continue to read from a script. Hope Rust Consulting enjoys it! They look really stupid!
    Please help me make it go viral to get the word out.
    I will post it shortly.

  126. TO -C-, thats what the big banks and their lapdogs want you to think and feel. Dont for a minute believe them. They spend a lot of money on studies and know exactly how to wear you down and what actions on their part will have the most negative impact on you and your mindset. Yes it is a game to the banks and Rust consulting is part of that game. We as American citizens still enjoy the freedom of speech and as single voices we are not very loud but as united group of voices we are much louder and can impact our country. Imagine if everyone you know makes a change to credit unions, paying cash for our purchases, not to use the big banks for any single purchase. Talk to friends and family we can make a difference, yes we may never know the joy of home ownership again but we will know that we stood up for basic American rights granted to us from our forefathers who had the long term goal of looking out for all of us.

  127. Please forward the video.It is so simple but you can’t change the responses given to me in this video. I have posted it on the CA. AG Facebook page and have sent it to as many media outlets I could find.
    It is so clear what is going on here and the ongoing stonewalling we are getting over and over again.
    I am hardly done with this fight. They took so much from me, they are not going to take away my drive or ambition to bring this to the attention of every person who got run over by the mortgage industry and banks.
    Keep it going, please keep it going!

  128. rhondainmo,
    That is good information! Article very enlightening also.
    I don’t think Rust Consulting cares one way or the other but I think the 750k claimants care a great deal about what is not being done on our behalf.
    Thank you for the info!!

  129. Yes we do and we need to keep digging because this is crazy stuff. I want to know who owns SOURCE HOV. Will keep digging. And yes you are correct we dont mean crap to Rust other than a paycheck, but they are accountable to someone else, and maybe knowing who that someone is will give us some more answers to why this payout has taken so long.

  130. RJ: you have published my personal cell phone number as James Parks number. THIS IS INCORRECT, AND I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING DOZENS OF TEXTS AND PHONE CALLS. I cannot tell you how inconvenient this is, or how angry I am. CHECK YOUR FACTS BEFORE PUBLISHING INFORMATION ON PUBLIC OUTLETS, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  131. It is owned by many, many shareholders and is many,many different corporations operating under the same umbrella.

    SourceHOV Announces CEO and President Succession

    DALLAS, Aug. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SourceHOV announced today the retirement of Ed Bowman and the appointment of Stephen Grieco as the new CEO and President, effective August 31, 2011.

    Ed Bowman had been CEO and President of SOURCECORP since 1995 when the company was in the early stages of formation and led the company through multiple acquisitions, divestitures and the recent merger with HOV Services to create SourceHOV, in May 2011. Mr. Bowman will continue to serve as a special advisor to the company.

    Mr. Bowman said, “This is the right time to make a transition of leadership responsibilities because the merger of SOURCECORP and HOV Services is complete, creating an industry leader; SourceHOV integration activities are proceeding well; and we are beginning the planning for our next phase of strategic growth and value creation. Steve will be an excellent leader for the experienced, proven and committed management team, and he has my enthusiastic support.”

    “We are grateful for Ed’s leadership and guidance over the past 16 years, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Ed for many years to come,” said Marc Becker , co-chairman of the board of SourceHOV.

    Grieco is an accomplished global executive with more than 26 years experience at Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI),holding multiple senior management positions with extensive background in document management solutions, business/professional services and international operations. Most recently he served as President of Pitney Bowes US Mailing Operations, the company’s largest business unit. Previously, he held a number of increasingly senior operational management positions overseas, spending more than 10 years of his career developing and growing key emerging markets including Asia, Europe and UK. Grieco holds a Bachelors degree from Seton Hall University. He also received his JD in Law from Seton Hall University.

    “We are excited to have Steve, with his extensive global background, to lead us through the next stage of the Company’s development,” said Par Chadha, co-chairman of the board of SourceHOV. “The Board of Directors selected Steve based on his strong execution skills, his ability to lead high-performing global operations, and his foundational expertise in go to market strategies,” added Becker.

    “I am honored to be joining the company following the recent merger that has created the catalyst for the next phase of growth and value for our clients, employees and shareholders,” said Grieco. “I look forward to working with the Board, the talented and valued SourceHOV employees globally and to focusing on the needs of our loyal client/partner base to drive our investments and priorities.”

    About SourceHOV®

    SourceHOV has revenues of $500 million and is one of the largest pure play BPO and specialty consulting companies in the industry, serving customers in more than half of the Fortune 100® with deep domain expertise, including document centric applications, in Healthcare Payer and Provider, Finance and Banking, Public Sector, Publishing, Legal, Insurance, Manufacturing and Commercial industries, including specialized consulting services for construction management, tax benefits, legal claims settlements and economic consultancy. The company’s global workforce is now more than 14,200 employees operating from approximately 80 delivery centers in 6 countries including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, India, China and the Philippines.

    SOURCE SourceHOV

  132. Chris!
    I sent the video to the AG office. Each time I called them they didn’t seem to believe that Rust Consulting was not, refusing to give answers….NOW they will believe me and all the other people calling them.
    Your right…those people in that call center are just a bunch of little mushrooms being fed scripts when Rust Consulting feels like giving them an update.
    Simple but gives the whole darned picture.
    Thanks for getting that out there. Hope it goes viral to all the people involved in this mess!

  133. Shoot! Pasted the wronhttp://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/05/more-foreclosure-settlement-fiascoes-rust-consulting-underpays-some-harmed-borrowers.htmlg link.

  134. Citi Bank! They are one of the biggest offenders of the mortgage crisis. What a bunch of scumbags!

  135. Moderator of this site:

    Please either correct RJ’s references to James Parks’ phone number, or take down this entire comment section IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

  136. M: 612.770.7584 is the CORRECT number for Parks.
    Very sorry for the typo. It WAS NOT intentional!

  137. RJ where did you make a typo I only see 612-770-7584

    WOW so much has happened on this site today sorry I missed all the excitement, it was prom night for the kiddies :)

    Chris great video BTW I posted it on my facebook

  138. RJ
    I went back and looked and you didn’t make an error with the phone number for James Parks. Someone must have taken it down wrong and sent to this persons number. I am sure it was just a mistake but you did not make it. I even checked the Rust Consulting web page and you have the correct number.

    Thanks for posting the video. I really feel strongly our experience with this call center has to be shown for what it really is and that it is useless to anyone calling for information. It is just a front making the oversight committee think they are giving us info when in fact we know that is just one big lie!

  139. Editor’s Note:
    We corrected the initial phone number posted on some of the comments. eCreditDaily truly appreciates the exchange among our readers and we understand the emotions stirred by this issue. But please be careful when posting phone numbers or other contact information.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    John Belmonte

  140. Are your mortgage modification terms worth continuing!!!

    Financially strapped homeowners who are close to foreclosure may want to face the music now rather than continuing to struggle with their monthly payments. There’s a high probability of losing the house anyway, even with the government’s help.

    According to a new report, people who take advantage of a key federal program to modify their mortgages in an effort to save their homes are defaulting “at an alarming rate.”

    The report from the special inspector general for the Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program doesn’t say why an inordinately high percentage of owners who take part in the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, are unable to maintain their loan modifications. The report says only that the longer owners remain in the program, the more likely they are to default again.

    Fee-laden FHA mortgages cost more than privately insured loans

    Despite rate increases, flood insurance is worth the cost

    Loan underwriters make ‘absurd’ demands in effort to verify data

    Even with permanently reduced loan payments, the number of owners who are “redefaulting” is rising, the inspector general says.

    At the end of the first quarter of 2013, the report found, nearly half the oldest of the HAMP modifications, from the third and fourth quarters of 2009, were going back into default.

    Specifically, 46% of the HAMP mods made in the third quarter of 2009 redefaulted and 39% from the fourth quarter flunked out. Even mods from 2010 had failure rates as high as nearly 38%, the report says.

    As of March 31, of the 1.28 million owners whose loans were modified under HAMP, more than 312,000 have gone into default again. And when that happens, the consequences are severe.

    Owners who cannot sustain their reworked loans and fall out of HAMP are left with the terms of the original mortgage. And as such, they are responsible for making up the difference between the original loan payment and the lower HAMP loan payment.

    Not only can the back payment be substantial, the inspector general advises, but already distressed owners can be hit with late fees on both the principal and interest that weren’t paid during the modification period.

    In some instances, the report cautions, redefaulting borrowers can end up owing more than they did before their loans were modified.

    The Obama administration’s signature housing support program, HAMP was created in 2009 to help owners avoid preventable foreclosure by encouraging the companies that administer their mortgages — so-called loan servicers — to find ways to lower their payments.

    Under the program, which was recently extended until Jan. 1, 2016, borrowers with loans made before 2009 whose monthly payments for principal, interest, taxes and insurance are more than 31% of their gross income are eligible. Generally, servicers reduce the borrower’s interest rate or extend the loan term to bring the payment down to an affordable and sustainable level.

    As a last resort, but only with the agreement of the investor that owns the loan and is the ultimate recipient of the principal and interest you pay every month, servicers may also forgive some of the amount still owed on the mortgage.

    But HAMP doesn’t subsidize troubled borrowers. Rather, it provides financial incentives to mortgage servicers that work with borrowers. More than $4 billion of the $7.3 billion in federal funds spent on housing support programs during the housing crisis was spent under HAMP alone.

    That raises the question of whether some servicers may be modifying loans they know will eventually fail just to earn fees from Uncle Sam. No one seems to have addressed that issue. But previous research yielded some interesting findings.

    For example, a study a few years back from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found

    that the greater the payment reduction, the less the rate of recidivism. But many loan mods don’t lower the payment. Rather, many result in higher payments and higher balances because the payments owed plus any penalties and fees are added to the outstanding balance without changing other terms of the loan.

    On the other hand, the study found that the lowest redefault rates occurred when the payment reduction was paired with principal reduction. In other words, the servicer agreed to forgive some of what was owed. When their principal is reduced, the study found, problematic borrowers are four times less likely to default again.

    Other studies from the University of North Carolina and the Boston and Atlanta Federal Reserve Banks had similar findings: There’s a high correlation between redefaulting and loan mods in which the payments are stretched out and the debt is deferred — but not reduced.

    So the message for underwater borrowers considering a loan modification is this: Unless your servicer offers to rework your loan in such a way that you no longer owe more than the house is worth, think hard about what you are doing.

    Is there a real chance you can save your house? Or are you merely putting off the inevitable?

    http://www.latimes.com/business/realest … 9633.story

  141. This is off the MN State AG website. Now why is it that the call center is unable to tell us checks are now going out in June?!

    The national mortgage settlement is administered by a National Settlement Administrator named Rust Consulting, based in Faribault, Minnesota. The most recent information we have from the National Settlement Administrator is that the checks will be mailed in June 2013. Because this is a national settlement, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office does not have any ability to speed up this process.

  142. Chris
    And even more odd it is not on the National Mortgage Settlement website. These people-Rust Consulting are deceitful in every sense of the word.
    Not holding my breath for a check or any answers from Rust Consulting or their so called Executives vacationing on our dime!

  143. ifrmovie.com

    Please go to this website. It is another group banding together to fight for justice on everyone’s behalf who were robbed by the banks and mortgage companies.
    The more groups we become a part of the bigger our position will become!

  144. Rep’s from Rust consulting keep saying – You have no recourse with Rust Consulting. Checks are final; however you can hire your own attorney to fight with your individual banks. Ok we all know that. But how does that excuse them from producing our checks “correctly” and in a timely manner? Why are they not held accountable to the standards set forth? Why is it that they can not just be honest and tell us a true time frame? What is the big secret? I guess they need to hold off for as long as they can to continue to makes millions on the interest of the money they were hired and ordered to disburse to us. So we get chump change after illegal practices, while they make millions. So very sad. They were given this privilege and opportunity; however they have failed drastically. Shame on them!

  145. This is ridiculous. The payment will barely equal one monthly payment on the home they stole from me. And now we have to wait even longer? Forget it. I don’t think we will ever see any money to tell you the truth.

  146. Karen,

    I bet you’re right. Scary as it is. Probably the truth. Rust is right along side ALL the banks. They could careless what they are doing to us or our families. Karma… That’s about All I can say for now. I hope and pray we all get our fair share, but let them feel our pain. At least for a minute. Not trying to be evil! But Karma is a B—— maybe that will be our final justice…

  147. So Rust is in the governments pockets or our government is in Rust pockets, that explains why I’m not getting anything from Citi. I was told that even though foreclosure was initiated on me in 2009 and a clear criteria to be a part of settlement, I won’t be included. “I’m sorry its so confusing the terminology”. No its only confusing if you are trying to prove your point that not many people were harmed in the foreclosures, especially with Citi, especially since Rust have a interest in Citi. Wow this is so freaking crazy! To think they locked Martha Stewart up for insider info sharing. These cats are getting away with big time robbery.

  148. I will be calling Rust Consultings executive office this week and of course a video of what the corporate office has to say about their lack of information and inconsistent information. I want to know how the Minnesota AG office got the date of June 2013 from them but yet they do not put that date on the National Mortgage Settlement website.
    If anyone has questions they want included in the video,please post them and I will ask. The more we show they lie, manipulate the truth and intentionally deceit the borrowers the more we have to submit to Joseph Smith who heads the oversight committee.

  149. I’m calling BS on this. It’s been nearly five months since the deadline passed and they still have no idea of even the amount people are due? And what exactly do you consider “mid year ” it is May for Pete sake! I think they are just waiting for everyone to get done robbing the fund and then maybe we will get what’s left if we are lucky. I am disappointed but not surprised.

  150. This is from the Washington AG Website:
    They too have June 2013 but the National Mortgage Settlement website does not!
    Funny how some AG offices have this information and others do not.

    Approximately $1.5 billion of the funds recovered in the national settlement are being used to compensate borrowers who lost their home to foreclosure during the period of January 1, 2008, to December 31, 2011. The deadline to submit a claim form has now passed. If you have submitted a claim form, the Settlement Administrator will contact you if any additional information is needed to complete your claim.

    Checks to borrowers who submitted claim forms are expected to be mailed in June of 2013, but that date is subject to change. The exact amount of the payment to be made to each eligible claimant is not yet known but it is anticipated it will exceed the minimum payment of $840 that was indicated on the claim form.

    Please be aware that Rust Consulting is also the settlement Administrator for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) Independent’s Foreclosure Review Settlement (IFR).

  151. Has anyone received a reply to any text messages sent Mr. Parks ( I use “Mr.” Lightly here)

  152. Yes, he told me to call the Call Center and thought everyone was calling the wrong number! Sure…thousands of claimants are calling the wrong number!! His head is so far up his butt he needs his name on the back of his belt so he will know who he is when he gets it out LOL

    His office had Ryan, a Supervisor from the call center contact me…he read me the script!
    Can you say ignorant! Rust Consulting could care less what they are NOT doing but I imagine when enough noise is made about them….either Joseph Smith who heads the oversight committee or the media will bring some attention to them.

  153. We need a “watchdog” group to get involved. Media would be the best way to get our message out for all to see.

  154. Here is a thought, since Rust is owned by Citi what if they made a deal with the other banks to collect interest on our funds to recoup their losses from the settlement.

  155. “…either Joseph Smith who heads the oversight committee…”

    I called the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight on Friday and spoke to someone there who told me – to my amazement and disappointment- that their office has NOTHING to do with monitoring the NMS.

    She said their “oversight” function is the other part of the settlement – monitoring the banks to see how they are complying with the non-monetary requirements. She was clear that this office has NO oversight or control of Rust Consulting.

    So far, I have e-mailed all the Rust Consulting executives listed in comments above, my State Attorney General, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I intend to start calling Rust executives on Monday.

  156. Marty,
    Rust Consulting owns the call center and are the administrators for the millions of dollars in payment to claimants (borrowers who lost homes).
    Rust Consulting is the Administer for both the IFR and the NMS and it is their responsibility to keep claimants informed but they fail to do so. And refuse to do so by pushing callers back to the AG offices. The AG gets updated by Rust Consulting not the other way around.
    If you watch the video, it clearly shows Rust Consulting is in charge and the employee finally admits her employer is Rust Consulting and that is where the information comes from.
    Keep emailing and calling and I intent to continue to do the same. I have put the video out there on many, may media sights for exposure.

  157. Here is a statement made by Rust Consulting a the Senate hearing on the IFR checks that are still a mess. Tells you exactly what kind of ignorance is at work here.

    Consider this pious statement by David Holland of Rust Consulting, the firm responsible for sending out settlement checks, at the Senate Banking subcommittee hearings on the Independent Foreclosure Review earlier this week:

    Mr. Holland, Rust: We have a call center and we’re taking calls, you know, currently from people who have received the postcard notice as part of the settlement and now our first wave of checks that went out on Friday. So we do have a phone bank ready to answer any and all questions that we get from affected borrowers. We have on-site Spanish-speaking operators that can assist Spanish-speaking people, and there is a process by where we can use a third party to help translate I believe it’s up to 200 languages if somebody calls, you know, and has a language that we’re not supporting live with Spanish or English, and we can get an operator on the phone that can help them. In terms of the – your other question about, you know, are we making efforts to reach out to people? You know, we’ve had the data, the mailing data, for this group of people going back to the IFR and it went through several levels of mailing address correction that we performed. So when we had the settlement, we started with that address information and once again ran it through the national change of address database, and we’re mailing checks, you know, to the best address that we have currently. Some of those will be returned as undeliverable, and we will make other attempts to find better address information for those that are undeliverable. And there’s nothing in place yet, but we’ve had conversations about taking additional steps beyond what we’ve done in terms of address trace. We could implement an outbound calling program, e-mail blasts. There’s all sorts of things that may be available to us. Nothing’s set yet, but those discussions are happening.

    We’ll not trouble ourselves with how a call center that handles only two languages can have a backup service that can correctly determine which of the 200 other languages it professes to be able to handle can determine accurately which one is actually being spoken.

    In our post yesterday on botched IFR settlement, we mentioned how a law firm that was not even in the mortgage or foreclosure business got a settlement check for a woman it never heard of, and was then given a 30-minute run-around by Rust when it asked what it should do. That elicited reader comments of similar horror stories.

    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/04/more-foreclosure-review-fiasco-paying-agent-rust-consulting-sends-letters-to-different-addresses-than-on-borrower-letters-refuses-to-make-corrections.html#A046RM7o9yOCZyeX.99

  158. This is Rust Consulting bragging about the services it offers. Notice it says “phone scripts” created by their in-house experts!
    Experts?! LMAO

    Our in-house, 500 seat call center is managed by full-time, on-site staff trained to understand the specific needs of your project. Experienced customer service representatives (“CSRs”) consistently and professionally deliver the correct information. CSRs work from plain language phone scripts created by our in-house experts…

  159. These are all lawsuits of public record in Federal Court involving Rust Consulting. Wherever you see a (dft) a law suit was brought against them. Many are recent. They are from all over the country.Clearly not the folks you want handling your money! I have seen enough…why would they get this opportunity to handle millions of money?! Not even vetted as far as I am concerned.

    Rust Consulting (dft) ilndce 1:2011-cv-07346
    555 10/17/2011 10/19/2011
    Edwards v. Cook County Jail et al
    2 Rust Consulting Group, Inc. (3pd) mssdce 2:2002-cv-00857
    470 12/02/2002 09/30/2004
    International Paper, et al v. Dianna’s Claim, et al
    3 Rust Consulting Inc (clm) cacdce 2:2005-cv-07487
    790 10/18/2005 07/11/2008
    John Alba et al v. Papa John’s USA Inc et al
    4 Rust Consulting Inc (ip) txndce 3:2010-cv-00142
    710 01/27/2010 08/04/2011
    Spence et al v. Irving Holdings, Inc.
    5 Rust Consulting Inc (mov) txndce 3:1999-cv-01244
    850 05/28/1999 10/14/2003
    Gable v. Horizon Pharmacies, et al
    6 Rust Consulting Inc. (dft) ilndce 1:2011-cv-07191
    550 10/11/2011 12/22/2011
    Vinegar v. Kanovitz et al
    7 Rust Consulting Inc. (dft) mndce 0:2012-cv-02534
    442 10/03/2012 02/22/2013
    Raduenz v. Rust Consulting Inc.
    8 Rust Consulting LLC (dft) flsdce 1:2013-cv-21560
    440 04/25/2013 05/02/2013
    Brown v. Levine et al
    9 Rust Consulting, Inc (dft) candce 5:2011-cv-02611
    890 06/01/2011 06/28/2011
    Dayton v. Berns et al
    10 Rust Consulting, Inc (dft) candce 4:2012-cv-06448
    190 12/20/2012 03/25/2013
    Prutsman v. Rust Consulting, Inc et al
    11 Rust Consulting, Inc (dft) gasdce 4:2007-cv-00109
    370 07/26/2007 10/24/2007
    Futch v. Household Bank, N.A. et al
    12 Rust Consulting, Inc (3pd) mssdce 2:2002-cv-00857
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    International Paper, et al v. Dianna’s Claim, et al
    13 Rust Consulting, Inc. (misc) alndce 2:2003-cv-01500
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    14 Rust Consulting, Inc. (dft) arwdce 5:2006-cv-05038
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    15 RUST CONSULTING, INC. (dft) dcdce 1:2012-cv-01302
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    16 RUST CONSULTING, INC. (ip) dcdce 1:2004-cv-01639
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    17 RUST CONSULTING, INC. (ip) dcdce 1:2006-cv-00139
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    18 Rust Consulting, Inc. (dft) flsdce 1:2011-cv-24008
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    Disner et al v. United States of America et al
    19 Rust Consulting, Inc. (cc) gandce 1:2004-cv-00279
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    Life Insurance Co, et al v. Rust Consulting
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    21 Rust Consulting, Inc. (ip) gandce 1:2004-cv-03066
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    Columbus Drywall & Insulation, Inc. et al v. Masco Corporation et al
    22 Rust Consulting, Inc. (ip) gandce 1:2010-cv-02607
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    Grabowski et al v. Wackenhut Services, LLC
    23 Rust Consulting, Inc. (pla) gandce 1:2004-cv-01480
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    Rust Consulting v. Life Insurance Co, et al
    24 Rust Consulting, Inc. (ip) gasdce 2:2003-cv-00131
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    Cooper, et al v. Pacific Life Ins, et al
    25 Rust Consulting, Inc. (dft) ilsdce 3:2011-cv-01130
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    Allen v. Chapman et al
    26 Rust Consulting, Inc. (obj) mndce 0:2012-mc-00033
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    Beals v. Bank of America, NA et al
    27 Rust Consulting, Inc. (pla) mndce 0:2007-cv-00721
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    Rust Consulting, Inc. v. South Fifth Street Associates, LLC
    28 Rust Consulting, Inc. (pla) nysdce 1:2002-cv-03840
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    Rust Consulting v. HSBC Bank U.S.A.
    29 Rust Consulting, Inc. (dft) ordce 3:2009-cv-01185
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    30 Rust Consulting, Inc. (pla) tnwdce 2:2004-cv-02095
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    Rust Consulting v. Life Ins. Co. of GA, et al
    31 Rust Consulting, Inc. (ip) wvsdce 2:2006-cv-00612
    190 08/07/2006 04/28/2010
    The Kay Company, LLC et al v. Equitable Production Company et al

  160. Ladies and Gentlemen I am putting together an email to the press, any suggestions to add to my email.

    Jim, NO Answers from anyone day 3, 5-13-13 weekends not included.

    Good morning. I have not received a reply back from Amy Lake as you suggested in your email Wednesday. I have been calling the correct phone number 866-430-8358 that is on the NMS web site, they are not giving any information. I am not calling the OCC hotline. With the recent news report today in regards to the amounts to IFR recipients receiving the incorrect amounts, I am a little worried that myself and others that have been emailing and calling your company to get answers are being pushed to the side because you think you can walk all over us like the banks did. Suggestion please start giving straight forward answers and not pawning off to your employees. You are the SVP for Rust Consulting and should have answers.

    When are the checks going out?
    What is the amount we are receiving?

    Very simple questions. There are programs and spread sheets to determine how many, and the amounts. If the deadline was January 18, 2013 and it is now May 13, 2013 tomorrow will mark 83 business days since receiving all applicants that replied. I am sure you have more than 1-2 employees working on this, considering the case has been closed for a year since the courts ruling. Please just answer the questions, thank you.

  161. I send this email every day to Mr. Parks and the rest of the execs. I text it also. I am calling the Executive office today and making another video of what I am told there. I have also forwarded this letter to Rachel Maddow, Andeson Cooper, Joseph Smith who heads the oversight committee and posted it on many AG facebook pages. The youtube video I made has also been sent to all of the above and many media outlets, both blogs and newspapers.
    We just have to keep pressing for answers and exposing Rust Consulting. Did you see all the lawsuits Rust Consulting has been a defendant in? One is their own employee. Apparently, they treat their employees as badly as they do their claimants.

