Playstation 4 Sales Follow Up

Sony Interactive has sold more nearly 114 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide since the launch in November 2013.

Update from October 29, 2020: Sony Interactive sold another 1.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles in the past quarter (July to September) – bringing the total number close to the 114 million PS4 console mark.

The sales figures are understandably declining: In the previous year, the figure was still 2.8 million units. The indications are quite clear: The public is waiting for the successor model PlayStation 5, which will be launched on November 12 (USA, Japan) or November 19 (Europe).

Conversely, the sales and profits of Sony’s games division have risen significantly due to Corona: Revenues increased by 12 percent. Digital share of PS4 games sold grows from 55 percent to 59 percent.

Update from August 4, 2020: The approaching sales launch of the PlayStation 5 affects the sales figures of the predecessor model: Between April and June, Sony Interactive sold 1.9 million consoles – up from 3.2 million units last year. Obviously, the huge success of the exclusive title “The Last of Us Part 2” (released at the end of May) also contributed little to hardware sales.

In total, the PlayStation 4 sales figures amount to 112.3 million units.

Software did much better: Sony titles alone accounted for 18.5 million of the 91 million PlayStation games sold. This is almost double the figure for the same period last year.

Three out of four PlayStation titles are now sold purely digitally, compared with just under half a year earlier. This figure also reflects the accelerated transformation caused by the Corona pandemic, which has led to temporary and in some cases still ongoing restrictions in stationary retail.

The cross-industry Covid 19 effect is also clear from the subscriber figures for the online service PlayStation Plus: the plus of 3.4 million users compared to the end of March peak is unique in PlayStation history – the service now has 44.9 million paying members.

Update from May 13, 2020: The fabulous figures of the PlayStation 2 with its almost 160 million units are still quite a way off. But with 110.4 million consoles in the meantime, the PlayStation 4 occupies a solid second place.

According to analysts’ calculations, Sony Interactive has sold around 13.6 million units between April 2019 and March 2020. The figures have been declining since the record-breaking 2016/17 season, when more than 20 million consoles were sold in just one year.

41.5 million fans are paying subscribers to the PlayStation Plus online service, which is mandatory for multiplayer games.

February 5, 2020 update: As of the end of December 2019, PlayStation 4 sales figures stood at 108.9 million consoles. This is according to Sony’s figures for the Christmas quarter (October to December 2019).

However, the figures also show that sales figures continue to fall in light of the successor model PlayStation 5 (to be released in the fall of 2020): compared to the same period last year, two million fewer consoles were sold – instead of 8.1 million devices, the latest figure was ‘only’ 6.1 million.

Sony Interactive reports the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers at 38.8 million – a bit more than every third PS4 owner has decided to subscribe.

Update from January 7, 2020: Sony Interactive presented current sales figures as part of CES 2020:

PlayStation 4 sales figures (incl. PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro): 106 million consoles.
PlayStation Plus: 39 million subscribers
PlayStation VR: 5 million units
103 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network
1.15 billion PlayStation 4 games sold since 2013 (stationary, download)
Update as of October 30, 2019: Between July and September 2019, Sony sold just under 2.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide. The value is significantly below the figures of the corresponding period of the previous year, which analysts see as an indication that market saturation has gradually been reached after six successful years – especially since the successor model PlayStation 5 will be launched in twelve months. In total, the PlayStation 4 sales figures now stand at 102.8 million units worldwide.

Update from July 30, 2019: As of June 30, 2019, the PlayStation 4 has surpassed the mark of 100 million consoles sold worldwide. This is the result of the latest Sony quarterly figures.

Although more and more details about the successor console PlayStation 5 are becoming known, the prospect of a new console generation obviously has no impact on PS4 sales. Accordingly, sales in the last quarter were 3.2 million units – the same as the year before.

Another indicator of continuing strong demand: software sales in the three months reported were up on the previous year’s figures at 42.9 million games.

The industry trend away from data media to download purchases is also reflected in Sony’s figures: According to these, the pure digital share is now 53 percent. The online service PlayStation Plus now has more than 36 million subscribers.

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