Overall, satisfaction among small business owners with their banks declined in 2013, but they seem content with fee structures, according to the latest J.D. Power study. The dip in overall satisfaction is blamed on “problem resolution and with the most frequently used transaction methods, branch and online.”

Bank of America has moved at a faster clip than Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup in meeting obligations to help borrowers facing possible foreclosure under last year’s $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement. The latest audits credits Bank of America with 97 percent of its required $7.6 billion in consumer relief as of the end of last year.

JPMorgan Chase may have to cough up billions to settle charges tied to toxic mortgages during the financial crisis, but its consumer bank division is still sailing along. For the second consecutive year, Chase led the nation in bank deposit growth, with customers adding $87 billion to their bank accounts.

The nation’s largest bank unfairly billed customers for services relating to “identity theft protection” products – including “Chase Fraud Detector,” “Chase Identity Protection (ChIPs),” and “Chase Identity Protection (IPS)” – in a way that violated federal law, according to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.