    Mr. Parks,
    In speaking with many other borrows who are entitled to compensation of the National Mortgage Settlement Agreement of 1.5 million dollars, it is clear the Rust Consulting call center is unable to answer any questions. They simply read from a script and/or blatantly lie to the borrowers.
    If it was not enough to be victimized by the mortgage companies, we are now being victimized by Rust Consulting and their inability to perform their obligation to oversee the settlement.
    We have asked very simple and pointed questions, only to be referred to the AG offices. The AG offices refer borrows back to Rust Consulting stating they have the answers and in fact provide the AG office with information and updates even though it is very slow coming to them. They also state they would like the borrows to know the status of settlement checks and in no way have ever stated otherwise to Rust Consulting.
    We have compiled telephone numbers, email addresses and office addresses for Rust Consulting in our effort to ascertain what the truth is regarding the following. It is highly unlikely Rust Consulting would take great pleasure in being the recipient of 750k calls from angry, frustrated and victimized borrowers who no longer have homes.
    With all due respect, it is time to provide the following information to us by updating the National Mortgage Website with the following information.
    1. When will checks be issued.
    2. What will the amount of the checks be.
    3. How many claim forms were mailed out.
    4. How many claim forms were returned to include claims filed online.
    In all fairness, the stalling, deceitful answers and lack of information by your call center has done nothing more than to antagonize borrowers simply requesting straight forward answers.
    We will continue to call, email and write to include copying our AG offices nationally and contacting our State officials about your deliberate and ongoing intentions to withhold information we are entitled to. It is unfortunate, Rust Consulting does not take a more pro active approach in this situation.
    We look forward to receiving the above information in the immediate future.

  162. “2. What will the amount of the checks be.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but the amount is not really the point here. It’s the change in dates with NO explanation whatever from Rust.

    Knowing the amount ahead of time would be nice, and I really need the money, but I just think it is a distraction from the main issue.

  163. Chris,

    We need to stand together. I saw the long list of complaints/suits, that is horrifying!! I would like to know for sure who is the owner/operator of Rust Consulting. Has it been confirmed? Just a coincidence I received a virus attached from what looked like an email from CITIBANK on 5-9-13, luckily I didn’t open it. If I had opened it, it would have been able to access all of my private information, from what I have read on the internet.

    Anyway, I hope emailing all of the news stations, plus CC’ing everyone from Rust and AG office, maybe we will see some changes but who knows, feeling down about the entire situation, but keeping my chin up and glad to have support from all of you on here :)

    Have a great day!!

  164. Marty, The amount of the checks is important but more so how they calculated the amounts.
    Dawn, don’t get discouraged…I think if we keep sending out red flags about Rust consulting something good will come from it.
    I located a directory for all the AG office and got the email addresses for each. I sent them my letter, the video showing how we are treated and phone numbers for all the Rust Consulting Executives we have tried to communicate with. I also sent Senator Warren the video and my letter to Rust Consulting. I will get the email addresses for all Senators and send to them also.
    Everyone have a great day and keep the faith! :)

  165. Chris,

    What an inspiration you are. Thanks!!! It is 11:11 am and I haven’t received any responses yet!!

  166. OOPS spoke to soon Please read what Amy Lake from Rust sent me:

    I have reviewed your email and understand your concern about the timing of payments. Our office is working closely with the attorneys general in the National Mortgage Settlement to ensure both timely and accurate payments to eligible borrowers.

    Claims processing in the National Mortgage Settlement is nearly complete, with our current estimate for completion of claims processing in June 2013. While no new claims are being accepted, we are working with borrowers whose claims required supplemental information to ensure as many potentially eligible borrowers as possible receive payments under this settlement. We anticipate that the payment process will begin in June 2013.

    I understand your concerns and appreciate your patience. It is our standard to utilize scripted responses to borrowers’ questions, as you have received from our email information team. I am not able to provide any different information from what the email team is able to provide, but I hope the information above is helpful.

    Best Regards,

    Amy Lake


  167. “The amount of the checks is important but more so how they calculated the amounts.”

    Unless I am badly mistaken – and I have been following this settlement and other mortgage issues for a long time – the reason that no one had to document any loss, or allege any specific misconduct, or prove any harm, was that this settlement (unlike the IFR) was simply an equal distribution of the funds to everyone who signed and returned the claim form.

    That’s why they were able to give the $840 figure, a figure that as I understand it was based on 100% response. The fewer people that responded, the higher that number goes.

    I am not aware of any calculation needed other than one division problem: $$ divided by the number of claimants.

  168. I was foreclosed on by wells Fargo 2 years ago, even though I had completed a program to help me stay in my home. Wells Fargo put the blame on government employees that were sent to banks to help with implementing some of the programs. Even though I had held up my end of the program and they didn’t, I still lost my home. So I believe I have a right to know what the amount of the check that I really could use right now is gonna be and the truth about when it will be mailed. I thought the primary job of rust consulting was to make sure the banks were doing what they are supposed to. I guess rust consulting is about as competent as the banks. I really would like to have my home back instead since I had to work so hard to get it in the first place. The check that just won’t come I’m sure is far less than what I had already put into it. So please, if there is anyone from rust consulting or wells Fargo, you have already robbed me once, please don’t do it again. I need that check!

  169. Dawn,
    You have to wonder why they don’t post June as the date on their own website. Some of hte AG websites have it but not the NMS website.
    They are so full of crap…not trustworthy and have no credibility from my perspective.

    Rust Consulting has nothing to do with making the banks follow the rules. The Oversight Committee headed by Joseph Smith is responsible for that task. Good luck there!
    Rust Consulting is simply the administrator of millions of dollars to borrowers who lost their homes.
    They are responsible for locating borrowers, notifying them of their eligibility, keeping them and the AG offices informed and sending settlement checks from the 1.5 million set aside. Nothing more …but they can’t even do that right. The IFR checks bounced and many for the wrong amount. These people have no conscience.

  170. Rust is just sitting with the money in the bank making interest off this. our AG office know’s nothing here is the reponse I received today:

    Our office is set up to ensure that the banks comply with the servicing standards and consumer relief requirements outlined in the national mortgage settlement. We are not involved in any way with the distribution of the cash payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011. Please contact the Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting, at 1-866-430-8358 for information relating to foreclosure settlement claims.

    It’s all Rust at this point. They are making money daily by having the Billions of dollars sitting in a bank account. Rich is getting richer while the broke are just flat broke.

  171. Jennifer,
    That is exactly right.The AG offices depend on Rust to keep them informed and are solely responsible for information and distribution of checks to claimants.
    Rust just wants to use the AG offices as scapegoats.
    Glad you got that response. It is the truth!

  172. marty
    May 13, 2013 at 10:17 am
    “The amount of the checks is important but more so how they calculated the amounts.”
    Unless I am badly mistaken – and I have been following this settlement and other mortgage issues for a long time – the reason that no one had to document any loss, or allege any specific misconduct, or prove any harm, was that this settlement (unlike the IFR) was simply an equal distribution of the funds to everyone who signed and returned the claim form.
    That’s why they were able to give the $840 figure, a figure that as I understand it was based on 100% response. The fewer people that responded, the higher that number goes.
    I am not aware of any calculation needed other than one division problem: $$ divided by the number of claimants.

    That is what I mean. How do we know how many claims were returned. We have to depend on Rust Consulting to be honest with those numbers. So, say we get a check for 2k or some other amount….don’t you think we deserve to know how many claimants the funds were divided by to get to that amount or do we just trust Rust…I think not based on what happened with the IFR.
    Just want answers and accountability for this money.

  173. Here is a thought…..why don’t we all file a complaint with the BBB. Now we all know this will do nothing to change the way they are handling things, but it will be a thorn in there side.
    They seem to be accredited with the MN BBB, for them to keep their A+ rating they must respond to all complaints, within 14 days, and show “good faith” effort to correct such complaint.
    Just as we are sending endless emails, making endless phone calls, lets hit them with endless complaints.

  174. IIRC, the IFR had a response rate of somewhere around 5% which generated higher payments to those that responded vs. the group that did not.

    If the NMS program is only required to pay people who responded and then divide the amount by that number the payment amount might be higher than we think. Minus the amount your state legislature grabbed that is…

  175. Paul,
    It is very much like reading tea leaves. We can’t possibly know what we are suppose to get when Rust Consulting will not disclose how many responded with a claim. if we knew, the calculation would be basic math but because we are left to the tea leave method, we will never know if we are receiving the correct amount or if they screwed it up like the IFR payments.
    The 1.5 will not go to legislatures, or at least it is not supposed to. I am still perplexed where the AG offices got the number 750k eligible claimants. They must know something we don’t.
    If based on what Rust Consulting stated-they sent out 2 million notices. If 750k responded then the amount would be $2000.00 each. Where they came up with $840 on the NMS website is also a puzzle. 1.5 million divided by 2 million (100% response) is $750 each. So that does not add up unless they threw in a little interest.
    It is all a shell game and we are the ones suffering for their antics and deliberate deceptive practices.

  176. NMS, AG, and Rust Consulting: How about getting off your disorganized rear ends and do your job. Most of us have been crashed or barely making it for 4 years now and need some relief, NOW! Give us some answers and give us our money!

  177. Payments are going to be different depending on which state you live in. All states were given a certain amount from that $1.5 billion. I live in California, and California was given $279,000,000 just for the 140,000 people who foreclosed between 2008 and 2011. Our payment amount if 100% respond is $1,992. Our cost of living is higher over here…makes sense. But anyway, that’s how it works. I’ve even found some statements online about response rates. One from Wisconsin, talking about a 56% response rate. They were given much less and had 22,000ish foreclosure victims.

  178. NMS has updated its website today, a feeble attempt to answer a few questions and appears to be very brief synopsis of their email responses posted here.

    Gist of the site’s update:

    1. Claims processing is underway;
    2. No idea on dollar amount distribution until processing is complete; and
    3. The Settlement Administrator is not authorized to release specific info on the number of claims, pending distribution process completion.

    Their updates lead to a multitude of more questions. According to some early 2012 posts/blogs, roughly 1.784 million claims were sent out, which would’ve been where the $840 pay estimate came from. Somewhere down the line, the 750K number of claims appeared in various blogs and reputable articles, including the article above. Were there 1.784M or 750K claim forms mailed out? What caused the 1M+ difference?

  179. FROM the office of Joseph Smith Monitor:

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate your taking the time to contact the Monitor’s office. Our office is set up to ensure that the banks comply with the servicing standards and consumer relief requirements outlined in the national mortgage settlement as dictated by Exhibit E.C.5 of the Consent Judgments. We are not involved in any way with the distribution of the cash payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011.

    The Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting, was appointed as outlined in Exhibit C.2 of the Consent Judgments and our office has no authority over the Settlement Administrator or the foreclosure claims process. Your best option would be to contact your state’s Attorney General to see if they can offer assistance.

    Thank you.

    Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight

  180. “Payments are going to be different depending on which state you live in. All states were given a certain amount from that $1.5 billion. I live in California, and California was given $279,000,000 just for the 140,000 people who foreclosed between 2008 and 2011″

    Thanks for the info – I have seen come comments that imply that the states have already received this money. Is that true? And if it is – what are these checks we are waiting for from Rust. or is it just that they are distributing the money “credited” to each state?

    I note also that the 5/13/13 update of the NMS website shows NO NEW INFORMATION, just restating the previous information.

  181. I also thought the new update on the website was not there but as I read further I believe the updated part is that they can not tell us how many claim forms were submitted until after disbursment. Another surprise for us I guess

  182. Dawn,
    I received the same exact response from Joseph Smith.

    My focus has been with the AG office for CA. which is where I am, calling and texting Rust Consulting Execs and the national media.

    Who set the rule that Rust is not allowed to give us that information. Rust I assume?

    The States already received their piece of the pie.. CA. used it to plug the budget deficit. Imagine that, none used for struggling homeowners. The 1.5 was set aside for cash payments to borrowers who lost their homes nationally.
    We will never know the true numbers without having an attorney involved in this who has subpoena power for documents. I have read many pdf docs associated with the NMS and cannot find any detailed breakdown of the funds. Just large figures to states and the cash settlement to us. Its very messy and complex.They want it that way!

  183. RJ,

    I have been sending out emails to the list above daily. As I receive responses I forward to the same list. Tired of being pushed around.

  184. “From what I have been told from Rust that all payments are the same for everyone.”

    That has been my understanding from the start: Amount of money / number of claims filed = $$$. An equal amount per claim.

  185. This was found in the Executive Summary of the Settlement.

    V. Payments to Foreclosure Victims
    Approximately $1.5 billion of the settlement funds will be allocated to compensation to borrowers
    who were foreclosed on after January 1, 2008. These borrowers will be notified of their right to
    file a claim. Borrowers who were not properly offered loss mitigation or who were otherwise
    improperly foreclosed on will be eligible for a uniform payment, which will be approximately
    $2000 per borrower depending on level of response. Borrowers who receive payments will not
    have to release any claims and will be free to seek additional relief in the courts. Borrowers may
    also be eligible for a separate restitution process administered by the federal banking regulators.

  186. This whole thing is unbelievable, to say the least. After 5 years of calling Wells Fargo and getting a huge run around, no one could give me an answer or they just disconnected my call. Finally, right before I received my check from the IFR I received a package from Wells Fargo and inside they put documents in there – claiming to have sent them to me, but of course I Never received any of them. Well I’m military and received a check for $800 from the IFR. The information they provided was incorrect and they put a copy of a certified receipt they said they mailed it to me. Hmmm…. To my foreclosed property in MI when they knew I have been called up and transferred to DC. Then they also had one address shown for me in VA that I was at for a very short time and of course again never received it. Although they sure had the correct address to send me tax doc’s?? I sent them my orders immediately. After filing several complaints with anyone I could, I finally received a call from a lady from Wells Fargo yesterday. She stated she received my numerous complaints I had filed and then told me “she couldn’t change anything, but would look into it”! Really? Ok what does that mean? Why bother? To give me false information and try to tell me once again that they tried to reach me? They had my forwarding address, as I called them so so many times, put in changes of address in through USPS etc. I have records of All calls, emails etc. Also, they had a realtor contact me to offer me some funds last year and the document clearly stated that their lawyers verified my SCRA rights and put “yes” as qualified. Now they are changing their story. Very sad.

  187. Also, I have now been released under permanent disability with no home and credit shot. Wells Fargo has caused me so much heartache and financial distress, as I’m sure you can all relate to. Below is one email I received back from the monitor…

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate your taking the time to contact the Monitor’s office. Our office is set up to ensure that the banks comply with the servicing standards and consumer relief requirements outlined in the national mortgage settlement as dictated by Exhibit E.C.5 of the Consent Judgments. We are not involved in any way with the distribution of the cash payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011.

    The Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting, was appointed as outlined in Exhibit C.2 of the Consent Judgments and our office has no authority over the Settlement Administrator or the foreclosure claims process.

    Thank you.

    Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight

  188. The United States Government Accountability Office is who Rust Consulting reports to. The GAO as they call it, then provides a report to Congressional Committees such as the Oversight Committee in our case.
    I am going to contact them with experience and send them the video in addition to emails I received from Rust and AG offices.

    By mail: Government Accountability Office
    441 G St., NW
    Washington, DC 20548

    By phone: (202) 512-3000 (Locator)
    By email: vog.oagnull@tcatnoc

    Organizational Phone Book
    The GAO Organizational Telephone Directory provides contact information for Agency personnel. This document is updated frequently.

    Order printed copies of GAO reports.

    Contact: Chuck Young

    Room Number: 7149
    Phone Number: (202) 512-4800

    Contact: Katherine Siggerud

    Room Number: 7125
    Phone Number: (202) 512-4400

  189. Hope everyone has filed a complaint with the BBB. They are taking them!

    Thank you for using the services of the BBB. We have received your complaint and have determined it falls within the scope of services we provide.

    The BBB understands that consumers and businesses may have varying perspectives on several issues. In order to begin the conciliation process and in accordance to BBB policy, our next step is to contact Rust Consulting, Inc. on your behalf and request their side of the story. Once a response has been received, we will share it with you immediately.

    The company may choose to respond to you directly. If that is the case, please inform the BBB of any communications exchanged or resolutions reached so your case stays up to date in our database.

    Because you have chosen to do business with a BBB accredited business, the company has agreed to abide by our standards for trust that include honoring promises, being responsive to complaints, and embodying integrity by approaching all business dealings with honesty and transparency. The BBB will hold them to this agreement when working through your complaint.

    You may check the status of your complaint at http://www.minnesota.bbb.org by clicking on ‘access a complaint’ located in the blue box to the right of the screen. Enter your case id, 57252456 and your password, n7u697. Please select ‘complainant’.

    The text of this complaint may be be publicly posted on the Better Business Bureau’s website. Please do not include any personally identifiable information. By submitting your complaint you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the business. BBB may edit your complaint to remove any personally identifiable information and/or inappropriate language, but ultimately it is your responsibility to remove this information.

    Thank you for contacting the BBB and please continue to use our services.


    Thaddeus Lewis, Mediation Coordinator
    651 695-2441

  190. Now this tells it all….Read the last paragraph. Rust was hired by the servicers (banks and mortgage companies) but the Government Accountability looked into them after Congressional members became concerned! No wonder they won’t answer our questions, they work for the very people who took our homes away! Want to vomit!

    OCC Misses Another Conflict of Interest: Foreclosure Review Outreach/Payment Processor Rust Consulting Owned By Residential Real Estate Player Apollo, Being Sold to VC Arm of Citigroup

    It appears that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Fed dropped the ball yet again on vetting firms involved in the Orwellianly-named Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) for conflicts of interest. Michael Olenick’s expose on Allonhill, one of the “independent consultants” hired by Wells Fargo, led to Allonhill’s role being curtailed considerably.

    As readers may recall, when the IFR got rolling, the servicers were supposed to make borrowers aware of their right to a review. Some Congressmen felt the efforts were inadequate and asked the GAO to take a look. The GAO did not like what it found.

    Rust was the firm that servicers engaged to handle the initial mailings to borrowers eligible for a review. The assumption of the authorities appears to have been that Rust was merely doing such low level stuff that it didn’t need to be checked; when I called the OCC to ask if the firm had been screened for conflicts of interest, the PR staffer who returned my call reacted as if the question was off-base (he said he’d get back to me with an answer the following day and never did).

    But as both unhappy Congressmen and even more unhappy homeowners have found, Rust is playing a substantive review in the IFR, and one that has not stood up well to close scrutiny. Now it is bad enough that its independence is already subject to question, in that, like the “independent” consultants, it was hired by and paid for by the servicers. But it is even more troubling that its owners have deep ties and involvement in the residential real estate business, and Rust’s parent is being sold to the venture capital arm of Citigroup, which is also subject to the IFR.

  191. Marty, Dawn, RJ, I used to think that too, that everyone got the same amount. But my research this past weekend led me to other information, and believe me, this wasn’t easy to find. It’s true, all states received different amounts of the $1.5 billion, and everyone in a single state will receive the same amount for each claim form submitted. But people from different states will receive different amounts. I’m assuming Rust distributes the checks still, but everyone in the nation won’t get the same amount.

    The following shows that California received “$279 million restitution for 140,000 homeowners who were foreclosed upon between 2008 and 2011″
    http://www.inter-capital-group.com/NationalMortgageSettlement &
    So for Californians like myself, we will get $1,992 if 100% respond. If 25% respond, we’ll get $7,968 per claim form. I’m thinking CA’s response rate will be low, just because no additional notices were sent out here, other than the postcard and claim form, and there are so many people so many won’t be located.

    The following shows that Wisconsin received $17.2 million of the $1.5 billion specifically for the 2008-2011 foreclosure victims. Roughly 22,000 Wisconsin borrowers were eligible, and as of December 20, 2012, there were 12,547 claim forms that were sent in:

    The following shows that according to Minnesota AG Lori Swanson, the national average claim form response rate is 56%. (This 56% number is a little weird, because if you look at the Wisconsin site above, their response rate was 56%…it just so happens the average is the exact same number? Maybe a coincidence). 43,000 Minnesotans were eligible, and 31,131 responded as of 1/18/2013. That’s 70%, which is the highest response rate in the country. This article doesn’t say how much of the $1.5 billion they received specifically for the 2008-2011 foreclosure victims.

    The following shows that Georgia received $82.7 million in compensatory funds to distribute to the people who were foreclosed on from 2008-2011:

  192. Chris…… Can you share letter format to add to my info and submit my complaint? Please!!

  193. Hi Scott, I must be confused because I thought that money was the states money from the settlement and is separate from the money the homeowners will receive. Granted, I didn’t have time to read the links you provided.

    You’ve been a great source of information. I googled what Wyoming received but cant find anything near what you have provided. If you have time can you look up Wyomings money and response rate?

    Again, thanks for the info…your awesome!

  194. Update: Okay, I found that Wyoming received 1.43 Million for cash payments however, I still cannot find any information on how many people from Wyoming are eligible. If any of you are google savvy…have at it lol.

  195. Scott-

    Thanks for the good info- I will check your post out in greater detail later, but any figures for Florida?

  196. Chris… Yes that would be so helpful… I’m sure to all of us… Keeping everyone on the same page!!! Thank You so Much… Your Awesome!!! Share whatever??? :) lol

  197. Unknown,
    I looked at the links you provided and it appears CA. has not dispersed those funds or am I confused? Who is handling those funds designated as restitution to those who lost homes. Please don’t tell me Rust Consulting lol (:
    I was not included in the IFR settlement because GMAC was not a part of it and is still under review.
    But this 1.5 billion statewide and now this amount on your link for CA. only has me really confused!

  198. Unknown,
    I called the State Attorney office and I am not sure if this woman had the correct information or is just making assumptions.
    She said the 1.5 billion is a “national settlement”-being distributed equally across the board based on the number of responses.
    She also said “each state” (Ca. received 279 million to be divided up equally by those who responded to the NMS-all the same claim form) that participated in the settlement also secured funds for borrowers who lost homes. The amounts will be combined into one check. from Rust.
    So, if I understand her correctly, Rust has the task of figuring the national amount, and then adds each individual states amount and applies it to each borrower based on what state their foreclosure was in. If this makes sense.
    She said when a check is received there will be an explanation as to what it is paying.

    With that being said, we might see more than 840! I sure hope she is right and I sure hope I am one of them.

  199. Chris
    That DOES make sense now! I went and got all my paperwork out. I am in CA. also.
    The postcard I received said California Dept of Justice on the return address with the Rust Consulting P.O. Box address in Faribault MN. So that certainly means they are handling the CA. settlement funds in addition to the National payment funds. All making much more sense now. Our paperwork distinguishes what state we are in so that would tell them where to draw our funds from to add to the National distribution.
    Gosh I hope I am not dreaming here…but the light seemed to go on now that read what you shared and looked at my paperwork. Clarity is a good thing…my brain is sore from all this!

  200. So chris this does make sense but does that mean we should be getting more then 2000.00?

  201. That’s what some people including myself have thought. If we were to ever find out the number or percentage of claims sunmitted/processed.

  202. Jennifer,
    I assume if everything that was explained to me we will get the amount of 840+ in addition to what our individual state settlement amounts are. I assume it will be over 2000 combined.
    I don’t think we will ever be told the exact amount of borrowers who responded but I do know if you responded and filed your claim you will get both unless your state has some other provision. I have not found anything that shows any state was having someone else work as their administrator. I think our post cards and letters indicate what is going on here. I did not catch what RJ said until I looked at my postcard and letter. And there it was…California Dept of Justice with the Rust Consulting address under it. I have been looking around at the different state amounts. They really vary. California received 40% of the funds to be divided among 140000 borrowers who lost homes.
    I keep trying to find a statewide breakdown of what each state got for themselves but have not found it as of yet. When I do, I will post it for sure.
    Just wish they would give us a real date. It sure would help so many of us!

  203. I realize this will probably be hard to read but it is by each state. I don’t see any of them allocating funds to borrowers in their state even though when I go to each state they do show funds for that allocation. Beats the heck out me!

    State Uses of $2.5 billion from the National Mortgage Settlement
    State Allocation Decision Status
    Percentage for Housing Use of Funds
    AK $3,286,839 Incomplete 30% $1 million will go to the Division of Banking and Securities. The distribution of the remainder is still not clear.
    AL $25,305,692 Complete 0% 10% of funds will go to the state general fund as civil penalties. $19.3 million will go to the
    AG’s operating budget. The remaining $2.5 million in settlement funds are likely to go to
    other government entities or charitable organizations.
    AR $12,830,241 Complete 93% $9 million will go to Development Finance Authority for programs that provide down payment
    assistance, foreclosure counseling and financial literacy programs.
    $2 million will go to AR Access to Justice Commission for legal aid. The University of Arkansas School of Law in
    Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law will each receive
    $500,000 for legal aid clinics. $1.4 million will go to the state treasury for costs and fees
    associated with the settlement agreement.
    AZ $97,784,204 Complete; May be subject to
    court appeal
    49% The AG’s office approved the state legislature’s plan to transfer $50 million from the
    settlement to general fund. However, consumer advocacy groups filed a court order to stop
    the transfer of funds. A recent ruling from the August trial in Maricopa County Superior Court decided the funds transfer was allowable under the settlement; this ruling may be appealed. AG office expects to spend the remaining $40 million on housing.
    CA $410,576,996 Complete 0% The AG’s office will keep $18.4 million of their share of the settlement as civil penalties. However, a small portion of these funds will go towards housing counseling and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The governor and state assembly want to use the remainder to service state’s housing debt.
    CO $50,170,188 Complete 100% Colorado will spend all of their funds on housing related programs. $24 million will go to
    supplement loan-modification programs. $18 million will go to affordable housing programs, of which up to $13 million will go to incentivize 4% LIHTC bond transactions. $5.6 million will go to housing counseling. $1.5 million will go to legal services. $750,000 will go to increase
    temporary staffing at the AG’s office. $600,000 will go to the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline,
    and $500,000 to marketing and outreach.
    CT $28,102,142 Complete 91% Connecticut allocated $23,917,142 to support the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program
    administered by the state housing finance agency. The state splits the remaining funds
    between state and federal agencies and non-profit groups that provide counseling and
    mediation. Specifically, the state Department of Banking will receive $1 million to fund their
    foreclosure hotline and Fair Housing Center staff attorneys. $3.185 million will go towards
    supporting and expanding the staff of state housing counselors.7 State Allocation Decision Status Percentage for Housing? Use of Funds
    DC $4,433,081 Complete 100% The AG’s office plans to spend all settlement funds on mortgage and foreclosure related counseling, legal assistance or advocacy, mediation and outreach assistance to help current and former homeowners secure the benefits they are eligible to receive under the settlement.
    DE $7,913,923 Complete 100% The AG’s plans includes allocating $4 million to the Delaware Emergency Mortgage Assistance
    Program (DEMAP), $3.5 million to fund housing counselors and outreach and education
    programs, $2.75 million to support continued financial fraud investigations by AG’s office,
    roughly $900,000 in grants to support legal aid for distressed borrowers, and $500,000 to
    support the Delaware Mortgage Mediation program.
    FL $334,073,974 Undecided 0% 10% of funds will go to the state general fund as civil penalties. The AG’s office strongly supports using the remaining funds for housing related programs. However, the state legislature will make the final decision on outstanding funds use when the next session begins in early 2013.
    GA $99,365,105 Complete 0% All $99 million of Georgia’s direct settlement funds will go to economic development. Funds divided evenly between two existing programs – one that distributes grants to all regions in GA, and the other that targets rural communities.
    HI $7,911,883 Complete 100% Hawaii’s AG announced intention to distribute funds to organizations that support distressed
    homeowners by providing educational outreach, housing counseling, foreclosure mediation
    programs, and legal assistance.
    IA $14,651,922 Complete 93% $1 million will go to the rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund. Uses for the remaining $13 million include lending additional support to the Iowa Mortgage Help Hotline and Legal Aid, which provide services to affected homeowners. Additional eligible uses for funds include housing counseling, settlement implementation, public education, and future law enforcement needs.
    ID $13,305,209 Complete 4% All but $500,000 of the state’s $12,805,209 direct settlement will go to the state general fund.
    Of the $500,000 remainder, $50,000 will go to the state’s Consumer Protection Fund to help consumers understand new foreclosure laws, $120,000 will go to the State Bar Volunteer Legal Program, $120,000 will go to the ID Legal Aid Services, $110,000 will go to the local housing
    counselors, and $100,000 to Community Action Partnership to assist families’ transition to
    rental housing.
    IL $105,806,405 Incomplete 19% The Illinois AG’s office announced that $20 million would go to legal aid programs aimed at
    assisting homeowners impacted by foreclosure crisis. The AG’s office has opposed attempts to use the remaining funds for anything other than foreclosure mitigation. Yet, the use of the remaining funds stands as an open question. It remains highly likely though that some of the funds will go to housing counseling and legal aid. 8 State Allocation Decision Status Percentage for Housing? Use of Funds
    IN $43,803,419 Complete 34% $28.8 million will go to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The
    remaining $15 million will go to the AG’s Consumer Protection Division Homeowner Protection Unit (HPU) and other efforts to prevent foreclosure.
    KS $13,778,401 Complete 25% At least 25% of state direct settlement funds will go towards foreclosure prevention activities (supporting AG investigation, resolving consumer complaints, defraying settlement costs). The remaining 75% of funds will go into the general fund where the state legislature will appropriate them later.
    KY $19,198,220 Complete 79% $1.5 million will go to the city of Louisville. Of these funds, $750,000 will go towards the city’s Vacant Abandoned Property Initiative, $500,000 to anti-blight demolition efforts, and $250,000 to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (for affordable housing programs). $7.5 million will go to the Kentucky Housing Corporation, of which $3 million will go to the NeighborWorks Alliance to increase affordable housing, $3 million to a down payment and closing cost assistance pool for those purchasing vacant or foreclosed homes, and $1.5 million for housing counseling. $1 million will go to legal aid. $4 million will go to a prescription drug compliance-monitoring program. $5 million will go to AG office for further consumer protection efforts. $150,000 will go to lead abatement efforts by Department of Health.
    LA $21,741,560 Complete 95% Reportedly, $1 million will go towards covering the costs associated with Chinese drywall litigation. However, the AG’s office stated that settlement funds are to support a help hotline, housing counseling, legal aid, law enforcement agencies, and settlement implantation.
    MA $44,450,668 Complete 84% $6.9 million will go to the state general fund as civil penalties and fees. $26 million will go to create the HomeCorps program, which includes loan modifications, borrower representation, and borrower recovery initiatives. $14.6 million will go towards compensating homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure.
    MD $59,697,470 Complete 90% 10% of state direct settlement funds will go into the state coffers as civil penalties. A working group of representatives from AG, governor, and state assembly offices created a recommended plan for using the remaining funds. It is as follows: $14 million towards neighborhood stabilization programs (to be allocated by RFP), $10 million specifically towards anti-blight programs, $8.6 million for housing counseling, $6.2 million for legal aid, $2.1 million for additional staff in state AG’s consumer protection office, and $2.1 million for additional staff in state financial regulation division.
    ME $6,907,023 Complete 36% $500,000 will go to Pine Tree Legal, $1 million for the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, and $5.4 million for the general fund.9
    State Allocation Decision Status Percentage for Housing? Use of Funds
    MI $97,209,465 Complete 90% All direct settlement dollars will go into the Homeowners Protection Fund. Within the fund, settlement dollars will flow to different housing related programs. $25 million will go towards
    stabilization efforts, including fighting blight (approximately $10 million going to blighted home demolition efforts in Detroit and the rest dispersed through the state). $20 million will go towards foreclosure counseling. $15 million distributed as grants to assist homebuyers. $10 million will go to the Educational Achievement Authority to assist struggling public schools. $7.5 million will go to compensate foreclosure rescue fraud victims. $6 million will go to the AG Home Protection Unit. $5 million will go to help veterans impacted by foreclosure or related services. $5 million will go to the Homeless Assistance Recovery Program to cover closing costs for homeowners wanting to refinance a home. $3.7 million will go towards new state affordable housing programs and neighborhood revitalization efforts.
    MN $41,536,169 Complete Up to 100% AG’s office plans to distribute direct settlement funds to qualifying homeowners. If there is any remainder, it will go into the state general fund.
    MO $39,583,212 Complete 0% State House leaders backed a plan by the Governor to use nearly all of the $39.5 million to
    cover planned cuts in state higher education. The AG office will receive the remaining $1
    million for internal use.
    MS $13,580,374 Complete 43% State allocated $5.8 million towards creation of Foreclosure Prevention Consortium. The
    Consortium’s planned responsibilities include providing legal assistance ($1.92 million),
    foreclosure counseling ($2.144 million), a prevention hotline ($944,343), veteran housing
    assistance programs ($500,000), and monthly audits of reimbursement request ($381,927).
    Any remaining funds will go to general fund.
    MT $4,858,276 Complete 91% Approximately $450,000 of direct settlement dollars will go to the state as civil penalties. $3 million will go to NeighborWorks for foreclosure prevention and housing counseling. $863,000 will go to the Montana Legal Services Association for legal aid to struggling homeowners. The remainder will go to enhance law enforcement efforts aimed at preventing and prosecuting financial fraud.
    NC $60,852,159 Complete 77% $14 million of the direct settlement are going into the state general fund as civil penalties (with
    $5.7 going towards the public schools). $20 million will go towards funding housing counselors through the state Housing Finance Agency. $12 million will go towards supporting legal assistance efforts. $10 million will go towards increasing prosecution of lending and financial crimes, $5 million will go to support the state AG’s office division of Consumer Protection.
    ND $1,947,666 Complete 100% AG office plan includes using direct settlement funds to develop a program with private industry to increase housing in oil country, particularly for newly hired law officers and emergency responders.10 State Allocation Decision Status
    Percentage for Housing? Use of Funds
    NE $8,422,528 Complete 12% $1 million will go into the state Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The remainder will go into cash
    NH $9,575,447 Incomplete 100% NH Executive Council approved the AG’s plans to fund foreclosure prevention and homeowner
    assistance programs and to expand its consumer protection activities. Thus, $2.5 million will
    go to the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority to support housing counseling services, and $1.5 million to New Hampshire Legal Assistance and the pro-bono referral program administered by the New Hampshire Bar. No specific allocation plans for use of remaining funds announced.
    NJ $72,110,727 Complete 0% The governor directed settlement funds to the general budget indicating they should support
    existing state housing programs this fiscal year. (See the discussion in the text for additional
    NM $11,174,579 Complete 100% The AG’s office plans to allocate $4.5 million in payments to borrowers for mortgage servicing
    abuse. The remaining $11.7 million will go towards foreclosure prevention efforts, homeowner hotlines, consumer outreach and housing counseling services.
    NV $57,368,430 Incomplete 100% The AG’s office announced their intention to allocate $33 million in next three years towards creating a distressed homeowner hotline, funding housing education efforts, and assisting community groups that offer housing assistance. The remainder will go towards housing, but no specific allocation announced.
    NY $107,642,490
    Incomplete 70% $9 million sent to support NY Foreclosure Prevention Services Program. $6 million sent to
    support housing and community renewal activities statewide through not-for-profit
    community-based housing organizations. The remainder’s use is still not clear, though the
    state recently committed $60 million from the direct settlement towards housing counseling
    and legal aid services.
    OH $92,783,033 Complete 100% $75 million will go towards a new stabilization grant program for abandoned/vacant property
    demolition (note that above $500,000, counties match funds without using NSP dollars). $20 million will go towards a new grant program to non-profits and local governments to fund innovative programs to help struggling homeowners. $2 million will go to the AG Economic Crimes Division to prosecute foreclosure relief scammers.
    OR $29,253,190 Incomplete 26% State Emergency Fund controls direct settlement fund distribution. In May, the Executive Board authorized allocating $3.8 million to the Housing and Community Services Department for housing counseling, legal aid, and outreach programs. Later, the Board authorized an additional $3.8 million to the state Department of Justice to support mediation services. The Board has not yet defined a use for the remaining 75% of settlement dollars.11 State Allocation Decision Status Percentage
    for Housing? Use of Funds
    PA $66,527,978 Complete 100% The state legislature signed the HEMAP bill into law (SB 1433). Thus, approximately 90% of
    funds will go to the Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Loan Program (HEMAP) for foreclosure prevention. The remaining 10% of funds are distributed evenly between the state AG’s office for future consumer financial protection efforts, and to Access to Justice legal aid.
    RI $8,500,755 Complete 100% AG’s office announced that all funds would go towards foreclosure related programs, including
    prevention. Rhode Island Legal Services recently received a two-year $1.57 million grant for the Foreclosure Prevention Project.
    SC $31,344,349 Complete 0% The state Senate voted, and overturned a veto by the Governor, to allocate $10 million from the settlement to the state Commerce Department’s Closing Fund (an economic development program). Further, against Governor’s stated position, the Senate bill will send the remaining $21 million to the state general fund.
    SD $2,886,824 Complete 100% AG announced that all funds would go towards foreclosure related programs.
    TN $41,207,810 Complete 90% 10% of direct settlement dollars will go into the state general fund as civil penalties. Of the remaining $37 million, $34.5 million will go into the Tennessee Keep My Home program for foreclosure prevention. The remaining $2.5 million will go towards supporting legal aid, consumer education, and law enforcement programs.
    TX $134,628,489 Undecided 0% The state treasury is holding all direct settlement dollars for future appropriation by the legislature.
    UT $21,951,641 Complete 17% The AG’s office sent over 80% of direct settlement dollars to the state’s general fund. Of the remaining settlement dollars, approximately $1.75 million will go into programs for the homeless, and $2 million will go to the AG’s office to expand foreclosure prevention efforts and hire additional fraud investigators and prosecutors.
    VA $66,525,233 Complete 11% $7 million will go towards the creation of a Housing Trust Fund. Within this fund, 80% of dollars
    will go towards affordable housing and 20% towards reducing homelessness. The remaining $59 million will go into the state general fund.
    VT $2,552,240 Complete 50% Current proposal calls for half of the direct settlement dollars to go toward housing counseling, legal assistance, and manufactured home financing program. The other half will go into the state general fund.
    WA $54,242,749 Incomplete 83% 10% of direct settlement dollars will go into the state general fund as civil penalties. $45 million will go towards foreclosure relief programs, including housing counselors, free legal assistance and mediation. However, the AG appointing committee, made up of four legislators, executive director of HFA, and seven citizens, will determine how best to use funds.12 State Allocation Decision Status
    Percentage for Housing? Use of Funds
    WI $30,191,806 Complete 18% Following a decision by the AG and Governor, $24.6 million will go into the state general fund to plug a budget hole. $3 million will go to investigate mortgage fraud. $750,000 will go to fight unemployment in Milwaukee. $750,000 will go to support loan guarantee program for Milwaukee businesses. $1 million will go towards anti-blight programs, of which Transform Milwaukee Initiative will receive $500,000 for use in Milwaukee, and $500,000 for statewide use ($100,000 remaining for second round of RFP).
    WV $5,748,915 Complete 100% AG plans to use some funds for “Project: Save Our Homes” workshops around the state. These workshops will help homeowners access assistance and to support Legal Aid of West Virginia.
    WY $2,614,515 Complete 100% AG announced exclusive use of direct settlement funds for mortgage and foreclosure matters, including $2.6 million for Wyoming Housing Network, which provides mortgage and housingrelated consumer assistance, consumer education, credit counseling, mediation programs, legal assistance, training, or staffing.
    Total $2,541,915,614
    * Early reports estimated the state portion of the settlement to be higher, and some AGs released press releases based on these higher estimates. Therefore, some of the amounts described in the
    “Use of Funds Column” exceed the amount listed in the “Allocation” column.
    ** In the “For Housing?” column, the word “open” after a “Y” or “N” indicates that an announcement has been made, or some of the funds have been pledged, but the final decisions have not yet been made.

  204. But….this is what California is suppose to be doing with the money! 279m to 140k homeowners who were foreclosed on. See how the information is so different depending on where you get it from.

    California has secured up to $18 billion for its distressed homeowners. Financial benefits for California include:

    $849 million for refinancing 28,000 borrowers who are underwater but current on their payments.
    $279 million restitution for 140,000 homeowners who were foreclosed upon between 2008 and 2011.
    $1.1 billion for unemployed homeowners, transitional assistance, and repairing blight.
    $3.5 billion to extinguish unpaid loans that remain after foreclosure for 32,000 homeowners.
    $430 million to the state attorney general’s office for costs and fees.
    As part of a California guarantee, if the lenders fail to reduce principal balances by a minimum of $12 billion, they will be required to pay fines up to $800 million to the state.

  205. Came Across This… INTERESTING!!


    More Sharing ServicesShare |


    It seems that servicers/banks cannot foreclose with an open OCC complaint. This is probably one of the best helps an owner can have in dealing with the banks. Use it wisely and frequently.

    1. File the complaint on the OCC Website.

    2. An OCC complaint response is returned by email. Print this response for your records.

    3. Forward this open OCC complaint ticket to the legal department of the Foreclosure Trustee.
    This is the company that will postpone the foreclosure auction.
    A List of Trustee contact information is at the bottom of this page.

    4. Resubmit Complaint to Foreclosure Trustee 10 days prior to the next scheduled Auction.

    sample complaint in word format sample complaint pdf format

    Complaints would center around bad/illegal servicer treatment like:
    not getting a single point of contact
    not having calls returned as promised
    not receiving promised loan mod documents
    being lied to by the servicer
    having the loan impound accounts messed up by the servicer
    having the servicer refuse to accept your loan payment
    not getting a loan mod
    servicer not responding reasonably to reasonable requests…
    false notarizations and forged signatures on the recorded documents
    threatened with foreclosure or foreclosed during a loan mod or short sale.

    ALWAYS log everything that occurs between you and any servicer, the OCC, the Foreclosure Trustee, on the phone, in an email, or in the mail. Track the employee names, ID numbers, phone numbers, departments, geographic location, discussion and make special note of any commitments the contact makes – like mailing out information to you. Every time the servicer says one thing during the conversation, then says something different, repeat that change to verify it – and log it into the recorded phone call. Remember these calls are being recorded. Use that to your advantage.

    This Log will prove extremely helpful in your offense and defense efforts, show patterns over time, keep you reminded of what has happened, and help present your “case” to others should that need or opportunity arise.

    List of California Foreclosure Trustees and Contact Info:
    Allied Trustee Service: 714-573-1965
    California Reconveyance Co: 9200 Oakdale Ave CA2-4379, Chatsworth, CA 91311 714-573-1965
    Cal-Western Reconveyance Corp: 525 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020, 619-590-1221
    ETS Services LLC: 15455 Suth F Mission Blvd Suite ??, Mission Hills, CA 92345, 714-730-2727
    Fidelity National Default Services: PO Box 250, Orange, CA 92856, 714-573-1965
    First American Title Ins: 4380 La Jolla Village Dr 110, San Diego, CA 92122
    Northwest Trustee Services Inc: 1241 E Dyer Rd 250, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 877-484-9942
    Old Republic Default Mgmt Svcs: 500 City Pkway W 200, Orange, CA 92868, 714-573-1965
    Quality Loan Service Corp: 2141 5th AVe, San Diego, CA 92101, 714-730-2727
    Recontrust: 1800 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley, CA 93063 800-281-8219
    TD Service Co: 1820 E 1st St 210, Santa Ana, CA 92705, 714-480-5690
    Trustee Corps: 17100 Gillette Ave, Irvine, CA 92614, 714-730-2727
    Wolf Firm: 2955 Main St 2nd, Irvine, CA 92614, 800-280-2832

    Out of State Foreclosure Trustees And Contact Info:
    First Am Trustee Servicing Solution: PO Box 961253, Fort Worth, TX 76161, 916-939-0772
    National Default Servicing Corp: 7720 N 16th St 300, Phoenix, AZ 85020, 602-264-6101
    NDEX West LLC: 15000 Surveyor Blvd 500, Addison, TX 75001, 916-939-0772
    Regional Trustee Services: 616 1st Avenue Suite, Seattle, WA 98104, 714-730-2727
    Western Progressive LLC: 2002 Summit Blvd 600, Atlanta, GA 30319, 866-960-8299

    Other Foreclosure Trustee Mills:
    Barrett, Daffin, Frappier, Treder, & Weiss: 855-286-5901, fax 972-661-7800
    First American Trustee Servicing Solution: 916-939-0772, no fax/email

    CFPB: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    A California Association of Realtors attorney told me this is the best place to file a complaint as a consumer. The consumer is given a tracking number and the banks HAVE to respond. And don’t forget whistle-blowers are protected and can remain anonymous.


    The bank settlement required the servicers to stop their bad practices by 10/3/12. To date, the AG’s office and Moderator of the AG Settlement, Charles Carriere, 1-949-824-3071, have received thousands of complaints.

    California Monitor Website – covers these bank reforms and has a complaint link.


    NOW the banks, in a significant and strategic move to potentially circumvent the Settlement, have sold and are selling the “loan servicing and loan modification rights” to wholly owned subsidiaries. These corporations do business off-shore and out of the reach of United States regulatory agencies.

    CA Attorney General: File a complaint against a bank or other business
    Attorney Misconduct: file a complaint with the California State Bar
    Notary Fraud: file a complaint with the California Secretary of State
    Corporate Fraud/Forgery: file a complaint with the Department of Corporations


    http://www.hofj.org/virtualoffice_files … acters.pdf

  206. Okay thanks for the inforrmation. Now i did get a post card last fall and filed a claim wwhich rust has. I recieved only a post card and a check for the IFR nothing for the NMS yet. Did u recieve any type of letter or post card for the NFS yet?

  207. **Sorry meant for the NMS, not NFS was on my cell phone lol. Now I am a bit concerned if people started getting letters from the NMS. Rust stated that they did not send me out any other paper work and they have my claim form and that’s all we need to do.

  208. “Rust stated that they did not send me out any other paper work and they have my claim form and that’s all we need to do.”

    I only got the original claim form for the NMS and nothing since from Rust. In fact, when the postcard I did get from Rust came a while back, it was for the IFR, which I did not know I was part of, having not filed a claim for it.

    In their recent (several days ago) e-mail response to my question about the change in language regarding check issuance in May, Rust confirmed that they are in posession of my signed claim form.

    As far as I am aware, that is all you need for the NMS, unless they specifically ask for more information.

  209. That makes me feel better, thank you Marty. I did the same I did not know about the IFR and I received a $400.00 check and a post card a few weeks before we received a check. However $400.00 is nothing since BOA all ready sold our home back in 2008. I was hoping for the NMS to compensate us better, guess we will wait and see. Not that it will get us our house back or anything, however this foreclosure has ruined our credit and we are stuck in an apartment and have been. Money can only go so far, but I will take anything the banks are forced to hand out. It’s a shame I was reading over 2 million post cards went out for this settlement. 2 miilion people + lost there homes what a shame. It just blows my mind, but makes me feel better that we are not alone.

  210. Jennifer,

    You received a check from IFR and was foreclosed in 2008. How is that possible? I thought IFR was from 2009 to 2010?

  211. not sure. boa sold are home in june 2008 and we had to leave the propery in march 2008. BOA sold are home almost 60,000.00 less then what we owed at the time of the forclosure. I did not even know about the IFR until we received a post card that we were eligable for a payment. I only knew about the NMS.

  212. I don’t know if any state has actually received the restitution funds from the $1.5 billion. Sounds like Rust is in control of the funds, but it looks like X amount is allocated for each state. Nobody has received any funds yet, but I know for a fact now with the links to Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, and California, that each state is receiving different amounts, and claim form response rates are being looked at on a state by state basis. Just cross your fingers that your state has a low response rate.

    And Chris, I looked at your link. You said “across the board”…but your link doesn’t say that. It just says “direct to borrowers.” And I actually interpreted that the same way as you and everyone else before. And I gotta say “$1.5 direct to borrows” doesn’t mean that all states are getting the same amount. I think it’s clear that, unlike the other funds, this money isn’t for state purposes but for borrowers directly. And the links I provided clearly show that all the borrowers in each state are receiving different amounts, as each state has been allocated different amounts for direct payments/restitution to borrowers.

  213. Scott
    This is how it was explained to me.
    The 1.5 billion will be divided up nationally. Everyone will get the same amount (that is what I mean “across the board”-same amount for everyone-ie borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure) from the 1.5 billion… that is a separate settlement amount from the funds each state got for themselves.
    Then your state, if they set aside funds as restitution for borrowers who lost their homes, will divide that amount up equally to borrowers who lost heir homes to foreclosure in that state. For example: CA put 279 million to be divided among 140k borrowers or how ever many responded to the NMS. When you look at different states, the amounts they put aside for restitution are all different for sure. Not all are paying restitution but using funds for other programs. I just know we are all at the mercy of Rust Consulting in issuing the correct amounts to each borrower and there isn’t anyone auditing them that I know of.

    The first notice I received for the NMS was a post card and then I received the claim form to mail in or to file my claim on line. I did mine online.
    I did not get anything else in the mail.

  214. Scott,

    Yes I believe that each state is getting different amounts, but all borrowers who lost their homes are getting the same amount. Each state may have more people or responses turned in.
    So if you have 2 million people that responded, but 1 million from CA and the other 1 million spread out nation wide each state will receive a lesser amount. Again each borrower will receive the same amount, per the response I was given by phone from the 866-430-8358 number.

  215. Unknown,
    Went to your movie link and it said movie does not exist.

    I don’t think this is all that complicated.
    1.5 billion was set aside as a separate restitution to borrowers who lost their homes-We know it as the NMS. It will be divided up equally based on the number of people who responded. Does not matter what state you are in, the amount is the same.

    Each state – some states have individual restitution funds that they put aside from the total that state received from the entire settlement from the 5 servicers GMAC etc. Whatever amount they put aside will be divided up equally between borrowers who lost their home in that state and who responded to the NMS. Those funds will be added to the amount you get from the 1.5 billion.
    I don’t know if Rust is competent enough to figure all this out and I am not counting on any amounts, dates checks will be mailed or putting any faith in the regulators, whomever they may be to see this through for us.
    It will be a blessing if it comes. My house is long gone, new people enjoying the fruits of my hard labor. It is a chapter I want to put behind me. Whatever amount they dole out won’t give it back. Trying not to be bitter but better for the past.
    Good luck to all of you. Off to work I go :)

  216. That movie just makes me feel sick all over again simply because the banks are still getting away with their greed and our big brother government is once again not staying on top of the problem. In fact they take as much as they can get and forget all the victims of these abuses.
    Look at the National Mortgage Settlement…states got billions of dollars and threw crumbs, if that to the borrowers who lost their homes. They put it in their general funds with no explanation why it is not going to the victims or if it every will. They gave it to Rust Consulting, another huge corporate conglomerate to do as they wish and not take care of the victims. Making thousands of dollars daily on those funds and could give a rats ass about us. It is just a sickening vicious circle and all we can do is try to get answers without much luck.
    Nuff said….

  217. @ Scott…. So if the less people respond the more money we will get or what? I got a letter from my AG and it say I would get more than the amount of $840.I assume it will be around $2,500???

  218. To Chris, keep on pushing back my man, dont let it get to you and give up. We need you and your determination to keep digging and calling and making people listen. Stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!And the movie will make people look and listen.

  219. I believe the reason the NMS checks have been delayed is because Rust is sending additional checks to the people of the IFR. For whatever reason they did not send the correct amount in the first place.

  220. Rhonainmo,
    I’m not giving up…fighting for every dime we can get that was meant to go to us. However, the red tape is deep and it can get frustrating. Not going to let it discourage me but not counting on a check anytime soon.
    I think Tina is right…the reason we got delayed is because the IFR checks ended up in a mess. Now they have to go back and cut more checks to those who got the wrong amounts.
    Rust….so incompetent and in possession of our money…scary!
    One thing I did come across is Rust Consulting is subcontracting a lot the work to other consulting firms. Therefore….too many cooks…spoil our payout lol Probably why they have no clue up from down.

  221. I received this reply from Amy Lake of Rust: Our office worked with the Attorneys General to calculate the minimum payment amount, which was based on full participation for all eligible loans. The final number of eligible loans is still being determined, because we are working with borrowers whose claims required supplemental information to ensure as many potentially eligible borrowers as possible receive payments under this settlement.

    Best Regards,

    Amy Lake

  222. Tina G,

    I asked Rust if that was the reason for the delay and they said no, IFR had nothing to do with NMS checks going out.

  223. Here is what I do not understand. So I live in NJ. and everyone will be getting a fixed amount from the NMS. If my state has money set aside for the 13,000 people that will be say like an extra 500.00 (example) If this is the case, why is it such a big secret?? I don’t understand why this is all taking so long.

  224. Rod,
    I don’t believe one word Rust has to say and I do not know of one person who has been asked for supplemental information. If there is anyone on this forum who has been asked for more information to process their claim, please step forward lol :) I say that in jest!

    Yes, we are all getting the same amount from the NMS. As far as additional funds you have to go to your specific State Attorney General’s office and see how they are allocating the funds they got from the NMS, Some have allocated funds for additional restitution to borrowers who lost homes in their state and some have not. Luck of the draw depending on your state.
    It is taking so long because Rust Consulting is not capable of handling this large of a task. They can’t manage a simple call center of 500 people. I can’t expect them to handle millions of dollars, millions of phone calls about those funds or issue checks in the right amount.
    The IFR was and still remains a mess.

  225. The settlement fact sheet states that there are additional funds provided to each state and the national funds (1.5 billion) is complimentary to those funds. The Tx AG said that Texans would receive $1000,$1500,or $2000 depending on the number of people who submitted claims. And Chris that was the lamest of all the excuses given to date.

  226. yeah!!! I know that this is a hard path for us and I myself have wanted to crawl away but you are correct we deserve every dime that was intended for the victims. I am appalled that the states would chose not to give every bit of the compensation to us the victims but not really surprised. Our government is so large and think that we the taxpayers are a money tree for them to keep picking from. So nothing anymore surprises me with this settlement. It would have been nice for the entire 25 billion to have gone for compensation, but that much money is too enticing for them not to put their fingers on.

  227. This is the actual wording in the settlement fact sheet: Payments to Foreclosed Borrowers. Through the settlement, a $1.5 billion Borrower Payment Fund will be established to provide cash payments to borrowers whose homes were sold or taken in foreclosure between and including Jan. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2011, and who meet other criteria. This program is distinct from but complimentary to, the restitution program currently being administered by federal banking regulators to compensate those who suffered direct financial harm as a result of wrongful servicer conduct.

  228. Rod,
    It is such a web of deceit we can only hope they live up to the statements they put on the “fact sheet”. The best part of being in this fight is exposing them each time they are caught in another lie or attempt to BS there way out of explaining what they are doing with these funds and why it has yet to help those it was meant for. And this too shall pass :)

  229. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has posted and especially you Chris for all the information!! I live in NC and lost my home in 2008.

    I.rcvd the NMS claim form and filed back in October. I didn’t realize there was a separate settlement amount until today. I only filed with NMS, I called today to see if they could givee amd idea of how much I could receive amd when and of course it was no just wait till mid 2013!

    Like everyone has said it won’t bring my home back but hopefully NC will do right by us!!

    Thanks again everyone!!

  230. San,
    I think everyone here feels that same pain and all though we will never get our homes back there was a huge lesson to be learned…at least for me. Owning a home use to be the American dream but now that I no longer have a mortgage, taxes, insurance and upkeep of that home I feel a sense of freedom. I learned the memories that came with that house are not in that home but are with me forever. They can’t take those away too! :)
    Hang in there everyone and I hope whatever we are given is a huge blessing from God!

  231. Well said Chris! I agree 100 percent!! God Bless you and everyone for keeping us all educated on this process! If I wouldn’t have come across this site I would still have more questions than answers!!

    I really appreciate all of your help!! Good Luck Everyone!!!

  232. What would happen if the Federal Reserve was shut down permanently? That is a question that CNBC asked recently, but unfortunately most Americans don’t really think about the Fed much.
    Most Americans are content with believing that the Federal Reserve is just another stuffy government agency that sets our interest rates and that is watching out for the best interests of the American people. But that is not the case at all.
    The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that has been designed to systematically destroy the value of our currency, drain the wealth of the American public and enslave the federal government to perpetually expanding debt.
    During this election year, the economy is the number one issue that voters are concerned about. But instead of endlessly blaming both political parties, the truth is that most of the blame should be placed at the feet of the Federal Reserve.
    The Federal Reserve has more power over the performance of the U.S. economy than anyone else does. The Federal Reserve controls the money supply, the Federal Reserve sets the interest rates and the Federal Reserve hands out bailouts to the big banks that absolutely dwarf anything that Congress ever did.
    If the American people are ever going to learn what is really going on with our economy, then it is absolutely imperative that they get educated about the Federal Reserve.
    The following are 10 things that every American should know about the Federal Reserve….
    #1 The Federal Reserve System Is A Privately Owned Banking Cartel
    The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.
    The truth is that it is a privately owned central bank. It is owned by the banks that are members of the Federal Reserve system. We do not know how much of the system each bank owns, because that has never been disclosed to the American people.
    The Federal Reserve openly admits that it is privately owned. When it was defending itself against a Bloomberg request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Reserve stated unequivocally in court that it was “not an agency” of the federal government and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
    In fact, if you want to find out that the Federal Reserve system is owned by the member banks, all you have to do is go to the Federal Reserve website….
    The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation’s central banking system, are organized much like private corporations–possibly leading to some confusion about “ownership.” For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company. The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.
    Foreign governments and foreign banks do own significant ownership interests in the member banks that own the Federal Reserve system. So it would be accurate to say that the Federal Reserve is partially foreign-owned.
    But until the exact ownership shares of the Federal Reserve are revealed, we will never know to what extent the Fed is foreign-owned.
    #2 The Federal Reserve System Is A Perpetual Debt Machine
    As long as the Federal Reserve System exists, U.S. government debt will continue to go up and up and up.
    This runs contrary to the conventional wisdom that Democrats and Republicans would have us believe, but unfortunately it is true.
    The way our system works, whenever more money is created more debt is created as well.
    For example, whenever the U.S. government wants to spend more money than it takes in (which happens constantly), it has to go ask the Federal Reserve for it. The federal government gives U.S. Treasury bonds to the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve gives the U.S. government “Federal Reserve Notes” in return. Usually this is just done electronically.
    So where does the Federal Reserve get the Federal Reserve Notes?
    It just creates them out of thin air.
    Wouldn’t you like to be able to create money out of thin air?
    Instead of issuing money directly, the U.S. government lets the Federal Reserve create it out of thin air and then the U.S. government borrows it.
    Talk about stupid.
    When this new debt is created, the amount of interest that the U.S. government will eventually pay on that debt is not also created.
    So where will that money come from?
    Well, eventually the U.S. government will have to go back to the Federal Reserve to get even more money to finance the ever expanding debt that it has gotten itself trapped into.
    It is a debt spiral that is designed to go on perpetually.
    You see, the reality is that the money supply is designed to constantly expand under the Federal Reserve system. That is why we have all become accustomed to thinking of inflation as “normal”.
    So what does the Federal Reserve do with the U.S. Treasury bonds that it gets from the U.S. government?
    Well, it sells them off to others. There are lots of people out there that have made a ton of money by holding U.S. government debt.
    In fiscal 2011, the U.S. government paid out 454 billion dollars just in interest on the national debt.
    That is 454 billion dollars that was taken out of our pockets and put into the pockets of wealthy individuals and foreign governments around the globe.
    The truth is that our current debt-based monetary system was designed by greedy bankers that wanted to make enormous profits by using the Federal Reserve as a tool to create money out of thin air and lend it to the U.S. government at interest.
    And that plan is working quite well.
    Most Americans today don’t understand how any of this works, but many prominent Americans in the past did understand it.
    For example, Thomas Edison was once quoted in the New York Times as saying the following….
    That is to say, under the old way any time we wish to add to the national wealth we are compelled to add to the national debt.
    Now, that is what Henry Ford wants to prevent. He thinks it is stupid, and so do I, that for the loan of $30,000,000 of their own money the people of the United States should be compelled to pay $66,000,000 — that is what it amounts to, with interest. People who will not turn a shovelful of dirt nor contribute a pound of material will collect more money from the United States than will the people who supply the material and do the work. That is the terrible thing about interest. In all our great bond issues the interest is always greater than the principal. All of the great public works cost more than twice the actual cost, on that account. Under the present system of doing business we simply add 120 to 150 per cent, to the stated cost.
    But here is the point: If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good.
    We should have listened to men like Edison and Ford.
    But we didn’t.
    And so we pay the price.
    On July 1, 1914 (a few months after the Fed was created) the U.S. national debt was 2.9 billion dollars.
    Today, it is more than more than 5000 times larger.
    Yes, the perpetual debt machine is working quite well, and most Americans do not even realize what is happening.
    #3 The Federal Reserve Has Destroyed More Than 96% Of The Value Of The U.S. Dollar
    Did you know that the U.S. dollar has lost 96.2 percent of its value since 1900? Of course almost all of that decline has happened since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.
    Because the money supply is designed to expand constantly, it is guaranteed that all of our dollars will constantly lose value.
    Inflation is a “hidden tax” that continually robs us all of our wealth. The Federal Reserve always says that it is “committed” to controlling inflation, but that never seems to work out so well.
    And current Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that it is actually a good thing to have a little bit of inflation. He plans to try to keep the inflation rate at about 2 percent in the coming years.
    So what is so bad about 2 percent? That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?
    Well, just consider the following excerpt from a recent Forbes article….
    The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) has made it official: After its latest two day meeting, it announced its goal to devalue the dollar by 33% over the next 20 years. The debauch of the dollar will be even greater if the Fed exceeds its goal of a 2 percent per year increase in the price level.
    #4 The Federal Reserve Can Bail Out Whoever It Wants To With No Accountability
    The American people got so upset about the bailouts that Congress gave to the Wall Street banks and to the big automakers, but did you know that the biggest bailouts of all were given out by the Federal Reserve?
    Thanks to a very limited audit of the Federal Reserve that Congress approved a while back, we learned that the Fed made trillions of dollars in secret bailout loans to the big Wall Street banks during the last financial crisis. They even secretly loaned out hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign banks.
    According to the results of the limited Fed audit mentioned above, a total of $16.1 trillion in secret loans were made by the Federal Reserve between December 1, 2007 and July 21, 2010.
    The following is a list of loan recipients that was taken directly from page 131 of the audit report….
    Citigroup – $2.513 trillion
    Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion
    Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion
    Bank of America – $1.344 trillion
    Barclays PLC – $868 billion
    Bear Sterns – $853 billion
    Goldman Sachs – $814 billion
    Royal Bank of Scotland – $541 billion
    JP Morgan Chase – $391 billion
    Deutsche Bank – $354 billion
    UBS – $287 billion
    Credit Suisse – $262 billion
    Lehman Brothers – $183 billion
    Bank of Scotland – $181 billion
    BNP Paribas – $175 billion
    Wells Fargo – $159 billion
    Dexia – $159 billion
    Wachovia – $142 billion
    Dresdner Bank – $135 billion
    Societe Generale – $124 billion
    “All Other Borrowers” – $2.639 trillion
    So why haven’t we heard more about this?
    This is scandalous.
    In addition, it turns out that the Fed paid enormous sums of money to the big Wall Street banks to help “administer” these nearly interest-free loans….
    Not only did the Federal Reserve give 16.1 trillion dollars in nearly interest-free loans to the “too big to fail” banks, the Fed also paid them over 600 million dollars to help run the emergency lending program. According to the GAO, the Federal Reserve shelled out an astounding $659.4 million in “fees” to the very financial institutions which caused the financial crisis in the first place.
    Does reading that make you angry?
    It should.
    #5 The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks Not To Lend Money
    Did you know that the Federal Reserve is actually paying banks not to make loans?
    It is true.
    Section 128 of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 allows the Federal Reserve to pay interest on “excess reserves” that U.S. banks park at the Fed.
    So the banks can just send their cash to the Fed and watch the money come rolling in risk-free.
    So are many banks taking advantage of this?
    You tell me. Just check out the chart below. The amount of “excess reserves” parked at the Fed has gone from nearly nothing to about 1.5 trillion dollars since 2008….

    But shouldn’t the banks be lending the money to us so that we can start businesses and buy homes?
    You would think that is how it is supposed to work.
    Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve is not working for us.
    The Federal Reserve is working for the big banks.
    Sadly, most Americans have no idea what is going on.
    Another example of this is the government debt carry trade.
    Here is how it works. The Federal Reserve lends gigantic piles of nearly interest-free cash to the big Wall Street banks, and in turn those banks use the money to buy up huge amounts of government debt. Since the return on government debt is higher, the banks are able to make large profits very easily and with very little risk.
    This scam was also explained in a recent article in the Guardian….
    Consider this: we pretend that banks are private businesses that should be allowed to run their own affairs. But they are the biggest scroungers of public money of our time. Banks are lent vast sums of money by central banks at near-zero interest. They lend that money to us or back to the government at higher rates and rake in the difference by the billion. They don’t even have to make clever investments to make huge profits.
    That is a pretty good little scam they have got going, wouldn’t you say?
    #6 The Federal Reserve Creates Artificial Economic Bubbles That Are Extremely Damaging
    By allowing a centralized authority such as the Federal Reserve to dictate interest rates, it creates an environment where financial bubbles can be created very easily.
    Over the past several decades, we have seen bubble after bubble. Most of these have been the result of the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low. If the free market had been setting interest rates all this time, things would have never gotten so far out of hand.
    For example, the housing crash would have never been so horrific if the Federal Reserve had not created such ideal conditions for a housing bubble in the first place. But we allow the Fed to continue to make the same mistakes.
    Right now, the Federal Reserve continues to set interest rates much, much lower than they should be. This is causing a tremendous misallocation of economic resources, and there will be massive consequences for that down the line.
    #7 The Federal Reserve System Is Dominated By The Big Wall Street Banks
    Even since it was created, the Federal Reserve system has been dominated by the big Wall Street banks.
    The following is from a previous article that I did about the Fed….
    The New York representative is the only permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee, while other regional banks rotate in 2 and 3 year intervals. The former head of the New York Fed, Timothy Geithner, is now U.S. Treasury Secretary. The truth is that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has always been the most important of the regional Fed banks by far, and in turn the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has always been dominated by Wall Street and the major New York banks.
    #8 It Is Not An Accident That We Saw The Personal Income Tax And The Federal Reserve System Both Come Into Existence In 1913
    On February 3rd, 1913 the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Later that year, the United States Revenue Act of 1913 imposed a personal income tax on the American people and we have had one ever since.
    Without a personal income tax, it is hard to have a central bank. It takes a lot of money to finance all of the government debt that a central banking system creates.
    It is no accident that the 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913 and the Federal Reserve system was also created in 1913.
    They have a symbiotic relationship and they are designed to work together.
    We could fill Congress with people that are committed to ending this oppressive system, but so far we have chosen not to do that.
    So our children and our grandchildren will face a lifetime of debt slavery because of us.
    I am sure they will be thankful for that.
    #9 The Current Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, Has A Nightmarish Track Record Of Incompetence
    The mainstream media portrays Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a brilliant economist, but is that really the case?
    Let’s go to the videotape.
    The following is an extended excerpt from an article that I published previously….
    In 2005, Bernanke said that we shouldn’t worry because housing prices had never declined on a nationwide basis before and he said that he believed that the U.S. would continue to experience close to “full employment”….
    “We’ve never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize, might slow consumption spending a bit. I don’t think it’s gonna drive the economy too far from its full employment path, though.”
    In 2005, Bernanke also said that he believed that derivatives were perfectly safe and posed no danger to financial markets….
    “With respect to their safety, derivatives, for the most part, are traded among very sophisticated financial institutions and individuals who have considerable incentive to understand them and to use them properly.”
    In 2006, Bernanke said that housing prices would probably keep rising….
    “Housing markets are cooling a bit. Our expectation is that the decline in activity or the slowing in activity will be moderate, that house prices will probably continue to rise.”
    In 2007, Bernanke insisted that there was not a problem with subprime mortgages….
    “At this juncture, however, the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime market seems likely to be contained. In particular, mortgages to prime borrowers and fixed-rate mortgages to all classes of borrowers continue to perform well, with low rates of delinquency.”
    In 2008, Bernanke said that a recession was not coming….
    “The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.”
    A few months before Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed, Bernanke insisted that they were totally secure….
    “The GSEs are adequately capitalized. They are in no danger of failing.”
    For many more examples that demonstrate the absolutely nightmarish track record of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, please see the following articles….
    *”Say What? 30 Ben Bernanke Quotes That Are So Stupid That You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry”
    *”Is Ben Bernanke A Liar, A Lunatic Or Is He Just Completely And Totally Incompetent?”
    But after being wrong over and over and over, Barack Obama still nominated Ben Bernanke for another term as Chairman of the Fed.
    #10 The Federal Reserve Has Become Way Too Powerful
    The Federal Reserve is the most undemocratic institution in America.
    The Federal Reserve has become so powerful that it is now known as “the fourth branch of government”, but there are less checks and balances on the Fed than there are on the other three branches.
    The Federal Reserve runs the U.S. economy but it is not accountable to the American people. We can’t vote those that run the Fed out of office if we do not like what they do.
    Yes, the president appoints those that run the Fed, but he also knows that if he does not tread lightly he won’t get the money from the big Wall Street banks that he needs for his next election.
    Thankfully, there are a few members of Congress that are complaining about how much power the Fed has. For example, Ron Paul once told MSNBC that he believes that the Federal Reserve is now actually more powerful than Congress…..
    “The regulations should be on the Federal Reserve. We should have transparency of the Federal Reserve. They can create trillions of dollars to bail out their friends, and we don’t even have any transparency of this. They’re more powerful than the Congress.”
    As members of Congress such as Ron Paul have started to shed some light on the activities of the Federal Reserve, that has caused many in the mainstream media to come to the defense of the Fed.
    For example, a recent CNBC article entitled “If The Federal Reserve Is Abolished, What Then?” makes it sound like there is absolutely no other rational alternative to having the Federal Reserve run our economy.
    But this is not what our founders intended.
    The founders did not intend for a private banking cartel to issue our money and set our interest rates for us.
    According to Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress has been given the responsibility to “coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”.
    So why is the Federal Reserve doing it?
    But the CNBC article mentioned above makes it sound like the sky would fall if control of the currency was handed back over to the American people.
    At one point, the article asks the following question….
    “How would the U.S. economy then function? Something has to take its place, right?”
    No, the truth is that we don’t need anyone to “manage” our economy.
    The U.S. Treasury could be in charge of issuing our currency and the free market could set our interest rates.
    We don’t need to have a centrally-planned economy.
    We aren’t China.
    And it goes against everything that our founders believed to be running up so much government debt.
    For example, Thomas Jefferson once declared that if he could add just one more amendment to the U.S. Constitution it would be a ban on all government borrowing….
    I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its Constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.
    Oh, how things would have been different if we had only listened to Thomas Jefferson.
    Please share this article with as many people as you can. These are things that every American should know about the Federal Reserve, and we need to educate the American people about the Fed while there is still time.

  233. Unknown…and that is just the tip of the iceberg!
    If I have learned one thing about the past 4 1/2 yrs it is we the United States people, are living in a hand to mouth situation. We are in everyone’s pocket. It is a bigger Ponzi scheme than Madoff ever dreamed of or could pull off. He was small in the scheme of things.
    This latest revelation about the IRS and Justice Dept on the AP should make the American people open their eyes to the corruption in this country and how it is connected to other nations. One big monopoly game! So scary what is beneath that iceberg!
    Great article!

  234. Ght Okay kids and husband in bed so I start to google. Did anyone see the new article that came out about 5 hours ago? Oklahoma isn’t participating in the NMS however looks like the state is really hooking them up. The average payments for them will range from 5000.00 to 20,000.00. I wish NJ would do that for us. I bet NJ is going to get sticky fingers and no one will ever see a dime from this money. I could live without my home, i still have my husband, and children, however give me some respect. BOA put us through so much and we had a VA loan. My husband was not on active duty however he served this Country for our freedom. Just makes me mad how we all get treated. Our government bails out these companies and they keep screwing people and getting richer. Now wonder our economy is still down. I don’t have the money to shop and when i have extra money it goes right to my kids. Sorry all just venting. Kind of wish I lived in a state that seems to care about there citizens. Don’t ever move to Jersey.

  235. Jennifer,
    It especially makes me sick that they find less value in a military service person who was not active. They were active once and if not for them where would this country be?! I thank your husband and all those who have come after him for all they did, all they endured and all that they continue to go through just for us! My husband was a Vietnam Vet and passed the same year I lost the house. It took years for them to get any respect and they suffered for years long after that war was over.
    Enjoy your family, your children and don’t let our big brother government get you down. They can’t take a great deal away from us but they sure can’t take away the things we really cherish :)
    Every state has its negatives and all though I totally can relate to how you feel…California is not any better, its not any less greedy or anymore compassionate than the rest of the states.
    OK made their own provisions and I only wish our state had done the same. Now we just wait and question until we get answers. That day will come! Hang in there! :)

  236. Many decided to call or text executives at Rust Consulting to get a clearer answer on the NMS timetable. Others have tried contacting their state attorney general or bank regulators. Still no clear answer on the NMS payment dates.

    One thing seems clear. The very latest shift back to a “mid-2013″ NMS payout timetable coincided with Rust Consulting’s latest snafu with the fourth wave of IFR checks mailed out on May 3. Those checks to 96,000 borrowers are tied to loan servicing errors or wrongdoing by Goldman Sachs (Litton Loan Servicing) and Morgan Stanley (Saxon Mortgage Services).

    Rust Consulting said it has corrected the error and plans to mail supplemental checks to affected borrowers as soon as May 17, 2013, for the additional amounts they were supposed to be paid, according to the Federal Reserve.

    This is exactly what I said in my earlier comment about the IFR sending the wrong amount. I am convinced this is why we were pushed back to mid 2013.

  237. Tina,
    I could not agree with you more. It is so obvious why our checks are being delayed. The IFR screw up occurred just before they decided to change our payment date back to “mid 2013″.
    It is so obvious what happened here. This is not a coincidence!

  238. I live in PA & Chris you posted “PA $66,527,978 Complete 100% The state legislature signed the HEMAP bill into law (SB 1433). Thus, approximately 90% of
    funds will go to the Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Loan Program (HEMAP) for foreclosure prevention. The remaining 10% of funds are distributed evenly between the state AG’s office for future consumer financial protection efforts, and to Access to Justice legal aid.”
    What does this mean? I am so confused over this all. UGH! Help please????

  239. When I called Alabama ag they stated pushed back to first week in June but that may change again if they keep delaying every couple of weeks.

  240. “When I called Alabama ag they stated pushed back to first week in June but that may change again if they keep delaying every couple of weeks.”

    How definite were they about this? Did they say they got this from Rust Consulting, or was it just a guess?

    Rust has been completely non-responsive to any of my many e-mails to them on this subject. While I am very hopeful this time frame is accurate, I am wondering why Rust is giving AG offices a more specific date, but not updating the website or telling claimants directly.

  241. The last time I called Rust, besides the usual script being read blah blah blah, the rep told me the website was not their website and that the Attorney General’s offices are the ones that update the site. I did not believe this but however, I did not call the AG to verify.

  242. Since the link wouldn’t paste. They’re writing about us. Keep going everyone. This is for all of us especially Chris. : Rust Consulting Feels Heat from Payout Recipients, Lawmakers
    05.14.2013 by Staff 10     Free Email Updates     Follow Us:      

    Minneapolis-based Rust Consulting, the firm entrusted with distributing $3.6 billion from the Independent Foreclosure Review and $1.5 billion from the National Mortgage Settlement, is getting much more attention that it probably expected from bank regulators, lawmakers and frustrated borrowers looking for answers.

    The final straw for those increasingly looking at the firm was the erroneous batch of 96,000 checks sent May 3 that underpaid compensation recipients, the same group of borrowers who have dealt with wrongful or botched foreclosures by more than a dozen mortgage servicers since 2009.

    Staff members from the office of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, one of several Democrats who are closely following the mishaps of the Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR), are scheduled to meet with executives of Rust Consulting this week.

    “I am eager to understand how this company was selected as the paying agent and how regulators have overseen their work,” Cummings, who is the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, is quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal.

    Cummings and regulators are trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the firm, which has two decades of experience in managing financial settlements and claims.

    The IFR payouts launched with a mailing on April 12, but bewildered and angry recipients quickly took to social media sites and blogs telling of how the checks bounced when they went to their own banks to cash or deposit the long-delayed compensation.

    The “insufficient funds” issue was quickly resolved after the Federal Reserve stepped in.

    Bank regulators have worked to “strengthen oversight of Rust Consulting’s execution of the payment process and is continuing to closely monitor the payment agreement,” a Fed spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

    But in prepared testimony before a Senate banking panel last month, David Holland, executive vice president of Rust Consulting, said his firm already provides “comprehensive daily statistical reporting” to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve and the mortgage servicers.

    “Daily conference calls are held with the servicers covering project execution,” Holland said in his testimony. “Two times weekly, conference calls are held with the OCC and the FRB (Federal Reserve Board) covering project execution and future deliverables.”

    Currently, Rust is under more intense scrutiny by compensation recipients themselves, many of whom are trying to get answers about the pending payments in the other foreclosure-abuse agreement, the older National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) between 49 state attorneys general and five of the top U.S. lenders.

    Rust said that by “mid-2013″ it will start distributing the additional $1.5 billion from the NMS that is designated for up to 750,000 claimants who are part of the agreement. Many of these borrowers returned claim letters long before the Jan. 18, 2013 deadline.

    But in recent days, Rust has waffled on a timetable. At one point, it stated on the NMS official website that the payouts would be mailed sometime in May, before reverting back to “mid-2013.”

    Many NMS claimants expecting a payout have posted comments on eCreditDaily about futile attempts to get answers from Rust executives or representatives by phone, text or email. No one seems to know precisely when the NMS payments will start nor the amounts of the checks. Rust only indicates on the NMS website that payments “will exceed the minimum payment of $840 that was indicated on the claim form.”

    One NMS claimant posted an email from a Rust representative stating that claims processing in the NMS is nearly complete and estimated that checks could start in June. Some state AG websites state June as the payout date, but state officials defer to Rust for any further information.

    Late Monday, the NMS site was updated slightly, with Rust responding to speculation about check amounts, which is based on the precise number of claims. “The Settlement Administrator is not authorized to release specific information about the number of claims submitted at this time, pending the conclusion of the distribution process.”

    Speculation Over NMS Payments
    Regulators and state authorities have said from the beginning of the settlement’s announcement that an estimated 750,000 are eligible for payments. Early on, they also speculated that these homeowners each will receive on average $2,000.  But the total number of actual claimants is not known publicly.

    Bank regulators say Rust has extensive experience with handling large settlements and has been long involved with processing IFR claims. But Rust was chosen by the banks involved in the failed foreclosure reviews and the NMS. Regulators have been the target of criticism from lawmakers, consumer advocates and the Government Accountability Office for their handling of the Independent Foreclosure Review, that was largely abandoned in January in favor of a $9 billion settlement.

    So far, lawmakers and eligible payout recipients have not been told how the banks and regulators arrived at the compensation amounts in the IFR settlement. Most of the IFR checks to 4 million borrowers amount to a few hundred dollars each.

    NMS claimants have been doing as much research as  bloggers and journalists into Rust Consulting, uncovering news releases of what some allege to be a conflict of interest between the firm and Citi, one of the five lenders party to the NMS — along with Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo.

    Citi Venture Capital International (CVCI), a unit of Citigroup Inc., is buying out Apollo Global Management and other unnamed minority shareholders in SourceHOV (Rust Consulting’s parent company) for an undisclosed amount.

    One angry NMS claimant recorded a nearly 6-minute conversation with a Rust Consulting call-center representative and posted it on YouTube to demonstrate the futility of trying to get hard answers.

    “You decide…who is victimizing the claimants for a second time. Who is too big to fail..the mortgage companies or Rust Consulting. Shame on them…” wrote the video’s publisher.

    Meanwhile, bank regulators are still urging IFR payment recipients to call Rust for answers.

    “Borrowers can call Rust at 1-888-952-9105 to update their contact information, verify that they are covered by the agreement, or with further questions. Information provided to Rust will only be used for purposes related to the agreement,” says the Federal Reserve’s page dedicated to the Independent Foreclosure Review.

  243. Has anyone received ANY more specific information about a payment date, other than Amy Lake from Rust apparently stating that they hope to begin payment in June?

    Any responses from Rust to phone calls and e-mails in the last 2-3 days?

  244. Lisa
    I got a call this morning from the press secretary for the AG office about the video I sent to all the AG offices. Office of the Controller, Government Accountability office and then some. There is a hearing/meeting with Rust Executives..Parks and Holland. They are asking why Rust cannot provide “us” with answers and why they are referring callers back to AG offices when Rust is the only source of accurate information as the administrator. I gave them permission to use my name just in case there is any kind of retaliation by Rust in delaying my payment for going after them. Does sit on the back of my mind that these people are capable of doing anything to get their way.
    I was so fricking happy to read your posting after I got the call. There were some very nasty postings on youtube about the video, we assume it was Rust Consulting people. YouTube promptly removed and blocked the posters.
    More than 500 people have viewed the video and every AG office of every state was sent the link. God…I pray we have opened some eyes and answers come with a big fat check for all of us!
    Thank you, thank you and thank you to everyone for getting us out there. We have been so humbled by our experiences and loss, so I hope in the end we “show them” enough is enough and we are not going to “take it anymore”.
    I am working on another video to take place after the meeting to see if anything has changed with their call center. I think we have to keep on top of them no matter the outcome of this hearing/meeting.
    Hugs to all of you!

  245. Tina,
    She said it was a hearing/meeting scheduled for Tues. I don’t think it is a phone call. I think it will be on CSpan.
    Bravo to everyone on all these forums for speaking up!

  246. Chris,
    I am glad I helped especially with all the negative responses from mouth breathers. I tried 4 times to just post the link and kept getting violation messages, so I just copied the whole story.
    I am so freaking thrilled that you tap danced on the right raw nerve or caused a normally quiet bureaucrat to feel outrage.
    I try to search for things every day but you all are so much better at digging and research than I am in this medium.
    HUGS you HERO!

  247. I was raised to “do the right thing” and to call others out when they don’t and it greatly effects the ability of others to move forward. I think my “husband in spirit” along with everyone on all these different forums has helped this move forward more than I ever could.
    I know God only helps those who help themselves and boy…have we ever tried to help ourselves and others!
    Better get to work…another humbling experience lol

  248. From Jason Stinehart ~ Rust Consulting

    Thank you for writing Ms. Holmes. Because we are still collecting necessary information from borrowers who provided some information, but not all that was required, and because this is a pro-rata settlement, we don’t have a final payment amount for you yet. We are working diligently to include as many borrowers as possible in the distribution process. Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks by mid-2013, and we are currently on schedule to do so.

    My Reply to Jason


    I appreciate you response, but we (the “borrowers”) know that every word that comes from Rust is a lie. When putting a claim in we are requested to give all information needed at that time. What could you possibly need more than what a “borrower” has already given you.

    For a simply allocation example, take a firm that has $10,000 to allocate pro rata amount the firm based on the number of employees in each department. If there were 3 people in sales, 5 in production and 2 in administration, the pro rata distribution would be $3,000 to sales, $5,000 to production and $2,000 to administration

    Your solution 2,000,000 divided by 1,500,000,000 = $750.00. We have all heard that the numbers are different because not all borrowers have applied. So you take the total amount for those that applied, which can be entered in to a data base “simple”, then divide the new number by 1,500,000,000 = $ new amount, then send checks. This is such a simple math equation I know that my 16 year old could handle it. Rust is making things more complicated by giving us new lies daily.

    Will the borrowers be included with distribution of the $1,500,000,000.00 of interest that it has gained?
    Now that is a an easy question? Please answer.


  249. This number is legit for Rust Consulting tier two support. These are the project managers. Keep calling them, they seem to respond within a day or two. They have assured me checks are going out in June but still won’t give amount.
    (866) 245-7292

  250. RJ

    That might be what the contract says Rust is getting but I can guarantee you their employees are not getting those rates.

  251. Dawn,
    There employees are getting minimum wage to 10 bucks an hour at best to take calls from fed up borrowers. Feel bad for them but Rust put them in that position and Rust should be very ashamed of themselves.
    Look at it this way..if everyone called the executive and not the call center, these people would not have jobs….so we are job security for them :)

  252. “This number is legit for Rust Consulting tier two support. These are the project managers. Keep calling them, they seem to respond within a day or two. They have assured me checks are going out in June but still won’t give amount.”

    Are you sure this is the NMS? I just called this number and the FIRST question I asked was if he could answer a question about the NMS. He said “Yes” and then spent several minutes searching for records…..the came back to tell me that the IFR and the NMS were two separate settlements (which I knew before I picked up the phone) and that he could not answer any questions about the NMS.

    NOTE: The guy I talked to (like apparently other Rust employees are doing) told me that I should contact my State AG office. I just got off the phone with my AG (Florida) and confirmed the following:
    1. The NMS website is NOT -repeat NOT- managed by the AG office (at least as far as Florida is concerned.) He said Rust manages the site and the information on there comes from Rust. Also, that the AG offices are getting updated through that site the same as we are.
    2. The AG offices have NO oversight ability over Rust, nor any regulatory authority over them.

    If anyone has knowledge that any State AG office is managing the NMS website, please let us know. But as far as I can tell, any Rust employee who says that the State AG offices are responsible for the info on the website is either ignorant, or……..you can supply your own word.

  253. State AG Offices and their information:

    Are there other states than indicated above with AG website or other information about a specific timeframe for checks.

    I’ve seen one saying first week of June – any others? And does anyone have verification of where this info comes from and how reliable it is?

    The impression I got from my AG office (Florida) was that they know nothing other than what is on the website- it’s maybe different in other states?

  254. My concerns, unfortunately, are a bit more nefarious. Rust originally had one submission date and then extended it for a month. What did they do during this period? Did they “recruit” applications or did they just figure out some elaborate, (in their minds), way to bolster the roles on applicants with which they might have a fiduciary interest. I am happy to be getting some funds but the whole process has been rife with the ability to be corrupted and mismanaged. I have completely lost all trust in how this was handled and can not reject out-of-hand ANY conspiracy theory concerning this distribution. Everyone takes what they can down the line and what is leftover goes to us. You have to just love it!

  255. How will we know if we “qualify” for the NMS? I sent my claim form back at the end of December. We lost our house in Oct 2011, after 4 years of run around from BOA. After numerous loan mod denials and repeatedly retelling our story to what felt like hundreds of different and completely rude CSRs, we got $300 in the IFR. I just can’t bring myself to call Rust. I don’t believe any of this “relief” the government has offeref us. The fat cats at the big banks still go home to their luxury houses and sleep soundly in their luxury beds. We have been screwed. I just makes me sick.

    Thank you to those that are fighting for all of us. It is appreciated. May God bless you.

  256. So, my question is, why can’t the AG departments step in and hold Rust accountable for making timely and accurate payments. Is this not the AG’s offices settlement??? I am sorry but I am just so frustrated with all of “them”. We, the foreclosed on, have been abused enough. First it started with our names in the paper for at least six weeks (ours were in on and off for a year while we were trying to save our home) prior to a scheduled Sheriff’s sale. This was humiliating to us and our kids were picked on in school because we were losing our home. Years of calls and paperwork being turned in, lost, turned in again. Then the burden of finding a rental with our foreclosure status was another set back. Then receiving paperwork more than a year ago stating that there might be some restitution for the banks abuse. Now, we are being abused, and victimized all over again. This whole thing has brought up all the pain of the past like it was yesterday. Unfortunately, we are still struggling to get back on our feet and we need this money yesterday. Such a small amount but so much needed. Where are the government officials that we elected to watch out for us?? Why, has the AG departments refused to push Rust along? Why was one company put in charge of so much money in the first place? When will someone have to admit wrong doing and when will we some justice? So very tired, frustrated and angry now.

  257. Marty,
    You are correct. The AG offices are not in any way responsible for providing information to us. They get it from Rust and then post it on their websites. When I called my AG office they wanted to know the name of the call center person telling me the AG office was preventing us from getting information. They also said Rust Consulting was hired by the Big 5 Servicers, not any government entity. They were hired to administer the settlement to borrowers and provide information to them. It is the Big Five controlling Rust, not anyone else!
    Rust even lied in the video until the call center girl got caught when asked who she worked for and she agreed it was Rust and that is who the information comes from Rust.
    Rust…liars and thieves in my book!

  258. “When I called my AG office they wanted to know the name of the call center person telling me the AG office was preventing us from getting information.”

    Good- maybe that will make its way to someone higher up at Rust or somehow shake someone up.

    “They also said Rust Consulting was hired by the Big 5 Servicers, not any government entity.”

    I knew this already – for anyone who hasn’t seen it, find the Senate Banking Comm. hearings from a few weeks back where Sen. Warren in her questions to a Rust executive and Federal regulators, lays bare what a farce any idea of Rust as an independent third party.

    “They were hired to administer the settlement to borrowers and provide information to them.”

    If you look at Rust’s website and compare it to the NMS site, I think it is far more accurate to say that Rust was hired to administer the settlement, yes – but their REAL clients and patrons are the banks and other corporate crooks who are forced into settlements. I think Rust “services” us claimants as little as they can get away with.

  259. RJ Response to your Contract I sent to Naked Capitalism:::::
    Yves Smith says:
    May 16, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    We wrote that up already.


    Rust is owned by the private equity fund, Apollo Management, whose founder Leon Black was out of Drexel. They are far more heavily involved in real estate than any other PE player. And they are BIG political donors.

    Oh, and the parent of Rust is in the process of being told to the venture capital arm of Citigroup.

    Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/05/voices-of-harmed-borrowers-on-rust-consulting.html#S6dc1pwETDBBWlWc.99

  260. Reading new blogs from today first chance i got and WOW Chris… way to go…Dawn the letter back is the question on my mind too. I want to know where all this interest is going. 1.5 billion thats over 300,000 a day in interest. Seriously where is all the interest going? Whos hands are dirty. I say we the people who lost our homes should get it. My ag office in Jersey said they have nothing now to do with this settlement to contact rust. Rust advised me to call my ag office and yes i have it all in email to prove it. Seriously whats the big secret? My home got foreclosed on faster then it is taking rust to process claims.

  261. My other question how do we know that Rust is correct with there numbers?? They lie about everything else what if we only get checks for 840.00 and there was only 750,000 claims?? Whois double checking that they are not getting greedy and robbing us

  262. Jennifer,

    True. If they know it will be more then 840.00, they must know how many people put a claim in. If I get a response back I will surely let you know. I am hoping he will but probably will be a few days so he “they” can come up with another lie!!!!!

  263. Thank you Dawn, i wrote to everyine at rust a week ago and no one has responded to me. Cowards not like i showed up there lol

  264. Well ms. Amy Lake was none too pleased when I asked her if the real reason Rust wouldn’t release the actual number of claimants was to prevent any challenge to the amount Rust decides to pay. It is painfully obvious the math doesn’t work! These people are so accustomed to lying, they honestly feel any answer they give should be accepted without question…crooks one and all!!!

  265. Jennifer yes you should

    To All

    On my way home from work I called the infamous 866 430 8538 number. spoke to Amanda, I asked her if the 1.5 billion dollars was being held in an interest bearing account and what was the name of the financial center holding the money? To my surprise she didn’t know. So I asked to speak to a Supervisor or someone that knew the answer to my question. I was on hold for about 5-10 minutes when Gicela got on the phone. I asked her the same questions and again to my surprise she did not know the answer. I said can you put Jim Parks on the phone and she said who, so I repeated myself, and she said I’m sorry but there isn’t anyone in the call center by that name. I said do you even know who Jim Parks is, she did not answer, I said he is the Senior VP of your company. Gicela said that someone would call me back with the information or an explanation!! I said when will they call me back, she said she could not give me a date or time. I laughed, then said these are simple questions that can be answered, so I expect a call back within 24 hours. Have a nice day she said.

  266. http://youtu.be/KE2QduGE0vo

    This is a new video with the same old script. I made it to show the first call was not some poor misguided Rust employee misstating information.
    I have also sent the video to the AG offices to show this is going on day in and day out and unless they ask some very direct answers we will all be left in dark settling for crumbs.
    Rust Consulting needs to be held accountable and I for one am sick and tired of the Banks having control over our destiny. They control Rust…no doubt about it! AG offices in the dark as is the Banking Committee. I hope Senator Warren gives them hell!
    Please feel free to pass it on, post it wherever you can!
    Like the picture in the video…kind of how I picture their executives lol

  267. Great job on the video!! I’ve seen it in a lot of places as I continue to search daily like a crazy woman! I want “answers” just like all of you and We Should be given them. We have the right! Something CAN be done to expedite this and correct all errors. Also, Rust and All banks need to be held extremely accountable for all their wrongdoings etc… Let them feel some of our pain, frustration, anxiety and loss. I don’t want to sound so vengeful, but they act like they really just do not care about any of us. Well we know – they don’t. Shame on All of them!

  268. Ok that was great, I love it! And in the midst of all this ridiculous nonsense, I have to say you made me laugh at a few of those comments! :) You know more than any of those workers! I guess we probably all do. Sad, but true. Really scripts? Why are they even wasting more money to hire these call center reps who Cannot even provide any information at all? What a waste of time and money. Just as vague as the website… Is this suppose to give us some peace of mind as if they Really are working on completing this settlement? If they had to send out letters to some borrowers for more information, why was that Not done months ago? And why make All of the rest of us wait for our checks? They obviously Know which people they Need more information from. What a scandal! It is quite obvious that there is more to it and I do believe it has A lot to do with them making more $$ off the interest of all that money. Plain and simple.

  269. Well I think it sucks that as a borrower that lost my home in 2010, to have to be victumized again from Rust Consulting. My husband and I received a check in April for the IFR. Was not what we should have got, but were Blessed we got what we did. The forclosure of our home after twelve years of living in it, just destroyed us. We are now renting like so many others. Has anyone seen what Oklahoma has offered their residents? I read where all their residents got checks starting from 10,000. To 20,000 each. They were the State that did not go into the NMS with all the AG’S. So where did Oklahoma get that money to pay more out to their residents for the same thing that all the AG’S got for us. And I am sure that all this money we are getting from Rust, will be considered income on next years taxes. WE JUST KEEP GETTING SCREWED!

  270. Nona,
    Humor is good at a time like this…I had to keep from laughing…I could have told her what her own answers were lol
    Yes, we have more work to do and by golly I am going to put in my fair share just so they (Rust) can call me a PIA! :)
    The squeaky wheel! lol

  271. I agree Diane. I read that story today and it made me sick! I even read that on average they received more than $20,000… And taxed it will be for us and a write off for them, I think?? :(

  272. So true Chris :) And we can’t stop! I’m going to keep doing the same. We can All be put in that category! Lol

  273. Oh and after filing several complaints – I finally (after years) received a call from a lady from Wells Fargo. She didn’t seem too thrilled about All of my complaints. Well blah blah blah. I’m not thrilled with them at all. And they are going to try to tell me my Active duty dates. I know exactly when I was on Active duty (24 years Active and Reserve) And know exactly when I was released under permanent disability. Come on now – that is Not something you can just make up. Sure wish I had taped that conversation ;)

  274. You never know what you will find on here after a long day at work. Great video Chris! Good idea to show this is the norm for Rust Consulting and not some one time incident of an erroneous statement by one of their call center employees.
    I have no doubt James Parks, David Holland and the rest of them in the nose bleed section of the corporation all look just like the picture on the video…a bunch of dumb asses lol :)
    I will post the video wherever I can think of and will forward to friends too.
    Good job and yes was comical there a time or two….I bet you wanted to laugh too! lol

  275. And one more thing. I received $800 from the IFR – where in the world did they ever come up with that amount? They (Wells Fargo) had a Realtor and their lawyers contact me last year and try to sell me out for $3500 to give up my rights under the SCRA. Guess I should have taken it! But no way. That was so wrong. Still have all call notes and emails, but not sure it will do me any good. Ugh

  276. I am pretty sure this is when the discussion is going to come about Rust. I will try to catch it on Cspan if it is aired.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013
    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    538 Dirksen Senate Office Building

  277. How is it in the spring of 201…they knew there were 750k borrowers and would receive about 2k a piece. Just have to wonder don’t ya? The link shows the students sources also.


    Anthony Konechnik Spring 2012
    Faculty Mentor: Ashlyn Aiko Nelson

    $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement
    In February 2012, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Justice
    Department, and Attorneys General from 49 states reached a $25 billion settlement with the
    nation’s five largest mortgage servicers—Ally Financial/GMAC, Bank of America, Citigroup,
    JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo—for engaging in illegal foreclosure procedures. The
    settlement is the second-largest in U.S. history and specifies a number of relief measures to assist borrowers at risk of foreclosure, as well as damages paid to homeowners who were foreclosed illegally (AGBeat, 2012).2
    Of the $25 billion settlement, $20 billion were allocated to programs
    addressing the needs of distressed mortgage borrowers: $3 billion were allocated to programs designed to refinance loans to borrowers of underwater mortgages, and $17 billion were allocated to borrower assistance programs including loan modification programs, short sales, and 2
    The largest settlement in U.S. history is the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, which settled for $206 billion.7 borrower transition programs (AGBeat, 2012).3
    Of the remaining $5 billion, $1.5 billion were allocated to pay damages to homeowners who were wrongfully foreclosed between 2008 and 2011, $750 million were allocated to fund payments to resolve federal claims, and $2.75 billion were allocated to state-level foreclosure prevention programs.
    Only $1.5 billion out of $25 billion—6 percent of the total settlement funds—will be
    used to compensate borrowers who were foreclosed illegally; the funds are anticipated to pay average damages of $2,000 each to 750,000 borrowers (AGBeat, 2012). Notably, the settlement does not apply to mortgages owned or guaranteed by the Enterprises, so borrowers of Fannie Mae- or Freddie Mac-backed mortgages seeking loan modifications, relief, or damages due to wrongful foreclosure are not eligible for settlement funds. Further, the settlement indemnifies the servicers from any future civil claims made by state and federal governments related to servicing activities—including loss mitigation, loan modification, and foreclosure activities—though it does not indemnify them from future actions related to securitization, claims by individual homeowners, or from state or federal criminal claims (Rieker, 2012).

  278. Chris, i watched the first video after the second. On ur first video that rep was NASTY….and she was agreeing with u and basically saying her job is to read scripts collect her pay and go home.its nice how rust employes such charming people. At least the second 1 was somewhat nice trying to do her job LOLOL don’t think she was expecting anyone to ask wheres the interest going. If u are going to be dealing with billions of OUR money the reps should be nice even though they are read7ng a script. Its not like we are calling a cable company about our bill, we all lost our homes and want answer’s on easy basic questions. I want to know who gets the interest and if rust is going to be audited for there accuracy since I am not trusting there numbers right if its taking this long.

  279. Jennifer,
    I guarantee when I make the next video…stayed tuned….it will not be to the call center. I am lining up my ducks and establishing their method of operation before I make this next call!
    Your are so right…this call center is really pathetic. I feel for these people having to repeat themselves over and over again. I would imagine at the end of 8 hours I might get a little annoyed with callers also but that does not mitigate how Rust has treated us and they are not going to continue to get away with it…at least not without exposing them for what they are…bottom feeders and yes RJ they are the horses ASS!

  280. Oh I can’t wait for video 3 ii would love to hear what a vp says about everything. All though i could listen to u talk to these reps all day lolol. Keep the calls email texts going bet they will update there site by next week. I know our ag offices can’t do anything but enough people calling and emailing daily I am sure will piss them off when we are telling them Rust are the one’s telling us to call.

  281. Chris, totally agree. I can admit those reps may not have it the best; however a job – I suppose. But I sure can’t wait till your next video! ;)

  282. Rust Consulting is a Joke! How on earth were they hired for such a huge settlement?! They Are keeping our funds to make more money!! And Our Gov’t is allowing it! Shame on all of them!! They know exactly who they need information from – oh big surprise after months, BUT they still hold “our” money to make more $ from interest!! How or why were they even hired?! They need to be shut down ASAP! They have proven themselves “as completely incompetent”! I am so tired of every lame excuse as they have had way more than enough time to process All claims! And if they need additional information. Get it! You’re professionals – Right?! Don’t make everyone else wait! And this so called “additional information” is a joke and just one more excuse from Rust Consulting! So you really think we will shut up? Or are that stupid?! Shame on you! You have “our” money – PAY US NOW AND STOP MAKING MONEY FROM INTEREST OFF OF OUR MONEY! This is beyond belief!! AND WHY HAS THE PRESIDENT NOT STEPPED IN? HE SURE DIDN’T HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH GM! I cannot believe this IS STILL GOING ON AND WE ARE STILL SUFFERING! Thank you idiots for selecting Rust Consulting and for the morons that voted these New parties in!! I sure appreciate being a homeless disabled Veteran, while you enjoy great dinners and time In a ‘home” with your children! Thank you very much! Glad you enjoy your freedom!! But Karma is what it is. And you will have to face your true calling someday. Laugh Now. But you shall see. Good luck with hell! And I will not feel sorry for you After what you put US ALL through! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! I believe God will prevail. Good luck with shaming his people…

  283. After more searching – I am completely disgusted with what former Rust Consulting Reps had to say… Big surprise!! So many different websites, I cannot even name them. But all and all – they knew it was wrong and am hoping is why they left. At least that is what I did get from it. However, here we still sit in the dark…at least I feel we have a Lil inside to all their deception. :(

  284. Some feedback from me after watching the 2nd video of call to Rust Consulting:

    1. Scripts – There is NO question that the call center reps are reading from scripts and those scripts are provided by Rust Consulting. Below is directly from the Rust Consulting website:

    Call Center

    We recognize that callers often represent current, former, and potential customers and clients. In establishing your call center, we select the most appropriate tools to accomplish your service and financial objectives.

    Our in-house, 500 seat call center is managed by full-time, on-site staff trained to understand the specific needs of your project. Experienced customer service representatives (“CSRs”) consistently and professionally deliver the correct information. CSRs work from plain language phone scripts created by our in-house experts and approved by the parties to ensure information is accurate and understandable. Quality assurance processes ensure consistency and excellence.

    For those cases that do not require CSRs, we prepare IVR systems through which callers can request notices or receive accurate, up-to-date settlement information. Because we own, program and maintain our own systems, we are flexible and highly responsive to your call center needs.

    Handling thousands of calls every day and having taken as many as 23,000 calls on a single settlement in a single day, Rust is prepared to handle calls for any size or type of settlement. Services Include:
    24/7 accessibility
    Toll-free IVR system
    TTY for the hearing-impaired
    Foreign language services
    Quality control systems

    Websites are an increasingly popular mechanism for communicating to your intended audience. Rust has designed and maintained hundreds of websites with features such as:
    Updated status reports and project information
    Downloadable project documents
    Online claims filing
    Rust supports email functionality dedicated to your project, with trained personnel responding to inbound questions by pre-approved scripting and within established service level agreements.”

    So- no more wondering whether the call center rep is reading from a script or where the scrip comes from.

    2. State Attorney General Offices – what they know.

    I have spoken by phone with both my State AG office (Florida) and yesterday with the AG office in Iowa. (I was informed by a WSJ writer that I am in contact with that Iowa was the lead plaintiff in this case, and so called them. It turns out that the Iowa AG was the lead AG but not the “lead plaintiff”) Anyway, I was told by both that they are getting their information from Rust. In fact, the Iowa AG rep I spoke to said she had been in contact with Rust just this week.

    I think that any suggestion by Rust employees that the State AG offices should be contacted with what seems like their (Rust’s) implication that the AG offices have independent or different knowledge than Rust is either deliberately deceptive or ignorant. If someone out there knows different, please let us know. But, I think it safe to assume that information about check issue dates and timing is coming from Rust and is passed on by the AG offices as they know it. Any suggestion by Rust that the AG offices are setting the agenda or in control of any part of administering the settlement is wrong. Again, feedback from others who have spoken with or gotten responses from their State AG offices would help to fill out this picture.

    3. The NMS website – Who manages it? Who is responsible for the information on it? Who updates it? Who was responsible for the language change from “mid 2013″ to “mid to late May” and then back to “mid 2013″?

    This is the hard part – and any real information from others will help. But here is my experience with this issue. I had been checking the website frequently (and more so as we got into April) and saw for many months the “mid 2013″ language. When it changed (4/22/13) to “mid to late May”, I was elated – Finally! Some movement toward receiving an actual check. I followed the site daily after that, and like many of you, was saddened, disappointed and angry to see the 5/8/13 update and the change back to “mid 2013″. I wondered what it meant and if it was an indication that checks would be delayed beyond May. So I did the following: (With responses I got in italics)

    1. 5/9/13 – I e-mailed the Administrator (moc.mialctnemelttesegagtromlanoitannull@ofni) This is Rust Consulting.

    2. 5/9/13 – I sent a mass e-mail to the Rust executives (names and contact info posted by a commenter above)

    3. 5/9/13 – Received e-mail response from Jason Stinehart (Rust Consulting) -”Thank you for writing Mr. _____. The information on the website is the most current information I can provide to you at this time. I can confirm we have your signed claim form, received in October of last year, and we do have the address below on your record, based on your call to us on January 25th. We will post a further update on timing as soon as we have it
    confirmed. Thank you and please let me know if you need anything else.”

    4. 5/9/13 – I responded that this did not answer my question about the language change. Mr. Stinehart replied: “I certainly understand Mr. _____, and unfortunately I don’t have an exact date to provide. The original verbiage on the website should not have been changed from the “mid-2013” language, however we are close to having a final schedule, and would just ask that you watch the website or feel free to follow up with me, and I will share any new information that I can.”

    5. 5/9/13 – I sent an e-mail to the Office of Mortgage Oversight (Joseph Smith) – but as I subsequently found out, his office has no oversight authority over this portion of the settlement.

    6. 5/10/13 – Received e-mail from NMS Administrator (Rust) – “Thank you for your email inquiry regarding the National Mortgage Settlement.

    As communicated in the materials mailed to eligible borrowers, payments to people who submitted claim forms are expected to be made in mid-2013. The processing of the claim forms is underway and until it is completed, the exact dollar amount of the payments is not determined. Borrowers who submitted claims have been contacted if additional information is needed for the processing of the claims. The Settlement Administrator is not authorized to release specific information about the number of claims submitted at this time, pending
    the conclusion of the distribution process.”

    7. Seeing the response that another commenter got from Amy Lake at Rust, I also sent her an e-mail on 5/13/13, asking the same question – why was this language changed, and what did it mean.

    8. 5/14/13 – I again e-mailed Jason Stinehart asking about the 5/13/13 update to the website, as it did not seem to indicate any new information. His response came later that day – “Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks by mid-2013, and we are currently on schedule to do so. We are continuing to work with borrowers who provided some information, but not all that was required.”

    I have had no further contact with or response from Rust since that e-mail.

    I have been in contact with a writer from the Wall Street Journal after seeing him post about the “mid year” distribution of checks. I wrote him to relay some of the frustration of claimants about the language change and he wrote me back that the “mid 2013″ language was the language the Iowa AG office used, but he had no more detail.

    So, I called Iowa AG the other day and was told this about the information and the website -

    1. According to the mortgage investigator the Iowa AG rep I was speaking to checked with: The NMS website is managed by the Attorneys General involved in the settlement.
    There is language to that effect on the website: “This Web site was developed and is hosted and maintained by the Attorneys General on the Executive Committee that negotiated the settlement. For questions regarding the settlement—signed by 49 states—please contact your state Attorney General or visit the Help for Homeowners page.”

    2. He also described the “mid to late May” language change as “someone jumping the gun”, but did not know who it was. I asked – “Does that mean some AG office changed that language and not Rust” – he said yes, but he could not say how and that all AG offices have access to that website. (The Iowa AG rep I was speaking to had left me her fax number to escalate my question to Rust, when she called me right back after receiving the above information, so my impression was that they thought this answered my question.

    3. Rust’s possible control/management of the NMS website – As you can see from Rust Consulting’s website, they also handle website for their clients – “Websites are an increasingly popular mechanism for communicating to your intended audience. Rust has designed and maintained hundreds of websites with features such as:
    Updated status reports and project information
    Downloadable project documents
    Online claims filing

    BOTTOM LINE – I do not actually know whether the NMS website and the information it contains comes from Rust to the AG offices, who then post the information OR is entirely controlled by Rust, with the “managed by the AG” language just boilerplate to make people think the AG’s are in control of it. Remember – Jason Stinehart of Rust said that the language change “should not have been made”, but gave no indication who did it.

    My Florida AG seemed to think the site was controlled by Rust and the AG’s found out information just like we do. The Iowa AG seemed to be in more constant contact with Rust.

    Sorry for the long post- hope it helps to give some context- ANYONE who can add to it or confirm/deny some of it based on information from their AG office or Rust (however much they can be trusted), please weigh in.

    This change in dates has been a real and major frustration for so many – to go from thinking we would have a check in hand in the next 2 weeks to now maybe another month or two is the worst part.

  285. At The real question I have is where and who is control of the 1.5 billion dollars while Rust takes there sweet time processing claims. They all ready had 750,000 claims on there web site but that was taken down on the most recent update. They have the claims so whats so hard about printing a check and puttig it in the mail? I wonder whats going to happen when we get our checks. We will never know if the final numbers are correct. And that’s what I’m concerned about. Bank of America all ready screwed us close to a 100,000.00 for our home. 2000.00 from this settlement just covers 1 month of rent a car payment and maybe 1 bill for us. But we will never know what the true numbers are unless we start a class action suit against Rust for an audit the ag offices the occ and whoever is involved. I want to know also who is sitting pretty on our interest?

  286. Rust tells me to call my ag office, my ag office tells me to call rust i feel like a damn yoyo where the hell is this 1.55 billion dollars

  287. Marty,
    I have heard it over and over again in speaking with different AG offices. They do not have access to the NMS website. That is what I was told. Rust Consulting controls the website and the information going out to the AG offices and to the borrowers. It would not make sense that 49 AG offices would be involved in updating a website. They only update their own websites for that particular state.
    We all want to know what the hell Rust Consulting is doing and why the AG’s that signed off on the agreement are not doing more to get answers for us. That is the most frustrating part of this situation. We get pushed back and forth from Rust to our AG office and no doubt we are all sick of the yoyo ride. I am going to continue to post videos to show the inconsistent answers we get on both sides. We can only hope Rust Consulting gets called on the carpet next week.
    So many people on this forum and others have worked diligently to get answers but we all seem to come back with the same vague information or we are told flat out lies by the call center. It is time to go to the top of the heap at Rust and expose them for the lying and deceitful company they are. Will it expedite our checks, probably not, but others will think twice in using them for anything this large and complex.

  288. “Rust tells me to call my ag office, my ag office tells me to call rust i feel like a damn yoyo”

    And I just got this link from my AG office in response to the e-mail inquiry I sent a few days ago:

    This site is hosted and maintained by the National Mortgage Settlement Administrator. The settlement is supervised by the Attorneys General on the Executive Committee that negotiated the settlement.”

    The website also says under Privacy Policy:

    This Privacy Policy applies to the “Settlement Website”, which has been established by Rust Consulting, Inc. (the “Settlement Administrator”) to provide information about, and to receive and process claims for, the Settlement.

    Did the Rust employee specifically say to contact your AG and for what reason?

    This does seem at least deceptive – Rust directs us to AGs, who only supply us with Rust links and tell us to contact Rust.

  289. Oh it was my ag dept as soon as i get to my computer i am on my cell right now i will copy and past the email sent to me fro my ag office in Jersey

  290. Our office is set up to ensure that the banks comply with the servicing standards and consumer relief requirements outlined in the national mortgage settlement. We are not involved in any way with the distribution of the cash payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure between 2008 and 2011. Please contact the Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting, at 1-866-430-8358 for information relating to foreclosure settlement claims.

  291. Marty
    The key word is hosted and maintained by the National Mortgage Settlement “administrator”. Rust is clearly the Administrator. The AG’s are lacking supervision, no doubt about that.
    I am making calls today also. Day off….might as well put it to some good use! :)

  292. The Settlement Administrator, Rust Consulting, was appointed as outlined in Exhibit C.2 of the Consent Judgments and our office has no authority over the Settlement Administrator or the foreclosure claims process

  293. FROM Jason Stinehart today

    Interest earned on the account is included in the calculation of borrowers settlement payments

  294. FROM Jason Stinehart today

    Interest earned on the account is included in the calculation of borrowers settlement payments

    yeah right I can’t wait to see this. I hope there is a break down on our checks on what are payments are from. If we get interest I excpect a 10,000.00 ++ check

  295. Jennifer, I agree LOL our checks should be thousand and thousands of dollars if interest is included in the amount. What a load of crap!!

  296. Fabulous Group,
    I am shocked that putz put it in writting that the interest earned will be included in settlement checks. I am still saying WOW. I just assimed the devil would be in the details and it would be some unnamed expense or fee Rust would keep for themselves and use as bonuses for their uppper echelon.
    You all are awesome and I think you should get a Pulizer for investigative journalism.

  297. Lisa,

    Just because he said something does not mean we will get anything. After reading those articles I found, I have no faith that we will receive anything at all. Losing faith quickly

  298. I just called David Hollands office number and his cell number. I got a voice mail to both but did talk to his assistant Dawn Zimmer. I told her “we” do not want to speak with anyone associated with the call center so please do not refer me to them or to the AG office.
    She said she would give my message to the appropriate person. I told her the appropriate person is Mr. Holland who states in his voice mail that he is in the office.
    Interesting little side note: Rust Consulting removed the mobile numbers for their executives off their website. Ya think! lol
    Anyway, after I spoke with Dawn Zimmer, I called Dave Hollands cell number and left him a voice mail message which I made a video of. I will let you all know if and when I hear back from him or some low level person at the call center.
    I will keep calling until we get answers or they update that damned website with accurate information.
    I will post video of my questions to Dave Holland in a little while. My way of documenting the call and to show they are intentionally ignoring our requests for information.

    Do you have phone number for Jason Stinehart? I would love to him on video stating we are getting the interest also.

  299. Just sent my email to the VP’s of Rust with some burning questions. Lets see if someone responds, no one has out of all my emails, so hopefully today they will.

    Here is my email:

    Good Morning all,

    There are a few questions that have been dwelling on myself and others. I called your call center and was advised to contact my Attorney General. However when calling my Attorney General, they advise me to call Rust.

    Now why am I being passed around for the questions that YOUR call center reps cannot answer for me.

    They are:

    1. Why does the payment date keep changing?
    2. You have had since January 2013 to process claims, you put on your site 750,000 people which was taken down on your last site update on 05/13/2013. You obvious know how many people have there claims since the number 750,000 was posted or unless you pulled this number out of your asses.
    3. Where is the interest going? my calculations on 1.5 billions is well over $300,000.00 a DAY!!
    4. Why hasn’t Rust starting payments on this settlement yet? And if “we” the people are receiving the money from the interest made will there be a break down on our checks to show the amount and the interest?
    5. How do we know that you are correct with the claims received and the payments we get? Who is auditing you that you are correct with the # of claims? We do not know and there is no way of us finding out? How can you clarify this since we have no idea what you are doing with “our” money and not pocketing and stating that **Example” 1 million people filled out claim forms when there was only 450,000 people and we get screwed.

    Thank you,


  300. There is no doubt the Rust Consulting Execs are afraid to answer their phones, ignoring emails and doing damage control at their level.
    We just have to keep exposing them. If I don’t get a cal back today from the Corp office it will just show how they treat us.
    I have a couple more calls to make to try to clarify some info from the AG office.
    I want someone to confirm Rust Consulting is in possession of 279 million dollars to be distributed to 140k borrowers in CA. or did that go into the general fund and is never going to be distributed. I want this on record also.

  301. http://youtu.be/2MYzyEDh8ew

    Call to Dave Holland, Executive of Rust Consulting. I called him because he testified in April. This is his voice mail. I also left a message with Dawn Zimmer his secretary. I want a call from him, not the call center. We shall see!

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013
    10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    538 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    [view archive webcast]

    will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a hearing entitled “Helping Homeowners Harmed by Foreclosures: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency in Foreclosure Reviews, Part II”. The witnesses will be: Mr. Lawrance L. Evans, Director, Financial Markets and Community Investment, U.S. Government Accountability Office; and Mr. Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement. Additional witnesses may be added at a later date.


    Panel 1

    Mr. Lawrance L. Evans [view testimony]
    Director, Financial Markets and Community Investment
    U.S. government Accountability Office
    Mr. Joseph A. Smith, Jr. [view testimony]
    Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement
    Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight
    Mr. David Holland [view testimony]
    Executive Vice President
    Rust Consulting, Inc.
    Ms. Deborah Goldberg [view testimony]
    Special Project Director
    National Fair Housing Alliance

  302. Dawn,
    Thanks. I will call the corporate office. You can find an extension by their phone directory. I will see if he is listed at that office.

  303. Chris no answer from Jason yet, but here is some information I found on Rust’s website.


    Contact an expert before the settlement is complete to determine potential claim rates, settlement structures, and accurate cost estimates.


    Rust Consulting, Inc.
    Class Action Settlement Administration

    Critical Communication Services

  304. Jason is at the corp office with his buddies Dave and James. I got his voice mail. I did not leave a message.

  305. It just keeps getting better – or worse, depending. How does this sound to everyone?

    Here is the e-mail I sent to the Administrator this morning (That is Rust Consulting):

    “I also would like to confirm something that has been somewhat confusing.

    Is the information posted on the National Mortgage Settlement website posted by and the responsibility of Rust Consulting?

    This language appears at the bottom of: http://nationalmortgagesettlement.com/

    “This Web site was developed and is hosted and maintained by the Attorneys General on the Executive Committee that negotiated the settlement. For questions regarding the settlement—signed by 49 states—please contact your state Attorney General”

    However, I got this link ( https://nationalmortgagesettlementclaim.com/) in an e-mail from my AG office this morning, indicating that the website is:

    This site is hosted and maintained by the National Mortgage Settlement Administrator. The settlement is supervised by the Attorneys General on the Executive Committee that negotiated the settlement.”

    Also, the Privacy Policy says: “This Privacy Policy applies to the “Settlement Website”, which has been established by Rust Consulting, Inc. (the “Settlement Administrator”) to provide information about, and to receive and process claims for, the Settlement.”

    MY QUESTION: When I go the “Settlement Website” and see information about the check issuance timeframe and also note that it has been changed and then reverted to its previous language – WHO MADE THAT CHANGE? Rust Consulting or someone else?

    You should also be aware that some Rust Consulting call center employees are telling claimants to contact their State Attorney General Offices, yet in every case I am aware of, State AG offices refer all questions about this portion of the settlement back to Rust as the Administrator.

    What is your view of the Rust v. AG office for information? Is not Rust the official source of information on this settlement? Does Rust have any reason to send people to their State AG for information about the issuance of checks?”

    I just received this response:

    “No, Rust Consulting does not maintain the information on the settlement website.

    Settlement Administrator”

    WOW – this really needs answering.


  306. from Jason

    I can call you if you have a number I can reach you at. Our calls originate from the toll free line so that is the number you should see coming through.

  307. It seems from this thread that Jason Stinehart and Amy Lake are the only ones so far (other than whoever is answering the emails that go to Adminstrator at NMS – which is Rust.) who have personally contacted claimants by either phone or e-mail.

    I have several e-mails from Jason, but so far no answer from the one I sent Amy. Apparently Dave and the other boys higher up are not inclined to answer anyone. Have they answered anyone?

    I have sent my e-mail regarding Rust’s denial of managing the website to the WSJ reporter I am communicating with and am also sending it to Sen. Warren’s office. I also posted it on the Naked Capitalism thread devoted to this topic – a personal note- I have been reading Naked Capitalism for years and for those who may not know Yves has done a phenomenal job for a long time on these mortgage related frauds. That site is a wealth of good, solid information.

  308. Dawn,
    Jason is a liar.
    He is at (612) 359-2050. Just ask the operator to put you through to him or you can use their telephone directory.
    He is at the same office as James Parks and Dave Holland.
    What an idiot he is!

  309. Looks like we have to find out who exactly is on the Executive Committee for the 49 AG’s that negotiated the settlement. There is apparently 8 on this committee. Iowa AG is one of them. Maybe his office can give us names of all the committee members.

    It appears it is this executive committee who handles the website, not individual AG offices.

    Trying to find out who they are and what office they are operating out of.

    Then we have a place to turn to but willing to be they still say the information on the website is given to them by Rust.

  310. Okay all, Jason has responded to my email here is what he said:

    Good afternoon and thank you for writing. I have offered some additional information below, however if you have any further questions please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Why does the payment date keep changing? The payment date has not changed. There have been updates made at the website which unfortunately have caused confusion, however Rust Consulting does not maintain the information on that site, it is maintained in coordination with the State Attorneys’ General offices. Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks by mid-2013, and we are currently on schedule to do so. We are continuing to work with borrowers who provided some information, but not all that was required.

    2. You have had since January 2013 to process claims, you put on your site 750,000 people which was taken down on your last site update on 05/13/2013. You obvious know how many people have there claims since the number 750,000 was posted or unless you pulled this number out of your asses.

    3. Where is the interest going? my calculations on 1.5 billions is well over $300,000.00 a DAY!! Interest earned on the account is included in the calculation of borrowers settlement payments.

    4. Why hasn’t Rust starting payments on this settlement yet? And if “we” the people are receiving the money from the interest made will there be a break down on our checks to show the amount and the interest? Because we are still collecting necessary information from borrowers who provided some information, but not all that was required, and because this is a pro-rata settlement, we don’t have a final payment amount for you yet. We are working diligently to include as many borrowers as possible in the distribution process.

    5. How do we know that you are correct with the claims received and the payments we get? Who is auditing you that you are correct with the # of claims? We do not know and there is no way of us finding out? How can you clarify this since we have no idea what you are doing with “our” money and not pocketing and stating that **Example” 1 million people filled out claim forms when there was only 450,000 people and we get screwed. Our office is working under the direction of the 49 State Attorneys’ General offices that have

    Thank you,


    This message (including any attachments) may contain confidential or otherwise privileged information and is intended only for the individual(s) to which it is addressed. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secured or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. The sender therefore does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message or that arise as a result of e-mail transmission. If verification is required please request a hard-copy version from the sender.

    Rust Consulting, Inc.

  311. Just a side note, I went ot Wells Fargo site online just double checking if they might have a link or info regarding the NMS payments and of course they did not but I was surprised to see this statement in small print to their borrowers ” Please remember: The foreclosure process and the mortgage assistance process may take place at the same time. Be sure to work closely with us — we’ll explore all the mortgage assistance options that may help you keep your home.”. Is this not part of the reason the banks were sued in the first place, double dipping?? If Wells can be so blatantly defying the rules of part of the settlement and the AG’S are doing nothing about that, I fear that we may not have any payments coming anytime soon. So very angry!!

  312. This is what I just found out about the State of Ca.
    The AG office did get the bulk of money from the total settlement. The AG office did set aside 279 million designated to be paid as restitution to 140k borrowers who lost homes.
    As soon as the AG office got the funds, Gov Brown seized all the funds and put them in the general fund to plug the deficit.
    I called the Gov. office and confirmed. We will not be getting any restitution from our state.
    Only the distribution of the 1.5 billion in the hands of Rust Consulting.
    The AG office did not know the names of the AG’s who sit on the Executive Committee for the 59 AG’s who negotiated the settlement. How can you not know this? Maybe this person just did not know. He was very nice, very helpful too.
    He told me they probably don’t want that information made public because they will get overwhelmed in phone calls. Ya think?
    I will keep calling until I find a mole.

  313. Here are two of the Executive Committee members. This committee represents the 49 AG’s who negotiated the settlement and established the NMS website. Still say they get their information from Rust to put on the website.

    Tom Miller-AG-Iowa
    Mr. McKenna-AG- WA

    I will keep looking

  314. There you go….just find the AG office for the state listed below and they are on the Executive Committee. Funny how CA. did not admit to being on it.

    The Executive Committee is comprised of the following Attorneys General Offices: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington; and the following state banking regulators: Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, New York State Banking Department, and the Pennsylvania Department of Banking.

  315. “…it is maintained in coordination with the State Attorneys’ General offices”

    What does this mean?

    “Our office is working under the direction of the 49 State Attorneys’ General offices that have”

    What’s the rest of this sentence? And what does that mean? – Since every AG office refers us back to Rust as the Administrator.

    Should we be focusing on our State AG offices for more information on how they are “coordinating” with Rust or “directing” Rust?

  316. Marty,
    We have to focus on those AG offices as I provided above who are on the “Executive Committee” representing the 40 AG offices.
    They control the website and Rust Consulting provides them with updates. But I want to hear from them directly and not Rust as to what part they are really playing in this on our behalf.

  317. I agree- my contacts with both Iowa and Florida AG offices have been extremely unsatisfactory as far as firm information on the relationship between the parties.

    Iowa seems pretty sure that I am wrong in my assertion to them that from everything I saw, Rust controls and maintains the website.

    Florida, on the other hand, seemed pretty sure of the opposite.

    I find it odd that the “normal” website shows it maintained by the AG offices, but the secured link I got from Florida showed Rust in control.

    My thought is this – are there 2 websites? The “public” one where AG offices (all 49?) put the information they get from Rust? And a “private” one where AG offices have access to more information.

    It seems very odd and even unbelievable to me that Rust – touting their long experience and strong management of all phases of settlements like this, especially noting how they create and maintain websites for this purpose, would allow a website that 49 AG offices can post to.

    Very frustrating to say the least – I have an e-mail in to Rust asking very specifically – if Rust is not posting information to the website, who is?

  318. Here are the contact numbers for each member on the Executive Committee.
    Where they meet is most probably in D.C. or who knows…in hell some day. NY was excluded as Eric Schneider got booted off the committee for speaking up.

    CA. Kamala Harris 916-322-3360
    AZ. Tom Horne 602-542-5025
    CO. John Suthers 720-508-6000
    CT. George Jepsen 860-808-5318
    FL. Pam Bondi 850-414-3300
    IL. Lisa Madison 312-814-3000
    IA. Tom MIller 515-281-5164
    NC Roy Cooper 919-716-6400
    OH Mike Delane 614-466-4986
    TX Gregg Abbott 512-463-2050 his press number
    WA. bob Fergusen 206-464-6684

    I did not get the email addresses as they go to a public inquiry unit and not a direct email to the AG’s above.

  319. Chris:

    I just got off the phone with my AG office and requested an e-mail address for someone who is knowledgeable about this issue. (The rep had to put me on hold to speak find out some answers, so I asked for direct contact with that person)

    I will ask all of my questions on this matter of NMS information and where it comes from as well as give them my history or responses from Rust and will post results as soon as I get them.

    At least I will know what Florida’s position is on this, especially since my AG is on the Executive Committee.

    Thanks for all your good work on this.

  320. Marty,
    Everyone is dodging responsibility. Of course Rust is behind all of this and has to be the source of any information on websites even if they didn’t physically place it there.
    The AG offices don’t manage the money or process the claims.
    I think it is simple.
    The executive committee members get updated by Rust and some office person puts it on the website for the NMS website. Whatever they get, they get from Rust.
    The AG office that seems to have June as a check date is Minnesota…how odd. But MN is not part of the executive committee. Rust is in what state…hmmm Minnesota…coincidence that the very state where Rust is located is the state AG office with the June check date.

  321. I’m starting to get the sneaky suspicion that the AGs know more about what is going on than they are letting on. And the language in this settlement is so full of loopholes only a group of lawyers who are supposedly defenders of the could have it to where the states could seize funds that were meant for the borrowers. This was never about the homeowner but a simple money grab by the crooked politicians. Whoever is truly in charge of this thing whether it ne Rust or the AGs, one fact remains. It is still the homeowners who are getting screwed. Big banks or big brother..these days what’s the difference??

  322. I’ve left a message for the Wyoming AG office. I’m hoping I’ll get some answers from them since Wyoming is one of the few states that still fights for the people and not government and money agendas. If I hear anything good, I’ll post later. :)

  323. “…coincidence that the very state where Rust is located is the state AG office with the June check date.”

    Combined with the post above where Amy Lake of Rust gave “the first week in June” as an anticipated date, I am holding out hope that “June” does not mean the very end of the month.

    This is the worst part of this – we all knew from the first notice of this settlement (back in 2012) that payment would come in “mid 2013″. The hope that it would be sooner seemed to be put before us and then snatched away with no explanation.

  324. I called Rust today to send me my form that I filled out in the beginning of this process.. I was told I will receive my form in 14 Days….. I do have copies……. But wanted to see what they will send me. Just FYI for those that lost there paperwork, did it on line or didn’t fill one out cause you did’t get one in the mail or just to see what they send.. Never Know you might get one they screw up so many times…. :)

  325. Well….no call from Dave Holland or anyone else from Rust for that matter. Not like I was waiting for the phone to ring lol
    I have written to all the AG’s on the Executive Committee requesting that they clarify why the MN AG office website states June but the NMS website does not. I also asked all the same questions I left for A%% hole Holland to answer.
    Unknown, I am sure there will be checks sometime in June and I say that simply because June is as far as you can go in calling it mid 2013 lol
    However, I do not trust the amounts will be correct or that they will disclose an actual breakdown with the checks.

    With regards to the CA. restitution funds taken away from the AG office by Gov Brown. I am considering taking the Governor and his controller to small claims court for my portion of the 279M plus interest of course.
    There does not appear to be any class action against the Gov for doing this but he did take funds designated for Californians who lost their homes. $35.00 is worth it just to make them answer to a court. The max to sue for is 5k so I am right in the ballpark.
    There was a woman who sued Toyota in Small Claims court because she could not afford an attorney. She sued because they falsely represented the cars mileage and she won! Then everyone else followed her lead. Love it!

  326. Called the MN AG office today. Immediately was referred back to Rust. Told them that didn’t work blah blah blah. Asked why the date was changed, AG office seemed confused by this question. The person I was talking to didn’t know that the date ever said May 20. He stated the end of May first week of June was the info he had. When asked about extra money from Minnesota part of settlement being used to beef up mn checks the rep said no. Then I instructed him to pull up an article from the mpls star tribune which states exactly that. So, while I was still on the phone he proceeded to pull up the article and read it. Get this, then to my amazement he said, well if the star tribune reported that then I would assume that to be true. I said well, the star tribune must have gotten that info from your office and the rep said he wasn’t sure where the paper got that info but it probably is accurate. So I proceeded to rant about this whole mess and how everything is a big secret. He had the nerve to ask me why I was in such a hurry to have this information because I would find everything out when I got my check. Again I immediately asked well, when will that be? No definite answer of course but stated that the attorney general is upset and trying to get to the bottom of all this. Lots and lots of confusing non answers from the MN AG.

  327. Okay all jsy had exchanged some emails back and forth with Jason from Rust. From what I am gathering from his hand written emails no scripts is first week in June is when the payment’s are going out. Everyone will receive the interest in their checks from the 1.5 billion and he said that each loan will be paid out different. Guess it does go by states and if Jersey is going through with handing out the money it will be an extra 1800 to 2000 ontop of the settlement plus interest. Now we had a va loan do we get an additional bonus from the VA settlement? No one has that answer. All in all I am expecting at least 4000.00 plus. Could be just wishfull thinking or hoping. Its obvious that talking to anyone isnt going to speed up the process and I like to verbally fight lol however this is a brick wall. I do not wish for my home back but would like the 3000.00 good faith cash we put down on it and maybe a years mortgage payment lol. Guess the amount we get will be found out once the check is in hand which sucks.

  328. Jennifer, we also had VA loan but I have not heard about a VA settlement. Is that just for your state?

  329. “Okay all jsy had exchanged some emails back and forth with Jason from Rust. From what I am gathering from his hand written emails no scripts is first week in June is when the payment’s are going out.”

    Can you please clarify this? “jsy”? “hand written emails”? “no scripts”? Has someone had actual confirmation from Jason (Stinehart) at Rust that checks are going out first week in June.
    Appreciate the information, but some clarity will help.

  330. On there website national mortgage there is a link on the right side for veterans. The va has 10 million dollars for this settlement which goes beyond the scra act. So veteran’s with va loans (not just active duty) should receive money from that but its not confirmed. Marty when i get to my real computer i will copy and 9aste his email. I am on my phone and dont know how to do it

  331. I was speaking with a friend who is in banking lol. She said depending on the interest rate which we have no idea…the amount of interest for 1 million over the course of a year at 4% is about 48k. So 1.5 it is about 64k. Even if you calculate another 6 months of interest it is not a great deal divide up among thousands of claimants

  332. Marty here is the email that I promised you. Guess there is not way to push things up. I can live with June, wish I could say May.

    The payment date has not changed. There have been updates made at the website which unfortunately have caused confusion, however Rust Consulting does not maintain the information on that site, it is maintained in coordination with the State Attorneys’ General offices. Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks first week of June, and we are currently on schedule to do so.

    We do not yet know the final amount of the pro rata distribution that will be paid per loan. The only information I can share at this time is that which is available on the website, that they payments will be at least $840, and that assumes a 100% claims filing rate. We know payments will be more than that, but I don’t have any further information as to how much more at this time. If you can provide your claimant id, I can check your record and make sure everything is in order, unless you have already been in contact with our call center about that. Thank you.

  333. Hey Chris, I think whoever you spoke with at CA’s AG office miscommunicated or misunderstood you. I think Californians are still getting part of the $279 million restitution. The reason is that the only thing I am finding online is that Gov. Brown took the $400 million to plug the deficit from the AG’s office. Well, keep in mind, $430 million went to CA’s AG’s office for costs and fees. He took that. That doesn’t mean the additional $279 million that was allocated specifically as restitution for 140,000 homeowners who were foreclosed upon between 2008 and 2011.

  334. Hi Chris, if you do the cacualtions we will get about 11.57 LOLOL so much for my 2000.00 bonus. Just seems so small that on 1.5 Billion dollars at a 4% interest rate you would only make 64K on it. Hopefully if we all do receive 2000.00 from Rust with the extra from our states should be a second income tax bonus. But I am not banking on it anymore, considering we only got $400.00 from the IFR. $400.00 should be a lot of money, We decided to go to a nice dinner, feeding 3 people (my daughter is only 5 months old now) our nice dinner was just over a 100.00 lol we were stuffed though.

  335. Scott,
    I hope your right but they said (Ag Public Information office) Brown took all of it and left them with only the funds to pay fees. I guess we will know when and if those checks come in June. AG said they have no funds in their coffers for anyone. It is all with the Gov office. Who knows! I also spoke to the Gov office and they said no funds were going to borrowers from their office. So depends on who you believe.

  336. Chris, exactly, who the heck knows. But here is what I’m finding about what Brown took. So we know that “$430 million to the state attorney general’s office for costs and fees.” That’s Kamala Harris’s office, CA’s AG. That’s the money that Brown is taking.
    Here’s from the LA Times: “She also faces an attempt by Brown to take $410 million that California received as part of the national settlement. Harris has said she would spend the money on housing counseling and legal services for low- and moderate-income people.”
    And from SFGate: “California Attorney General Kamala Harris is not happy about Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to use $411 million in revenue coming to the state as part of the national mortgage settlement to help shrink the general fund deficit.”
    CA “secured” $270 million for 140,000 borrowers. Now, you mentioned before there will be a combination of two payments into one check. I don’t know if you’re positive about that. But that’s the question. Is this added in, or is that how much CA secured from the $1.5 billion? I have a feeling that this is not in addition, but just what CA claimants are splitting up, nothing more. Especially since you also mentioned too on 5/14 that each state secured funds.

  337. Scott,
    All I can say is the first time I called the AG office, I spoke to the assistant to the AG and she told me the 279 million was going to be added to the checks of the NMS 1.5 billion.
    When I called today, I was calling on another matter. I was trying to obtain the names of the AG’s who are on the Executive Committee representing the 49 AG offices in the NMS. I spoke with the public information officer who was actually researching my questions on a computer as we spoke. I asked him what he knew about the 279 million Ca. received from the NMS. He told me Brown seized all but what the AG needed for the fees/costs.
    The 1.5 is only divided up by claimants, not by states. So, however many claimants are in CA. are a mystery to me, but it has nothing to do with the 279 million.
    I think we are getting our portion of the 1.5 billion plus interest-which is very little.
    I think it will be more than 2k per person but not less than 2k based on the 750k eligible claimants information provided long ago.
    Your guess is as good as mine if Brown took the allocated funds or not. It is like a ping pong game to watch and at this point I don’t think even the media has the correct facts. They only write what they are told and so far if you compared what we have been told, I can’t hold much faith the media has better info than we do from the same sources.
    Sad we are played like this and now I feel like I am waiting for a box of cracker jacks to see what the prize is inside lol
    Have a great weekend!

  338. Thanks, Jennifer! (This is Jason Stinehart who wrote you, correct?)

    “Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks first week of June, and we are currently on schedule to do so.”

    Well- this sounds like progress – in an e-mail to me on 5/14/13, Jason Stinehart wrote:

    “Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks by mid-2013, and we are currently on schedule to do so.”

    “If you can provide your claimant id, I can check your record and make sure everything is in order”

    I think I’ll give this a try – has anyone had their account verified in this way?

  339. Marty,
    I think every time I called the call center they verified my claim. They ask your name, mailing address, claim number and last 4 of your social. They then pull it up and tell you they have your claim. Don’t know about any other claim verification so if you get some other verification, please let me know!

  340. I know they have my claim – Jason Stinehart confirmed that in one of his e-mails to me.

    The only reason I have some concern was the other day I called the number someone posted above that was supposedly for Tier 2 support. The FIRST question I asked him was if he could answer some questions for me on the NMS. He said he could, and then proceeded to try and look up my records by last 4 of SSN and he couldn’t.

    Then he told me he couldn’t answer any questions about the NMS, that he was only dealing with the IFR. So I don’t know if he was just incompetent, or that having completed the IFR and received my check, somehow he couldn’t find a record.

    I did send Jason an e-mail with my Acct. and Claim Number, asking him to verify that all is in order.

    I sure hope his “first week of June” is correct. It’s different than what he wrote me a few days ago – I know that Rust has an “e-mail team” who also work from scripts, so I hope this is not a case of someone writing information that turns out to be wrong.

  341. Hi everyone was googling and reading comments on the mortgage troubles and ran across this comment from a guy on the subject. “Sounds like mail fraud to me. When State Street Bank became custodian of my no-fee IRA, they wanted to charge me $100 per year as a custodial fee. Somehow, they didn’t understand what no-fee meant and refused to lift the charge. I went down to the Post Office and filed a mail fraud complaint. End of problem. The financial regulatory agencies are staffed by guys who came from the financial industry. No wonder the regulators turn a blind eye to their crony’s crimes. I’ll slap your wrist, you slap mine… But Post Offices don’t have revolving doors with banks. The USPS is my favorite utility, even above my very efficient and reasonably priced garbage man. Out here in Northern California, the real garbage man is PG&E. I wonder if the USPS would be interested in how PG&E divides my baseline quantities mid-month (in their favor) without even checking the Smart Meter I had to pay for.”

  342. BAD NEWS – Jennifer – Jason is claiming he was “misquoted” in your e-mail.

    I just got this answer from him in response to my e-mail sending your quoted language about “first week in June”:

    “The message you are quoting below was in response to another borrower’s question, however it appears I was misquoted. Here was my statement to the other party;

    “The payment date has not changed. There have been updates made at the website which unfortunately have caused confusion, however Rust Consulting does not maintain the information on that site, it is maintained in coordination with the State Attorneys’ General offices. Our goal from the beginning of this process was to mail checks by mid-2013, and we are currently on schedule to do so. We are continuing to work with borrowers who provided some information, but not all that was required.”

    It is unfortunate that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and I understand why it is causing frustration with affected borrowers. However, I reviewed your claim, and everything is in good order.”

    Can you copy and post the exact content of his e-mail?

  343. I believe based on the Minnesota AG website the checks are being mailed in June. They did not pull that month out of their hats. When in June, I don’t know. Amy Lakes also used the date of June in a phone call to a person in this forum.
    I have heard back from Jason Stinehart either. I have sent him several emails asking specific questions but no response.
    If they are going to send script emails, then why bother. Just another level of stonewalling.
    I am more interested in why the communication is so horrible coming from Rust to AG offices and borrowers. Why the run around, different versions of the so called facts.
    The least they can do is stick to the same story but I guess since corporate, which is where Jason and Amy are located and so far removed from the call center, they don’t know what story to stick to. Crazy we have to be doing this at all! I think I will send them an invoice for my services lol

  344. Marty,
    I posted the number for the Tier II support because I was given it by a member of another forum. What I have realized in reading many articles and going to different forums, many people are referring to the IFR as the NMS but as we all know they are not the same even though they are being handled by Rust. I called the number I posted and discovered it was for the IFR but they transferred me to another support person when my claim number would not work. I can only assume was somewhere in the call center. So much bad info. Going to post only what I have verified myself as to not confuse readers anymore. Sorry for the bad info.
    Going to wait and see what happens in June. No point calling, calling and calling. There is no consistent information from anyone out there we can count on.
    Time to enjoy the weekend and let this sit on simmer for a while. :)

  345. Chris, if you scroll up I posted about my call to the Mn Ag yesterday. They seem as confused as everyone else. Our attorney general does always seem to try to get to the bottom of things so I am guessing she is havi ng a difficult time gettin info too

  346. Jean,
    I did read your post but I don’t think the MN AG office made up the month of June. They clearly got it somewhere and then there is Amy Lake from Rust providing the same month.
    I agree with RJ, the dust needs to settle on all this information or incorrect information.
    I contact the members of the Executive Committee yesterday (Friday). They are responsible for the NMS website and are the one’s Rust Consulting updates. Rust does not update each individual AG office, they report it to the Executive Committee who represents all the AG offices and they are suppose to pass the updates onto AG offices. Clearly, not happening. So I thought maybe I should start with them since they are the point people for Rust.
    I will let everyone know when I hear from them. I listed their names and phone numbers if anyone else wants to ask them why the NMS website is not consistent and to verify they update it with information provided by Rust. Seems simply but like pulling teeth.
    CA. AG office wouldn’t admit AG Harris is on the Executive Committee. So there you go….everyone dodging us and our questions.

  347. “They are responsible for the NMS website and are the one’s Rust Consulting updates. Rust does not update each individual AG office, they report it to the Executive Committee who represents all the AG offices and they are suppose to pass the updates onto AG offices. Clearly, not happening. So I thought maybe I should start with them since they are the point people for Rust.”

    Agree – This Executive Committee is who I am assuming Rust is referring to when they say the website is updated “in conjunction with” the AG offices.

    I am still waiting on responses from both Jason and whoever is responding to e-mails sent to “administrator” regarding the website information. I may be wrong, but I am finding it hard to believe that Rust, who on their website, explains how they create and manage websites for their client’s projects, seemingly has no control or knowledge of what goes on this one. Also waiting to hear what explanation they have for what looks like 2 websites (one at “http” and another at “https”).

    The fact that Rust is in business for their clients and their whole business model is based on handling all facets of these settlements – of course, at the lowest cost possible- and that they advertise their call center and e-mail teams as both working from scripts, is making me wonder if we are indeed hearing from the people we think we are or just members of the “e-mail team” writing scripted language to us under the names of Amy and Jason. The language is almost word for word the same.

    I will be very curious what the AG Executive Committee response is – since Florida is on that committee, I pointed that out to the rep I spoke to yesterday and was promised a direct e-mail contact in the AG office to address these questions.

  348. “What I have realized in reading many articles and going to different forums, many people are referring to the IFR as the NMS but as we all know they are not the same even though they are being handled by Rust.”

    RJ- Yes….This has been a major problem as many claimants confuse the two. In fact, when I got the postcard from Rust a couple months ago, I thought it was for the NMS. I did not even know I was in the IFR, as I had not submitted a claim.

    It took some research to get straight what the two settlements were, and in fact that there were two separate settlements.

    I have to say that since Rust’s performance in the IFR has been criticized and seeing how they are handling this one, I think serving the claimants is the last thing on their minds – it’s keeping the costs as low as possible for their crooked clients.

  349. If it was misquated I can’t say I am the one to appolgise. However I would have never posted. There is also a comment from my orginal email that was started and never finished the whole sentence to anwser. here it is:

    It was from question 5 in my email to Rust:

    5. How do we know that you are correct with the claims received and the payments we get? Who is auditing you that you are correct with the # of claims? We do not know and there is no way of us finding out? How can you clarify this since we have no idea what you are doing with “our” money and not pocketing and stating that **Example” 1 million people filled out claim forms when there was only 450,000 people and we get screwed. Our office is working under the direction of the 49 State Attorneys’ General offices that have

    As you can see it is not a finished sentence. So I do give up writting and receiving emails. I love this blog and only want to help since we are all in the same boat. I happen to be a big softy and when Jason was talking with me I said it sounds like he is not bad since he was answering me and being nice asking me about my claiment ID and checking my status and even giving me my claiment # since I did not have it. Sorry for the confusion I do just copy and past from my emails. I have contacted everyone a number of times, my AG office, Rust and also the mortgage settlement site who advises me to talk to Rust. I feel like a yoyo and I just don’t know who to contact anymore. mid 2013 to me means May or possiably June. The web site has changed to payment date 3 times however Jason is stating is has always been mid 2013 but that means nothing to me I want a date.

  350. Jennifer, I appreciate everything you have been doing to try to find us some answers. I too have been making calls and emails but no firm answers on anything. Hang in there and don’t let these people “in charge” get you down.

  351. Will you please post the email address for Jason and Amy? Thank you for the information.

  352. if it does help received about 5 different emails from jason. or so i thought it was him.

  353. no matter what the final numbers are we really could use the money. My job after 6 years with Comcast fired me 7 day’s before I was due back to work from maternity leave in January 2013. 6 years with this company. I had to apply for unemployemtn and only receiving 500.00 a week, when I was working I was bringing home over 2500.00 every 2 weeks. plus I lost my kids insurance since it was through my job. So this money is important to us and thats why i am demanding anwsers. I could really use this money to help out since we took a big pay cut with my job. And finding a job for what I was being paid at Comcast is a needle in a haystack here in Jersey. I refuse to work for 7.50 an hour. My education is in computer science. I was making more money then my husband. This is what’s going on with people like us. They take our homes, then I was fired for having a baby. Greedy corporate assholes

  354. Jennifer-

    Thanks for your input – Jason is telling me that HE was misquoted by you, not that you were misquoted. I guess that he did say “mid 2013″ in your e-mail after all.

    “Our office is working under the direction of the 49 State Attorneys’ General offices that have…”

    This language from Rust (and I am pretty sure Jason used the same language in one of my e-mails) just seems preposterous when EVERY AG office directs all questions back to Rust. To think that 49 separate AG offices are “directing” Rust to do anything is ridiculous.

    Even the AG offices admit that each one of them is handling the settlement in their own way. Since I am all but positive that each state’s AG page gives Rust’s e-mail and the NMS website as contact information, I think this makes it clear that to think Rust is simply doing what the AG offices say is plainly nonsense.

    Jason has used the term “in conjunction with” the AG’s to describe updating the website. Chris will hopefully shed much more light on this when the Exec Committee responds.

    This is simply pathetic that we cannot get a straight answer to who is putting information on the only website we have available for supposed “official” information.

    NOTE: I was surprised to receive an e-mail this morning from Jason, as the one I sent went out late last night. Hmm, I thought – strange that he is working on a Saturday. But so far, no answer to the longer one I sent with more detailed questions. I guess the e-mail team doesn’t have a script for every question.

  355. @ Jennifer & Chris, Thanks for the information. I will post any responses that I receive.

  356. Jennifer,

    I really mean no disrespect but my husband was layed off in 2008 when he lost his job that was 100k a year. He delivered pizzas to help us make it through until he found work in another state. 7.50 an hour is better than nothing at all. If they really fired you over the baby, I don’t understand why you didn’t sue them.

    I know many of you are looking forward to this check and believe me, I am too. However, I noticed some people made plans expecting that money to be in the mail and were pissed when it didn’t happen. that is poor money management. Never plan for something until that check is in your hand.

    If it helps anyone on here, my husband and I read Dave Ramseys book Total Money Makeover and it really changed our lives. We are officially a few months into living debt free and our stress has diminished. Our money works for us now instead of us working for the money. I suggest to those out there who have never heard of him to go to the library and check out his book.

    Again, people PLEASE do not expect anything anytime soon or at all. That way when it does come, it’ll be a bonus. good luck to you all that are still struggling. It aint easy living these days!

  357. Marty,
    I hope to God I get an answer who is reporting to who?. Who is posting info on the website. Who actually has access to make changes on the website? Who does this person, who updates the website, get the information from to put on the website?

    It is pathetic that we have to investigate this on our own!
    I can totally understand why they can’t get a damned thing done in D.C. and when they do it results in a screwed up mess!

    Waiting for my Cracker Jack Box and my special prize lol

  358. Chris,

    I will be watching very carefully the Senate Banking Committee hearings on Tuesday.

    will meet in OPEN SESSION to conduct a hearing on “The Financial Stability Oversight Council Annual Report to Congress.” The witness will be: The Honorable Jacob J. Lew, Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury.

    Not specifically on mortgages, but I think Sen. Warren will have good questions anyway.

    I’ve also been looking for information on the meetings that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ staff had with Rust Consulting this past week.

  359. Well Kari thank u for ur input and glad to see a book changed ur life and u are debt free. Must have took a lot for ur husband to deliver pizza after making over 100,000.00 a year. Since i am almost 40 and dont like to read books yes i take offense to ur statement. So why dont u just call me a lowlife since i still have some self respect and feel i am worth more then 7.50 an hour. Since u are way above my level this will be my final post. I wasn’t excepting much from this settlement but anything will help. And to answer ur question I just don’t sue companies cause I was fired. My company fired 3 people including myself stating they are doing away with my position and i was not covered under any fmla. Its over and done. Show some respect I have a 7 year old and a 5 month old and all extra money goes to them instead of my savings account until i get back on my feet.

  360. Marty,
    I could not find anything on the meeting with Cummings staff. I sure do hope this issue comes up with the Banking Committee hearing. Senator Warren always gives them hell. They sounded so interested in our issues so I hope it gets more than 30 seconds of attention with all this AP/IRS and Benghazi drama. We will be lucky to get any attention at all but hoping for the best!

  361. Chris,

    I sent a message to Sen. Warren relaying some of the issues we are discussing, but no word back yet. I don’t know how likely it is, but I sure wish she would run for President. She seems the only one (with maybe a few others) who really understands these issues and knows them well enough to put the crooks on the spot.

  362. Marty,
    I did the same in contacting Senator Warren last week. I sent video and overview of our frustration in obtaining accurate information. Oh I wish she would run for President. Hands down, she would kick some butt and hold these banks to answer. I love watching her grill these agencies who failed to prosecute and thought settlements were good enough. What did she say…Banks too big to fail…or to big to go to trial! Wish I was one of her constituents!

  363. “Everyone is upset but isn’t mid year the same as June??”

    I think the cause of the upset -at least it is for me – is that ever since the initial notice of this settlement back in Sept. 2012, it was stated that payments would be made in “mid 2013″ and yes, I expected that it meant May, June, maybe even July.

    It stayed that way for months on the website – “mid 2013″ – when it was changed on 4/22/13 to say specifically “mid to late 2013″, it sure looked like movement had been made and a much more accurate payment time was official.

    The website stayed that way until 5/8/13 – about 2 weeks, giving us hope that we would see a check in the next two weeks.

    To find out that this was apparently a mistake that no one can explain, and that a mailing, even if it is in June, could be in the last week. That would mean we would see checks a full month or more from when it looked like they were promised.

    If they had never changed the website, this would not be an issue – its the change to “mid to late May” and then back that is the cause of the upset.

  364. EDIT:
    The above should read:

    It stayed that way for months on the website – “mid 2013″ – when it was changed on 4/22/13 to say specifically “mid to late May″, it sure looked like movement had been made and a much more accurate payment time was official.

  365. Personally, I am not as concerned with the past changed dates as much as I am concerned with why we don’t have a real date. Mid 2013 means little to me other than “mid” would be June and that is what I am trying to validate.
    Let’s face it, whatever caused those changes and seeking out why they changed will not push us forward. I can’t find one reliable source that can explain the change in those dates and I am not wasting time to get them.
    My personal focus is to get a date and get it in some form of documentation, either email or a video of a conversation stating such. Until I have that I am not speculating or reading into vague and ambiguous media prints.
    I would however like to know if staff from Rep Cummings office (which office-he has several) met with Rust Consulting last week. From what I read about the upcoming meeting in the Wall St. Journal, it was about the IFR mess and not about the NMS. If that is the case, that too is a waste of time following up on.

  366. This was posted in the comment section of the video first video I posted. I realize it is long but somewhat informative. You can also go to youtube and read the comment there.

    Firstly–thank you for your efforts in documenting the obvious bs going on with the delays in settlement pymts for foreclosure victims–it’s sickening the lack of attention this is getting and the lack of info found elsewhere.

    Secondly (and if this email has a txt limit I’ll continue with additional email to you) I did want to share some info that I was provided by someone from Rust that I was able to speak to–while it’s entirely possible (and somewhat likely) that they were merely someone else working in the very same position as the people you got in your videos, after the initial rep answered my call, they did transfer me to what they claimed to be a different dept., and the person I spoke with seemed to either have a different “script”, or they actually were working in a different dept that had a bit more into….Having said that, when I called to a)verify they had my claim form on file (having not received any formal confirmation after initially filing back in October 2012) and b) try to find out when the hell my payment could be expected if I were due one, my call handler did put me on hold for a bit, and when he came back online he was able to verify that they had my claim, they reiterated the date I filed it (which matched the date in my own notes) and he was actually able to tell me that my payment was going to be about 1900.00, but he did say that it could be under or over that amount by anywhere from 25.00 to 150.00.

    When I asked him about that, and then also asked him what was up with the delay in payment and the constant date changes, he told me that the original plans for check issuance had always been sometime in first qtr of 2013, with tax time (apr 15) being the latest they were expecting. The problems that eventually forced the date change to early May–then mid-may–mid year etc. were that a higher amount than expected of these claims involved claimants who were actually deceased,some of which had surviving family members filing th claims, and some who left an estate,resulting in either an estate admin, attorney or rep being the contact person on the claim form. The process involving verification of heir or estate/rep legitimacy was more time consuming than expected, and as a result, due to the stipulation that all recipients receive the same amount of settlement funds, until those particular claims were straightened out they weren’t able to determine what the final settlement amount would be for all involved, and obviously no checks could be cut for anyone.

    I have had experience in dealing with estate issues twice (on a different set of circumstances granted), so I do know that sometimes things that shouldn’t take long often end up causing ridiculous hangups, so I am willing to give them that.

    Either way, I still pressed the issue about their continual date changes, and he had said that there should never have been any other dates reported other than the initial change from “1st. quarter” to mid-year, but that was a mistake on the part of pr. I asked him if we could expect further delays or hangups and he said that they were wrapping up the final claims processing and were still on track to begin sending payments out May 21st. He said that (for me) I was in their system, the amounts have been determined (as close as he could give with a small margin of error dependent on the last remaining claims still needing verification) and I should be set. He told me that if I didn’t receive a check within a week or so after the 21st that I should definitely call them but that he didn’t expect there to be any issues such as those that had occurred with the IRS batch of payments. He did seem sincere to me, and was not in any way sounding like he was “parroting”…He also did not at any point answer me with “I do not have that information” or any of those standard “robot” responses, so I felt pretty good after that call.

    I wanted to share this with you directly because I am somewhat bad when it comes to self-edit, and didn’t want to leave some huge comment in your videos comments section, and I did want to make sure you saw this. Again, I do appreciate you posting those videos, because we all need to stay on top of this until we all have our damn checks in our damn hands. But, as I had a somewhat different experience than what you had to deal with, and it did make me feel a little bit better, I thought it might do the same for you–and yes, I realize that there is still the possibility that it was just smoke of a different color being blown–I just am for now trying to remain positive and will assume that I happened to get someone who was more informed and who was wanting to be forthright with the info he had.

    Sorry for the book–if you are encouraged by this please feel free to edit and share with your video viewers in your comments area as you see fit.


  367. Correction…the above information was sent in a message to my youtube account. It is not in the comment section and it is too large to cut and paste to transfer to the comment section.

  368. @ chris so that’s being said everybody going to get they $$$$ a week or so after the 21st rite ??? & THANKS FOR ALL U HAVE DONE !!!!!!

  369. …were still on track to begin sending payments out May 21st.

    That’s this coming Monday. I sure hope that’s right, but the key word is BEGIN.

    Remember, the IFR payments went out in 4 weekly “waves”, so this could- and I hope it doesn’t – mean people getting checks at the end of June.

  370. Sure hope this is true! After rethinking my call to Rust on Friday, the rep that I talked to said we would be hearing something very very soon. I just blew that statement off but now thinking back on it, he was not as scripted as what I usually got . Wish I would have seen through my own frustration and asked better questions!

  371. There are only 750K (or less) NMS claims to mail, much less than the 4.2M for IFR. Surely these checks can be mailed out together (or a few days apart), not in weekly increments like IFR.

    Thank you, Chris, for sharing the info!

  372. To everyone on this website who have called, emailed, text, prayed etc, so we could get some answers about the NMS. I want you all to know how empowering and encouraging this has been. To Chris you have become my hero LOL. Thanks for all you have done, you have gone the extra mile to help and reach out to so many people you have no idea.

  373. Marty…Does this mean they are sending out the NMS checks as of May 21? That’s This Tuesday? Oh God I hope this is correct.

  374. I can’t say with any surety the above statement is absolutely correct. It was a message I received via YouTube but I don’t have any reason to doubt this person and it does make sense regarding the additional information Rust Consulting was seeking out. That would delay processing.
    So, wait and see. Maybe the checks will come in waves, but at least it will be an indication they are moving along.
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone! Time for a long walk with the dog :)

  375. I am still going to send out all my emails tonight. To Rust, my AG office and the Mortgage settlement admin. I also send emails to Rust call center people. I only receive script answers back but I have everyone’s email in a folder and I send them out every 2 day’s.

  376. Jennifer, glad to see you back on. If it matters at all, I thought what that other poster said to you was rude and uncalled for. Just sayin’

  377. Thanks Jean. I apprecate that. My whole purpose is to find out about our payment. Yes I am mad and when I am mad I vent. So my appolgies. I just want to get to the bottom of this. I don’t want to be screwed with money that should be ours and I want to know when our checks are being mailed out. I will not stop till I get the answers or check in hand. And trust me if the amount is not to my liking people will be hearing from me!!

  378. Jennifer, I agree totally! So tired of being screwed over by the system or lack there of. Hopefully this will be a good week for all of us :)

  379. Us too! It was such a painful nightmare trying to save our house dealing with dishonest wells fargo and losing it was devastating emotionally and financially. I have to drive by my stolen house everyday to get home to my rental. There is a new family living there who are always playing out in the yard living the “american dream”. Hard to stomach some days. This check that we are expecting is definitely not a windfall but for those of us who are still struggling to get on our feet it sure will help ends meet for a month. Definitely does not justify the loss of our house, but maybe we can have one decent month in this whole nightmare.

  380. Jan,
    I am humbled by the little I could help. This entire experience has taught me many, many valuable lessons. What I took away over the last 5 years is… I am better for the experience and not bitter for it.
    A house is a big material thing to lose, it if full of hard work, many, many memories and at one time was filled with love and laughter but…there is one thing the Big Banks could not rob any of us of….our will to go forward, the memories locked in our hearts and souls and doing well in spite of them.
    If this small amount of money helps just one person to eat, to pay a utility bill, to share with loved ones or pay it forward, it was well worth the little I contributed.

  381. Thank you Chris. At least someone has finally given us sort of specific date for the NMS checks. May 21st is Tuesday and with the IFR pmts checks got mailed out on Fridays. I sure hope your info is correct. Again, thanks so much for your hard work in getting some answers.

  382. And for Chris. You are my NMS hero lol. I love ur videos and u went way beyond what i did to get answers. I am hoping for the 2000.00 pay out but anything will help.

  383. Does anyone (who may have already gotten a check from the IFR) know what bank the checks are issued from? I don’t have a bank account, and am waiting on a check from the NMS… Just wondering if it is a bigger-branch bank that may have locations near me (In Mass), so I can cash it easier! Thank you!

  384. Thank you Chris. Very well said and I feel the same. It is hard not to get upset, frustrated etc. but we can voice our option, share out thoughts and ideas. And yes “push forward”! We can’t change what has already happened, so we can’t let them destroy our hearts and memories. Wasted energy. At times much easier said than done of course. But again “Thank you”, you have made a difference and should be very proud. You have touched me and made quite a difference. For that I will always be grateful! I’m sure many on here feel that. I truly wish you the best and look forward to your comments as usual. God bless – God speed to you and all on here and who have suffered. Take care all!!

  385. Heather,

    U.S. Bank if Minneapolis is the bank the IFR checks were issued from.
    There are other U.S.Bank locations https://www.usbank.com/index.html
    If you go to the website it will provide locations. However, I do not know if the NMS checks will be drawn off the same bank after the bouncing problem with the IFR checks.

    You are so very welcome!

  386. My IFR check was drawn from Bank of America. I believe the checks are drawn from whoever serviced your loan. My servicer was Countrywide. BofA owns Countrywide. It could be that each of the 5 major banks that were part of the settlement set up funds based on the servicers. NMS checks are probably set up the same way.

  387. “Marty…Does this mean they are sending out the NMS checks as of May 21? That’s This Tuesday? Oh God I hope this is correct.”

    No….my comment above was directed toward the post that seemed to be sure that ALL checks would go out on the 21st. Realizing that there are far fewer checks than in the IFR, I am more hopeful that there will be only one mailing, but don’t discount the possibility of more than one “wave”

    My IFR check was drawn on Huntington Bank and they did not service my loan. My belief is that the funds for the IFR came from one account designated for that purpose.

  388. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact amount of people that have turned in their claim forms. However, please do the math, especially Chris, a $,1900.00 payment is missing a zero at the very least.

  389. We can also HOPE that Rust, and whoever they are working “in consultation with”, updates the Settlement Website with some more definite information when they finally have a payment schedule.

  390. Eleanor,
    I am not making any statements about the amount of checks.
    It is posted in a message sent to me. I cannot vouch for it’s authenticity or if it is 100% truthful.
    I am only the messenger passing it on from what I received via YouTube where my video was.
    I would assume based on the message posted above, the person at Rust Consulting knew the amount of claims to provide that figure.
    I don’t know if it is missing a zero but highly unlikely and not counting on anything above 2000.00.
    Last I checked…I do know math. :)

  391. Eleanor

    1.5 Billion divided by 750k at 100% return of claims = 2000 each
    1.5 Billion divided by 375k at 50% return of claims = 4000 each
    1.5 Billion divided by 250k at 25% return of claims = 6000 each

    Where is an extra zero anywhere!

    “However, please do the math, especially Chris, a $,1900.00 payment is missing a zero at the very least”.

    And what if there were more than 750k claims Eleanor! Whats the math then…even less!

    Puttin that cart before the horse…like Chris said…too much being placed as 100% correct in a message sent to the video put on YouTube.
    Let the dust settle people!

  392. I hit the submit before I finished what I had to say.
    I think when they came up with 750k eligible claimants that number was based on how many claims came back out of 2 million. Rust Consulting and other sources have said it over and over again. They mailed out more than 2 million claim forms.
    I don’t see any way we could possibly getting more than what I did the math on above.
    Just my opinion and that of my calculator.
    Of course I wish it were more but at this point I will be happy to get the minimum and move on.
    Good luck to all of you! Signing off and will check back sometime after the 21st if I never see a check. :)

  393. ok if 100% returned their form and would recieve 2grand,where did nms people come up with the amount of $840?

  394. NMS site and I think someone said the 750k was number of elig loans. That could be incorrect and it might be some other information why the orig thought was 1.7+ million folks splitting the pot.

  395. Tom,
    My first paragraph is missing sorry. Originally they had a number of 1.76 or so million that were going to be eligible to split the 1.5 billion. That’s where the 840 comes from, that calculation. Someone referred early in comments about the 750k. That may be eligible borrowers claims were distributed to for participation.

  396. Chris – Your statement ” it was about the IFR mess and not about the NMS. If that is the case, that too is a waste of time following up on”

    Why would the screw ups of handling the IFR payments be a waste of time. Hundreds of thousands of people received far less than what they should have. Checks bounced. And 10% of the victims are told they have to wait for July 15th before they see their compensation.

    How exactly is that a waste of time? Is it because you already received your IFR check and now want your NMS check ? What makes the NMS payments more important to their recipients than the rest of the IFR payments are to those recipients ?

    Just curious. There are a lot of people waiting on the IFR payments – there are way too many problems with how Rust handled the payments and the payouts – particularly active service people who lost their homes and received a paltry 300 dollars?

    I think an investigation into the IFR process from start to finish is very much warranted and not at all a waste of time.

  397. I just want to say I hope it’s tomorrow. I hope it’s more then 2000.00. I am sure I will rent for a long time :-) Thank you all! I am a single Mom of 4, I plan to take a “real” vacation. I wont have to budget. Its only an over night 2 hours away, but, to my sons and I it will be like a week in FL at the beach. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

  398. Kp
    I respect your opinions however, my focus and that of this forum have always been about the NMS. Therefore following up about the IFR does not help in obtaining information about the NMS checks since they are completely sep settlements.
    I was not part of the IFR-my loan originator was left out of the review process. Maybe you would like to find out why and in the meanwhile I will remain focused on where the NMS checks are.
    Have a great day! :)
    Thanks Tina…appreciate the support.
    You can please some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Just the way it is!

  399. KP
    Here is a few people you can start with regarding the IFR and pushing for an investigation. :)

    Some members of Congress, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Reps. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., and Maxine Waters, D-Calif., have questioned the replacement of the Independent Foreclosure Review with the settlement agreement. Warren and Cummings announced a joint investigation in January, and asked federal regulators to provide information and data from the IFR work that did get completed.

  400. I agree with Tina. Chris as def. gone above and beyond. This is not an IFR forum, and her efforts have been concentrated on the NMS the whole time. Thank you so much for all you have done, and the information you have obtained!!

  401. Chris is a true American hero with super investigative skills…I hope to God that we see our NMS checks soon…sure could use the money right about now…good luck to all…

  402. Chris,
    did the person that sent you the email about the 21st happen to say what state they are from?

  403. Janet,
    I look at it this way…as much as I would like to help both causes, even though GMAC was left out of the IFR and I did not receive one dime, I simply do not have the time to focus on two different settlements and all the issues involved with them.
    The IFR is a mess, I can’t do anything to change what Rust did. I can however try with some level of success to get answers about the NMS. One is not any less important than the other but the NMS has not occurred whereas the IFR has.
    Some people just want to complain and choose to complain in lieu of becoming pro-active. I can’t do anything they can’t do themselves. Just that simple. Too darned early to start getting beat up by people who want to sit on the side lines and tear other peoples efforts down. I hope KP has success in pressing for an investigation and maybe KP will share when he/she finds out why GMAC and a few others were left out of the review and when those reviews really will take place. Until then, we all press on and look for answers about the NMS.
    Off to work I go…..Have a good day everyone! :)

  404. Many have wondered if they would be receiving additional funds from their individual states. Here is an article dealing with the mms in Tx. It seems the settlement language is so vague the AGs can interpret it to their benefit (at least in Tx). Each state did receive funds that should be used to benefit borrowers but many have chosen to once again abandon those affected . Hope this Sitting in the Texas General Revenue account is $125 million received as Texas’ cash payment share of the National Mortgage Settlement. This payment is part of agreement settling charges of misconduct by five national banks, misconduct that resulted in the premature and unauthorized foreclosures of single-family residential mortgages in Texas.

    The settlement states: [Bullet formatting added]

    “To the extent practicable, such funds shall be used for purposes

    intended to avoid preventable foreclosures, to ameliorate the effects of the foreclosure crisis, to enhance law enforcement efforts to prevent and prosecute financial fraud, or unfair or deceptive acts or practices and to compensate the States for costs resulting from the alleged unlawful conduct of the Defendants.

    Such permissible purposes for allocation of the funds include, but are not limited to,

    supplementing the amounts paid to state homeowners under the Borrower Payment Fund, funding for housing counselors, state and local foreclosure assistance hotlines, state and local foreclosure mediation programs, legal assistance, housing remediation and anti-blight projects, funding for training and staffing of financial fraud or consumer protection enforcement efforts, and civil penalties.“

    However, the office of the Attorney General of Texas has interpreted this language as a non-binding statement of intent, and has determined that $125 million of the total $135 million cash payment should be placed in the State’s General Revenue account rather than directly dedicated to the purposes of the settlement. (Under Texas Code 402.007 the first $10 million of any settlement goes to the state supreme court to “provide basic civil legal services to the indigent.”) This contrasts with the 1998 Tobacco Settlement, which included stronger language directly dedicating portions of the cash settlement for specific health-related programs.

    Placing the money in General Revenue requires the Texas Legislature to act to fulfill the purposes of the settlement. Over fifty organizations in Texas (including TXLHIS) have signed on to the statement “We support using funds from the national mortgage settlement for housing and housing-related activities.” This money came from acts that made housing fail for Texans, and should go to making housing work for Texans.

    With our bi-annual legislative cycles, Texas lags behind other states in acting to direct the funds to the purpose of the settlement. A study by Enterprise finds that the majority of states are using or plan to use most, if not all, of their funds for housing-related activities. This study found:

    25 states will spend funds on legal assistance to homeowners 21 states will spend funds on housing counseling 17 states will spend funds on law enforcement or more litigation 14 states will spend funds on marketing or outreach to educate residents about foreclosure-prevention options 13 states will spend the funds on foreclosure prevention 8 states will spend funds on affordable housing programs 8 states will spend funds on foreclosure mediation programs 7 states will spend the funds on neighborhood stabilization activity 7 states will spend funds on foreclosure prevention hotlines

    Now that the 83 Legislature has convened, the time has come for Texas to join the ranks of states working to fulfill the purpose of the National Mortgage Settlement.

  405. Jean,
    The email is in it’s entirely that I posted above. No mention of where they are from. I can respond to them via Youtube and ask.

  406. Thank you to everybody who has added to this conversation! I have been following along since it started and have learned so much. I also realized that I was not alone on this journey! Thank you Chris for all of your efforts, you inspired me. I am crossing my fingers in regards to the checks being mailed out this week. I am in the GMAC boat with you Chris. This IFR deal with GMAC is just incredibly strange is it not? One thing at a time though…

  407. Just got off the phone with rust. Unfortunately received the same information that no date has been scheduled and they are still processing claims. Asked her to check with a supervisor and came back with the same story. Questioned her on the fact that someone received info that checks going out this week, she said that person is mistaken. So, I do believe that the email to Chris was sincere but I also believe that Rust is still playing games. Chris, if you wouoldn’t mind asking what state that person is from, it might help others in figuring out if different states are gettin different amounts. Thanks ahead of time!

  408. Just a quick FYI. I just spoke to another Rep at Rust, yet again. She stated they are still reviewing and they do not have any date as of yet Nor do they have any amounts. Just the same info as before – Mid 2013 $840 min. I asked to speak to a supervisor, unfortunately that did not happen. She did put me on hold and said she did verify information with her supervisor and that was it. She kept trying to refer back to the IFR even though I told her over and over that my question is regarding the NMS only. Oh and apparently they said they mailed me a letter requesting more information, which I of course never received. Needing doc’s regarding divorce?? I asked where that even came from as I’m Not divorced. Now I have to send in a letter stating this. I guess just one more screw up and delay. If anyone receives clarification on the mailing or amounts, please do share who you spoke with. Thank you and good luck! :)

  409. Just got this response from an e-mail to Amy Lake at Rust (sent on 5/16)

    I asked her this:

    Is there any updated information as to the time for mailing checks?

    The website still shows “mid 2013″ and since Rust has still provided no reason why the previous “mid to late May” language was removed, I am hoping you
    can give me some indication as to whether payment in June is anticipated.

    Compare my questions and her answers. Apparently the scripts the e-mail team has cannot answer specific questions- they have continually answered their own “straw man” questions that I have not asked – “exact” dates for mailing and “check amounts”- I have NEVER asked these questions, yet they are answered.

    Also, the return address is not from “moc.gnitlusnoctsurnull@ekala”, but “moc.mialctnemelttesegagtromlanoitannull@ofni. I have been increasingly feeling that our e-mails are not being answered by Jason or Amy, but the Rust “e-mail team” answering under their names and the Administrator’s and writing scripted answers just as the call center reads them.

    “Thank you for your email inquiry regarding the National Mortgage Settlement.

    We are unable to provide an exact date as to when payments will mail, and we cannot provide any update on the check amounts at this time. We hope to be able to provide updates in the near future. Please continue to monitor the settlement website for any further updates.

    Settlement Administrator”

  410. I have been Googling this payment issue every day to see if any new information shows up anywhere and checking some other state AG sites. I already know MN had a more definite timeframe, but saw the below on the MD AG site. It was posted below a September 2012 post on the NMS< but no date shown for this update.

    I think the Exec. Committee of AG's has a lot to answer for, as it does seem that various AG sites have these more specific dates or times, yet Rust continues to deny them and as of yet, I have not seen anyone post anything from an AG site that indicates where they are getting their information from.

    “UPDATE: Payments to eligible borrowers whose homes have already been foreclosed are scheduled to be sent during the first week of June (subject to change).”